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Frequently Asked Questions



The Abbe de Villars gives a brief sketch

of the nature of the air spirits.
"The air, he says, is filled with a great
number of beings of human form,
somewhat fierce In appearance.
but really of a docile nature.
They are much interested in the sciences,
and are subtle, officious towards the sages,
hostile toward the foolish and the ignorant.
Their wives and daughters are of
a masculine type of beauty, such as is
depicted in the Amazons."

-Lewis Spence, Encyclopedia Of Occultism


Lotus, left




The People of the Goddess Dana, Tuatha Dé Danann, or The Sidhe (pronounced Shee)

‘So firm was the hold which the ethnic gods of Ireland had taken upon the imagination and spiritual sensibilities of our ancestors that even the monks and christianized bards never thought of denying them. They doubtless forbade the people to worship them, but to root out the belief in their existence was so impossible that they could not even dispossess their own minds of the conviction that the gods were real supernatural beings.’
—Standish O’Grady.
Photo examples @ Sites and Sacred Site articles and links here. Dowsing links and Footnotes are also good for research.

2. WHAT IS AN ELEMENTAL? Or Elementary Spirit?
Electrical energy is associated with Fire and air. Fire: Salamanders, Lares and Penates; Air; Sylphs and Fairies. Magnetic energy is associated with Earth and Water. Earth: Gnomes, 'Little People', Fauns, Dryads, and Homodryads Check out films from Disney for these folk: 'Darby O'Gill and The Little People'(Sean Connery) and 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs' JK Rowling was asked, "Why are the gnomes bad? What do they do?" Her answer, "Gnomes eat the roots of your plants, and make little heaps of earth, like moles do. They are also a bit of a giveaway that wizards live in a house."; Water: Undines, (rivers and fountains), and Merpeople. See film version with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah, 'SPLASH'!

The spiritual matter, Aeyther, or 'breath' is the fifth element in many systems. Sometimes referred to as 'Akasha', 'Breath' or 'Spirit', corresponds to the black-gold frequency. Aeyther is the most frequently sought element in the study and practice of transfiguration. Ridley Scott's lush fantasy, 'Legend' (Tom Cruise) provides excellent examples of animated dimensions just within the range of visual appreciation - unicorns and alchemical gold were early Christian symbols (for Christ) as well. The essence of akasha is transcendental, often symbolized via archtypal Tarot Trump, alternately numbered The 0 or XXII, The Fool. Visit also, 'The Fifth Element' and 'Unbreakable' notes at my fanpage for Bruce Willis.

Paracelsus believed the elementals to be composed of spirit and matter, as the color purple is created from red and blue: "beings occupying a place between, and resembling, men and spirits, resembling men and women in their organization and form, and resembling spirits in the rapidity of their locomotion." (Philosophia Occulta).
Philosophers held that, through marriage, an elemental could attain immortality. Children born of such union, (with incarnates) are more noble and heroic than the children of human men and women ~ and some of the greatest figures of antiquity -Zoroaster, Merlin, Alexander, Hercules - are said to be children of the highest pure-subtle elementals.

Links with the Super Race, Watchers, and others who guide or monitor the evolution of the human race, said now suspended during the Piscean Era, because of the military nature of present day archetypes. According to legend, those super beings will walk among us again after [or some say during] the transition to the Aquarian Era.

left, salamander

3. ARE ELEMENTALS THE SAME AS DEVAS, AS OF THE SAME 'COSMIC STUFF'? Elementals live within their respective elements as mentioned above. Deva intelligence bestows correct supervision linked to a specific geographical place. The relationship of the 'guardian' Deva to a highlighted space runs parallel to the Oversoul [in communion] with an incarnated entity unfolding a variety of karmic designs through life. The domestic Deva inside the home [like interior 'spirit' that is white] should be balanced with the garden Deva [like the exterior 'spirit' or chi, that is red]. An outdoor Deva will usually favor tree groves (see THE WHITE GODDESS, Robert Graves), a Monet-like setting, and inspirational waterfalls. Stonehenge has a Deva as does Raglan Castle and Hammerwood Park.

4. WHY DON'T WE ALL SEE DEVAS THE SAME WAY? The Deva supervising the evolution of any space is an intelligence, so there will be no corporeal form as part of it's actualization. Characteristics we project onto and often attach to a Deva, perceived via empathic gifts, may provide features that work within our own personal system. Obvious identification factors are those we associate with The Receptive Principle (Yin) or The Creative Principle (Yang), thought of as the feminine and masculine respectively. These impressions are personal, regarded as subjective input. Devas are neither feminine nor masculine. Angels are frequently portrayed as men or women visually; as non-corporeal Intelligences, neither Deva nor Angel are generated as from the feminine or masculine sex.



"...Take Gassendi: on the one hand, he agrees that".... it is customary to exclude God from the category of substance"; on the other hand, he contradicts this common opinion— "it is wrong to exclude God from the category of substance" —by treating the divine substance strictly in parallel with divine causality, just as Descartes did: "Seeing as God is really a cause—in fact the prime cause—and therefore is rightly counted among the causes, then he is really a substance and must be counted among the substances—and in fact even as the prime substance; for obviously it is more reasonable to call God a prime substance than Socrates, Bucephalus, or this stone." Gassendi was therefore perfectly conscious of opposing the regnant thesis when, like Descartes, he attributed substantiality to God. And he is not the only one.
1613: Goclenius juxtaposes the two possibilities for justifying such an attribution, either its near-univocity or its restriction to Being per se:

Substance is understood at first generally, so that it might also be suitable to God. 2. [Secondly] in a specific sense, such that it is suitable only to creatures .... Substance is understood more properly and [also] abusively.

-Jean-Luc Marion, On Descartes' Metaphysical Prism: The Constitution and the Limits of Onto-theo-logy in Cartesian Thought.
Translated by Jeffrey L. Kosky. University of Chicago Press - Publisher


The geopathic zone is regarded as a disrupted area. The cause varies, but most frequently involves the presence of agitative and/or toxic materials beneath the surface. In many cases, plants growing in these areas are distorted in shape and size. People usually feel uncomfortable and often drained when they linger in a geopathic zone. There is usually a negative effect on the health.

6. CAN PEOPLE CREATE IDEAL ENVIRONMENTS AT THE PHYSICAL LEVEL TO INCREASE THEIR QUALITY OF LIVING WITHIN THE HOME (AND WORK SPACE?) How about the astrosome (dream environment with functional archetype 'cast and crew')? Will changes alter spiritual trip redo?
Yes, and it's smart to keep these all current. Consider options for enhancement that will provide solid psyche reinforcement and dowsing [search for truth] benefits. Remember, the condition of your home and spiritual temple should reflect a part of your rich soul life via the design you choose. check The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Consider the elements in every part of your home and office when you draw up your plan for the large, cozy, or small, compact space. A small area should be dedicated to imagination, adventure, and fantasy.
Tip: channel faster moving energy current directly to the right side of your living room and your guest room. Keep things flowing.

Dedicate the northern part of your home to a slower pace where you can pause and refresh yourself as you work out plans for the future. Place a professional treasure chest and treasure map in the general area. Collectors show off sea shells, coins/stamps, art in the glass case or table; rare baskets, art, and pictures - but also awards, ribbons and trophies fit nicely in this part of your room.

Several leading men have astrologer-moms and seem to prosper with their help. Among them are Sly Stallone, Russell Crowe and Lorenzo Lamas. Rock artist and DