In The Field With Dowsers

In The Field With Dowsers
A Look Under The Surface and Behind The Superficial

by Rev. DonnaKova Dauser

     You may find these four excursions into the field of paranormal research, taken from my journal, curious and at times the way most of us imagine a trek through Middle Earth, the aeythers, or a religious retreat on an island sanctuary. The following sites are mainstream [parts are remote], and not 'supported by magic' as in the wizarding world of Harry Potter: the Black House, Hogwarts, Ministery of Magic The Burrow @ Potter Navigation. Some details omitted because they contribute more to other topics of interest. Most of what follows is understated rather than exaggerated. There are several excised observations regarding ectoplasm, for example, that reside outside dowser domain and pertain most to subtle energy.      The sites are: Jerry Garcia's home in San Rafael CA, haunting near Market Street (San Francisco CA), Winchester Mystery House in San Jose CA, and Jimmy Page's former residence in Inverness, Scotland. Hope you enjoy the review and bon appetit!



The Fruitful Search,
[French] La Recherche Fructueuse, [German] Die Fruchtbare Suche,
[Greek] Recherche Fructueuse, Fruchtbare Suche, [Italian] La Ricerca Fruttuosa,
[Spanish] a Búsqueda, El La Recherche Fructueuse, [Portuguese] A Busca Fruitful, [Dutch] Het Vruchtbare Onderzoek, [ Frans ] La Recherche Fructueuse, [ het Duits ] Matrijs Fruchtbare Suche


What is energy management - what is dowsing?

Sacred Places and Tranquility Zones

Some people comment on threatening or irritating chi, dashing in on Jerry Garcia's San Rafael home. There are other peculiar problems on the estate as well. In several ways they reflect somewhat the black stream toxics suggested by the mysterious caves in the Michael Douglas-Val Kilmer thriller,'The Ghost and The Darkness,' an eerie, but true, story. Someone pointed to Garcia's sunny Stinson Beach property and other Marin locations, that seem more interesting from a popular "Architectural Digest" viewpoint.

The reason for this article stems from a lack of awareness in the mainstream today, perhaps due to non-cultivation/non-emphasis re parapsychology, paranormal, deja vous and such. The Winchester Mystery House, Glamis Castle, and Boleskine are now simply tourist sites for many skeptical globe-trotters. When you are in contact with non-corporeal intelligence, consider other than exclusive left brain ideas. This article is also about the mythical, as related to early dinosaurs in modern flicks like Jurassic Park and real Loch Ness reports below. Several comments about the 'haunting' at Garcia's home and the seance room at The Winchester Mystery House also prompted this post. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Graceland Music Room







Jerry Garcia

Workingman's Dead

cool Garcia pix include Capt. Trips










Golden Gate Spiritualist Church
FAX 415-731-5017

For the more esoteric references
seek authors like Dr. John Dee
astrologer and map maker
for Queen Elizabeth I,
credited with the defeat
of the Spanish Armada.


Note: Saturn/Jupiter homes often draw occupants who resonate to management bandwidths and the spotlight set in place
to shine on the leader of the pack ...
perhaps even as the proverbial 'promontory rider'.
Jupiter Return, Jimmy Page, Knebworth


There are four elements in the West, under the guardianship of the fixed signs as described in Ezekiel's Vision (Old Testament). Their kingdoms are often given as: gnomes/dwarfs with the nature of Taurus; the undines/mer-people of the nature of Scorpio; the salamanders exemplified the constitution of Leo; the sylphs manipulated the emanations of Aquarius (sometimes seen as tiny cherubs and fairy folk).


Most paranormal, unexplained, and mystery events are explained - eventually. This is perhaps because much of the recounting takes place when the law of physics staple is inactive or simply doesn't apply in the location of the event at any time. Much of the Earth surface never cooperates with classroom physics - these places are most frequently linked with paranormal activity. Non-corporeal, ghost or other unexplained sightings are often linked with places no longer in existence or too transformed in appearance and function to provide answers for the seeker.

The Coastline of California provides many establishments that meet all the requirements for a new moon campfire.


"...One could go on with thoughts, feelings and suggestions as to whose ghost the mysterious man in gray represents but, as this work goes to press, his true identity remains a mystery. Perhaps, as many feel, the ghostly guest dates back to the days when the Hotel Del Monte was the Queen of American Watering Places and has merely returned to relive good times and pleasant memories....a goodly number of the ghostly happenings are of the pleasant and playful variety."

Incredible Ghosts of old Monterey's Hotel Del Monte, by Randall A. Rainstedt

Aura Examples

Akasha or Spirit is discussed at the Bag End Dowser page and Ian Holm Party page



Temple of the Spirit


Temple of Stone = Saturn
Temple of Flesh = Jupiter


Holy Guardian and the Lab

The Holy Scroll relating the initiation according
to Abramelin The Mage

Holy Book

Jupiter-Saturn @ Rockefeller



François Rabelais
February 4, 1490 at 4:15 AM
Chinon, France
Sun in 24°32 Aquarius
Moon in 8°02 Leo
ASC 28°55 Sagittarius
MC 28°50 Libra


One of the verses of the inscription on the gate to the Abbey of Theleme says:
Grace, honour, praise, delight,
Here sojourn day and night.
Sound bodies lined
With a good mind,
Do here pursue with might
Grace, honour, praise, delight.


Works of Rabelais
Gargantua and Pantagruel, a series of four or five books including:

Pantagruel (1532)
La vie très horrifique du grand Gargantua, usually called Gargantua (1534)
Le tiers livre ("The third book", 1546)
Le quart livre ("The fourth book", 1552)
Le quint livre (A fifth book, attribution to Rabelais debated)



No Quarter rehearsal and view of 3 Jimmy Page homes

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, No Quarter: Kashmir



visit Lodge Wars

Boleskine House was the estate of Aleister Crowley from 1899 to 1913. While involved in his research of the Sacred Conversation Crowley's legendary mountain climbing exploits included an assault on Kanchenjunga, recorded in Crowley's Confessions. Crowley is known as a controversial figure who dabbled in the occult, and led expeditions to K2 in 1902 [the first serious team] and Kanchenjunga in 1905.

Kanchenjunga is part of the Himalayan mountain range and is located on the eastern border of Nepal with India. It is the third highest peak in the world. Kanchenjunga has total five peaks out of which one summit is 28,169 feet or 8586 meters. Other four of them are over 8,450 meters.




Journal Entries From 1997 to the Winter Solstice 1999

~ Home of Jerry Garcia: San Rafael Property, driveway, entry, and livingroom

The entrance to a home and property serves the same purpose as a shingle outside the office of a store or business where professional services are offered for community members. This image shows the way into a home owned by Jerry Garcia as it appears today. The driveway splits. The pattern halves the estate property, energy, and the luck that enters both roads right off the sidewalk. Garcia's property, beyond the entrance gate, is said to be haunted.

The architecture is Spanish, built in keeping with the spacious winter style. I noticed similar lines in the basic lay out that match the La Honda estate (near Ken Kesey's) where I once share-leased with a merry group that included Tiff Garcia, Jerry's older brother. When The Grateful Dead dropped over for visits they would comment how much they loved the Spanish lines and atmosphere, and wanted to stay. Garcia did locate such a home - this one - in San Rafael, although he invested in Real Estate at Stinson Beach and elsewhere. After Garcia left, main rooms gradually evolved into a display of archeological samples, plunder, and objects d'art, derived from years of globe trekking, but the San Rafael spirit remains true.

The 710 Ashbury Victorian, home of the Dead during the summer I lived in La Honda, was renown for a variety of unusual power lines, set in the mystical Haight-Ashbury triangle. [Haight-Ashbury power points are discussed in this article.] One recent topic of online dowsers interested in mystic subjects and metaphysical locations, focused on the Garcia house thread. Some alleged paranormal activity at San Rafael. The current owner, who is a collector of artifacts (from excavations and tombs around the world) has not been linked to the wierd atmosphere of the property, for some reason.

Business planets Saturn & Jupiter (crystallization & expansion) manage a rich and full spectrum ambiance, additional to woven akasha throughout the property owned by Jimmy Page in the Highlands. For background on the musicians and their musical backdrop check music guides online; this study covers a few multi-dimensional denominators both musicians share, and idential patterning styles that run parallel to the emotional/devoted Lunar aura that cannot be chalked up to coincidence. Both artists were quick sensations in the public eye, although in reality it was a long climb to 'overnight success'. Both bands were constantly touring on tight agendas ~~ joined by traveling fans who grew to become families.

Affectionately known as 'The Deadheads' and 'The Ledheads' these folks can tell you the opening and closing song for just about any gig these bands performed, any time, anywhere. The elemental nature pervading the properties of Garcia and Page emphasize akasha (spirit, breath, aeyther) as the divine spark prevailing throughout the bands. Akasha texture and status of bandwidth patterns are concentrated around the gates at both sites.

Astrologer Note: Garcia’s only Saturn Return occurred in 1970 at age 29 1/2, when the band released, ‘American Beauty’ [includes electric folk-rock samples: Truckin’, Sugar Magnolia, Box Of Rain and Friend of The Devil] and their acoustic masterpiece, ‘Workingman’s Dead’, both with Warner Brothers. During this process, Garcia’s diligence and inspiration fueled The Dead’s highly defined commitment to perfection that underscored these aptly titled* albums. Both managed to usher in financial and artistic acknowledgment, almost compensating for the loss of their instruments, tax problems and pirating [generally plaguing them during the 70s.] Garcia fanned out musically into several movie soundtracks during his career, including his unique banjo in the redo of the spooky thriller, "Invasion of The Body Snatchers", and in 1970 he worked on Antonioni’s, "Zabriskie Point".
Jimmy Page starchart for early 70s can be found posted at Starship.

Evidence of geopathic zones at Garcia's street entry above include:

the flow of toxins from the back of the property, under the buildings, and out to the street, causing distortions in trees and plants along the entry way. Surface cracks in the pavement and sidewalk are classic signals there will have to be corrective measures.
Helen Hunt recently joked about the search for film sites based on cracked pavement in the movie 'As Good As It Gets' ~ still intuition tells most of us to avoid broken cement because of toxins that are often just under the street where they appear. In European circles the 'dark water,' 'black water' - sometimes called 'black streams' can cause physical reactions. Dowsers in Europe avoid most of the 'black water' locations because of extremely negative energy, if the signs are visible or not.

Sometimes we see this problem the result of run off and drain disrepair caused by lags within landscape designs, as at Garcia's home. He made an attempt to modernized the house with solar panels and other improvements but previous owners had designed water ways to allow the flow of toxins throughout the properity. The pattern started down from the back hills underground, so 'catch all' drains eventually effected all the living quarters. This came to light following El Nino in '98, and checked in at a time that was concurrent with the obvious need for repair, when a series of 'paranormal' reports surfaced. Vortex energy of the masculine type, strongly aggitated on these grounds, also creates disturbances. Changes in weather conditions could cause a chain reaction that will empower the male vortex so much it is perceptible from the sidewalk.

Many things attributed to an invisible source may be tracked back to chi pouring into this space. It intensifies impressions of vague restlessness felt by guests in the main structure ~ people sense 'things' bothering them. Origin of the 'haunting' rumors maybe.

Over time the main house has actually been inched forward toward the street by these currents, contributing monentum to the caustic energy vortex. There is the snowball effect to consider if sub-surface geopathic distortions go undetected. Since the basic energy of the property generates emotional and intellectual atmospheres on the crystallization (Saturn) to expansion (Jupiterian) line, overall each set of templates speaks to Bear and Bull business symbolism. Aura envelopes at each site underscore demonstrative color waves for earth (Saturn) and fire (Jupiter) edged with the sparkle-black akasha promise of regenerative power. Akasha Black-gold ~ Black-silver images operate primarily on subtle energy plane waves. Note the golden eagle (or feminine form, phoenix) mystic power symbol of Jupiter on Page's gate into the retreat and compare it with the winged Grateful Dead logos!

Jerry’s house at the end of this road (above) is occupied by an archeologist with a large and sundry collection of ‘trinkets’ – to date they haven’t been suggested as the cause of any of the reported bizarre disturbances.

Page’s former dwelling is presently a beckoning bed and breakfast on the banks of Loch Ness. It is a haven of warm hospitality in an often weather-challenged nook of the world. After all, Mel Gibson’s epic location shoots for BRAVEHEART, the ultimate account of Scotland’s evolving consciousness and her William Wallace, is shot near Loch Ness.

Devas (the indoor guardians within the homes) have re-directed the evolutionary set lists for both locations, elevating energy to the next level. Garcia’s home design and seasonal type is ‘Exotic Winter’. Page’s Highland hideaway is ‘Dynamic Winter’ and regardless of the rural surrounding, there is a quiet dignity and quality of thoughtful reflection, sometimes a hint of regal composure.

Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead’s Leo Sol power, contributed widely to improvisational folk, bluegrass, blues, rock. And fusion. He helped pioneer our transitional era during the nebulous electric stage of trans-global rock and roll. In sync as UK counterpart for this running score, prolific guitar wizard and songwriter Jimmy Page surfaced on parallel night scene stages (and brought his sitar.) Calls to mind Garcia favorite, "Cats Out Under The Stars".

Both Garcia and Page drew genius heavily from the aeythers, so their own homes were designed to comply with corresponding fire-earth elemental frequencies. Powers of the salamander (who serve the philosopher in the flame) dominate both the homes, perhaps one of the contributions to health complaints. Lyricists Bob Hunter and Robert Plant, respectfully, made fantastic contributions in teamwork and possibly counteracted some of their complications. Article to scan: The Deva of Raglan Castle, for more on both craftsmen and the Deva of castle and forest. This article proceeds on some of the subtle energy thought patterns with an eye to exploration – of interest to the discerning architect or anyone into the effects of proper placement and energy mastery.

Today banks and corporations consider it critical to clear blueprints with energy masters. Unfortunately, any advice based on foreign systems cannot automatically convert to this continent – as we discover in this economic crisis [in the U.S.]

Often celebrity venue floor plans, cozy club, and residence make-overs can disregard several important non-material realm frames of reference. The juxtaposition of the dragon and phoenix selected by some Eastern designers is not wise for U.S. bank planning. Buildings designed with a ‘heavy hand’ that are closed now can and should rededicate for health programs, spas, gyms, or physical training.

Reasons for later architectural or paranormal problems are given out as "unknown…." Hummm – wonder what that is.

According to A. E. Waite, The Occult Sciences, "... none in whose nature were found the characteristic vices of the elemental planes could control the elementals. He who could not curb his passions became a plaything for the salamanders, and he who was actuated by acquisitiveness could not govern the gnomes, who obeyed only those in whom no selfishness existed. The gnomes must be controlled with cheerful generosity, the undines with firmness, the salamanders with placidity, and the sylphs with constancy." The fifth element, Akasha (spirit) embraces the Tarot or Book of Thoth, another pre-Christian version of The Book of Revelations. Musicians have always drawn from its symbolism ~ Wagner's RING CYCLE only one of many such masterpieces. This pool of regenerative and endurance power from which to draw should be employed more by Western designers, just as Jefferson Airplane's great Akasha Black-gold Fulton Street house integrated akasha properties; after all, they are interwoven within all spheres of influence, and run through everything around us. At The Summer Of Love ~ Panhandle design, the pyramid or Native American hogan ~* innovative designs draw akasha, thread it underneath/through interior design & grid lay out (check Suzanne Caygill and Rudolph Schaeffer works for backgrounds).

Garcia's street level entrance in San Rafael is also host to a troublesome, encircling male vortex that has a tendency to merge as part of a standard geopathic zone. This field is erosive and will act to overwhelm low-energy pedestrians near the entry, or just within the drive. There are the susceptible, much the same as weak-kneed people who can faint in the vicinity of the deserted Crowley residence on Chancery Lane, in London. Some people compensate or don't seem to notice the 'thick atmosphere,' but according to eye witness accounts at Chancery Lane, the sensation is like a mist or 'fog.' The Chancery locale has experienced an uninterrupted convergence of supernatural phenomena during the years since Crowley lived there. Books have been written about peculiar disruption, caused by a non-corporeal looter witnesses describe as a poltergeist-marauder with the power to enter at will.

Garcia's property in San Rafael sets out a field that can challenge anyone who visits by the time they reach the gate, but the inhospitable, geopathic drain impacts a limited area compared to the London site. Also, the landscape at the entrance of the San Rafael home is full of several twisted, malformed plants. Vortex and surface are quickly identified as 'wobbly,' disturbed, or stress-filled, so one may compensate before moving into the zone. The whole property, with the wide spot at the entrance, should be cleared. The thought forms and shell circuitry should also be displaced at the property near Loch Ness; at one time locals alleged there was pronounced male vortex activity in the dining area. Complaints were similar to those made about the Chancery Lane apartments, although there have been no vortex claims around the Scotland lodge recently.

Journal Entries From Summer 1984 and Spring 1999

~ Haunted House Near Upper Market Street: San Francisco Home, upstairs floors
Goal is to attempt communication with an aetherial feminine entity seen by current residents and guests. Reports stated she had been observed entering the front bay window on a routine basis. There is no reason to investigate any tampering with the texture of space [see The Mothman Prophecies] because there are no external indicators to suggest manual intrusion at the site, and this sector of San Francisco often scans positive when dowsing this phenomenon.

Pursuant to several years of committed non-pursuit of all classified 'paranormal' this one roused me from my intellectual armchair. I'd been burned out by skeptics' 3rd degree insensitivity. Friends went along for a closer look at this reported haunting because it could have been an ectoplasmic seance-like materialization (Upper Market locale known for such visuals). We were not disappointed.

Arthur Rackham spirits resemble our subject. Her semi-transparent, wispy form, had pale white accent lines, with visible details about her face and attire. She floated like a self contained poem, oblivious to anyone else. Five of us were approaching the site, wondering how we would try to contact her. Photo is of home where materialization flew from one window into another one while we observed in 1984.

So we had easily determined the reports to be valid before we even reached the front steps of the home. All that remained was to ascertain her identity, and establish communication; there was no doubt she was present with a working agenda. All agreed on the visuals because of our excellent summer afternoon Sun. Her energy generated a busy aura, buoyant and sprite-like.

After a little research into the history of the building and its former residents we learned this was the delicate form of the housekeeper for the family formerly in the building. Once a member of the family took ill and required constant care, she assumed a support role and provided much needed TLC. Compassion and adherence to duty are the strongest characteristics felt, even now as the shell of the upstairs maid continues her rounds. We did manage to impart latest preferences of the current residents, that she wait until after they awaken and vacate their beds before she begins changing the sheets.


The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California
Winter 1999 Photograph and Entry into Journal

Winchester Mystery House is a Victorian home, designed and built by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester. This site will interest dowsers and interior designers alike. Construction was maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 38 consecutive years at a total cost of 5.5 million dollars.
Sarah Winchester received all her instructions for building plans in the séance room, although the central point of power within the whole house is her bedroom, where she was trapped during the 1906 Earthquake. Legend has it that a psychic advised the most propitious way to quiet the spirits of all those who fell because of the Winchester Rifle, was to continue estate construction nonstop without ever completing it.

The formula therefore would be: constructive Mars, the builder and engineer, will compensate for karma of negative Mars via use of the Winchester Rifle


Goal: take notes, on an 'entry level' tour of the house, and determine the paranormal indicators. Can they be dowsed? Were there inter-dimensional doors; if so, do they remain open?

This estate is an official historical landmark, open to the public.



"King Ecca built a castle on a low plain. At its centre was a beautiful garden
with a magical well of perpetual crystal waters with great curative powers.
However it required a constant guardian and this duty fell to the Princess..."
- CASTLES -- Alan Lee, David Day, and David Larkin



Sarah Winchester's bedroom today. She was trapped in this room during the great earthquake of 1906 that brought San Francisco to the ground. Her quarters were highly charged with positive solar lines. Clearly, a relative of hers from the other side sustained her during her ordeal, as her diligent servants attempted to pry the door open and rescue her. This building's unique architecture acted as a protective shell during the quake. The 1989 earthquake caused tremendous damage throughout the area, still the Winchester structure endured the inconvenience of only a few displaced bricks. Akasha in the house seems quite a healthy animation, and revitalizing. Curiously, ancient documents specifying the code for Abramelin's Laboratory (see Page site) exist within the Winchester House. Many of them were 'invented' by Sarah Winchester herself; on site energy dynamo and water conservation/recycling systems are only two of her visionary innovations still in operation.


  September 26, 1998 Photograph and The Journal
~ Paranormal Sites At Loch Ness, Scotland


Two-pronged goal is to investigate ongoing reports about the legends of Northern Scotland surrounding the mystic, Abramelin The Mage, and The Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Both themes are interwoven.

Modern day entry gate, and drive from road to local landmark known as Boleskine House. Tucked back into Scottish Highlands, the home was originally constructed over 200 years ago by Clan Chief, Lord Lovat at the South Bank.

The Gaelic name is 'Balle os-ceann'. Our video shots out here reveal something about the cause of a haunting annoyance inside the structure.

Scotland has many of the world's most haunted castles, including Glamis Castle, an early home of the Queen Mother. The music of the lone piper on the Eastern Coast is still heard, and Findhorn's renown Deva, north of this site, is the topic of endless study.

Both celebrity Winter-type homes in this review effortlessly blend with such influences of warm and rustic accents as timeworn comfort, yet manage to retain a formal note without the velvet rope effect. Jimmy Page used his home for two outdoor shoots set in the film, The Song Remains the Same; both locations [lake with black swans] in the prologue, and the Winter Solstice ascent], reflect Scorpio ascending. Jerry Garcia leans to simple, elegant red and white lines of a traditional Spanish mansion. Even so, modern power is available, implying a possible ‘black box syndrome,’ able to cancel organic influences, or somewhat compromise them, and encourage materialization of at least semi-firm shapes that would otherwise remain safely anonymous. This would not cause anything close to the larger scale of 'the Mothman Effect'. Indeed, the movie clearly shows where power lines, towers, and energy conversion sources are located in the area of the real West Virginia phenomena - a quick scan of the terrain provides an obvious view of the disruptive points of origin. The 'converter' or 'black box effect' often concentrates at the power line point of entry to a home, and is common throughout San Francisco’s ‘haunted house’ districts. The homes of Garcia (solar) and Page (underground) were checked for negative frequencies and passed. However, both houses acquired several other contributing factors, all tracked back to human infusion, interior decor, and lifestyle.

We didn't get over to the mystical mountain Jimmy Page climbed in the Zeppelin concert film, or Bron-Y-Aur (see TBL map) off the beaten path in Wales.

Bron-y-aur's walk way to the structure is bare, so 'hot chi' arrows rush right up and through the front door, the same as at Garcia's home. (See inside LED ZEPPELIN III, their acoustic collection) First view of the Bron-y-aur picture: The jutting angle or corner of the building is like a protective spear point, a sharp reminder that, although there are no fences or wires about, it is private and no trespassers are welcome. This same angle, by the way, is clearly drawn as art work for the sleeve of "THE FIRM," one of the Page enterprises, after Led Zeppelin split. The thrusting point of the arrow apex is one of those "Come hither, stay back" themes used so effectively by all the members of this dramatic & electric group.

The rumor is that 'Stairway' was written at the cottage at the time Page purchased this highland home for his getaway jags. Themes at Page's Scotland retreat speak on heady, richly unique auric fields (akasha black-gold and black-silver abound herein) that go with the territory. Regardless of cold on the shoulder, you'll let yourself be lured into this fantasy land, with wit and magical stories about the elegant spirit of this glorious place that was ancient before our time.


"Dante’s Inferno is symbolically descriptive of the sufferings of those who never freed their spiritual natures from the cravings, habits, viewpoints, and limitations of their Plutonic personalities. Those who made no endeavor to improve themselves (whose souls have slept) during their physical lives, passed at death into Hades, where, lying in rows, they slept through all eternity as they had slept through life ...

An ancient initiate once said that the living are ruled by the dead. Only those conversant with the Eleusinian concept of life could understand that statement. It means that the majority of people are not ruled by their living spirits but by their senseless (hence dead) animal personalities. Transmigration and reincarnation were taught in these Mysteries, but in a somewhat unusual manner. It was believed that at midnight the invisible worlds were closest to the terrestrial sphere and that souls coming into material existence slipped in during the midnight hour. For this reason, many of the Eleusinian ceremonies were performed at midnight. Some of those sleeping spirits who had failed to awaken their higher natures during the earth life and who now floated around in the invisible worlds, surrounded by a darkness of their own making, occasionally slipped through at this hour and assumed the forms of various creatures..."

-Manly P. Hall, The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies, Part Three



Led Zeppelin's riff master purchased this property during the early 70's amid a flurry of fuss and fanfare. Concert film script for, "THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME", features the retreat during the introduction and one of five fantasy scenes for Zeppelin and manager Peter Grant.

Significantly, Page's rock fantasy sequence, visually symbolic of his Capricorn Sun [in a wide opposition] to his 3° Cancer 11' Moon, records his trek up the mystic mountainside - visionary ascent on the Winter Solstice. [See his full size chart.] Jimmy Page plays a duel role: mountain climber and teacher/elder, Higher Self (Oversoul) the director and scriptwriter.

Page has his radix Mars 4° Gemini 52' Rx, deposited in his seventh department of life, one reason his minstral life has been blessed by the gods. Tours will always bring financial benefit, enrich his creative gift through contact with a variety of cultures and customs, and open doors socially. Page has a supportive blend of Mars and Jupiter 25° Leo 58' Rx. See Jupiter in the ninth house, domain of The Hermit Trump IX; when Mars and Jupiter are retro, the chemistry corresponds to the teacher in our dreams.

There is a similar feeling derived from the 'overview' afforded Sean Connery's character in, 'Finding Forrester,' a bit of a reclusive Trump IX Hermit by anyone's standards.
The teachers in our lives may assume many roles, wear masks, or even appear as strangers to us initially. People close to the earth (Findhorn nearby) draw devas of the home & garden in this guise. Dreamers report the Jupiterian hooded figure as personification of the small inner voice.

see Footnotes and go Wiki for the Tuatha Dé Danann


* "Dead" or metabolically different if you want to be politically correct.
The Berkeley Rhetoric Department’s suggested replacement for "dead." See also
‘terminally inconvenienced.’

The graveyard row where the disturbed grave is located can be seen in photograph below.
Dowsed on site in Scotland. E me for info about a 'tourist' tape for the location that includes Inverness,
--it does not enter the home.


BACK Jimmy Page: Line of Intuition
BACK Jimmy Page: Walk of Fame The Palm - Thumb, Girdle of Venus

Lemon Squeezings's Wall Photos
Tight But Loose

Tribute to The Night Stalker

Click swans for a look at LothLorien

Robert Plant @ Trump XI Enchantress
Familiar with Herne the Hunter?





Sacred sites in Scotland such as Isbister, more popularly known as the Tomb of the Eagles [after the remains of white-tailed eagles found within] and Temple Wood Stone circle - This almost perfect circle -12m (40ft) in diameter - was the focus for centuries of burials. The circle, restored, is shown in its final form with 13 stones, almost covered by a cairn of stones.

Hall of Fame Induction 1995
Led Zeppelin - Neil Young, When the Levee Breaks

Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Reissue 1959 Les Paul Standard, number 9 of the 2-26 hand-signed limited edition Pilot Run guitars.

This guitar is number 9 of the hand-signed Pilot Run, and is in fact the 8th made available, as Jimmy Page kept number 1 for himself. This guitar is a light 8.6 lbs.

Les Paul dob June 9, 1915 in Waukesha WI USA
Sun 17° Gemini 24' - Moon 9° Taurus 41' [over Jimmy Page Ascendant Venus and fixed star in Scorpio]
ASC 2° Taurus 17' [reflex sign to Jimmy Page Scorpio ASC] - MC 16° Capricorn 58' [Jimmy Page Sun Sign]

Les Paul (born Lester William Polsfuss) is an American jazz guitarist and inventor. He is a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which "made the sound of rock and roll possible." His many recording innovations include overdubbing, delay effects such as "sound on sound" and tape delay, phasing effects and multitrack recording. In 2003, he was named the 46th best guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone.




Harry Potter
The Order of the Phoenix
and various shells

There is a portrait of Sirius Black's mother at the Black family residence, 12 Grimmauld Place, London. It demonstrates vehement disapproval of the Order of the Phoenix meeting in "her" house. Sirius and the other [incarnate] human inhabitants of the house refer to the painting as "her", as if it were the living Mrs. Black; "her" opinion is ignored by all persons present. Legally the house is considered to belong to Sirius [and later Harry]. This may suggest the painting has no legal rights, is not a person, but rather the recorded image of that person.

Headmaster Professor Albus Dumbledore has been known to accept advice on important matters from the pictures in his office, and speaks to the portrait of Phineas Nigellus as if it were the man himself, suggesting that the portrait models Nigellus' intellectual capacities, at least. Also, Dumbledore speaks to the Fat Lady with deferent manners. It remains unknown whether she is due courtesy as a person, or whether Dumbledore's solicitude is intended to expedite an interaction with a "touchy" and unpredictable simulation.

above right, Master Therion at Lodge

J.K. Rowling was asked if there is a ratio of Muggles to wizards - in the Wizarding World and in Hogwarts.

JKR: Well, Hogwarts. All right. Here is the thing with Hogwarts. Way before I finished "Philosopher's Stone," when I was just amassing stuff for seven years, between having the idea and publishing the book, I sat down and I created 40 kids who enter Harry's year. I'm delighted I did it, [because] it was so useful. I got 40 pretty fleshed out characters. I never have to stop and invent someone. I know who’s in the year, I know who's in which house, I know what their parentage is, and I have a few personal details on all of them. So there were 40. I never consciously thought, "That's it, that' s all the people in his year," but that's kind of how it's worked out. Then I've been asked a few times how many people and because numbers are not my strong point, one part of my brain knew 40, and another part of my brain said, "Oh, about 600 sounds right." Then people started working it out and saying, "Where are the other kids sleeping?" [Laughter.] We have a little bit of a dilemma there. I mean, obviously magic is very rare. I wouldn't want to say a precise ratio. But if you assume that all of the wizarding children are being sent to Hogwarts, then that's very few wizard-to-Muggle population, isn’t it? There will be the odd kid whose parents don't want them to go to Hogwarts, but 600 out of the whole of Britain is tiny.

Let's say three thousand [in Britain], actually, thinking about it, and then think of all the magical creatures, some of which appear human. So then you've got things like hags, trolls, ogres and so on, so that's really bumping up your numbers. And then you've got the world of sad people like Filch and Figg who are kind of part of the world but are hangers on. That's going to bump you up a bit as well, so it's a more sizable, total magical community that needs hiding, concealing, but don't hold me to these figures, because that's not how I think.


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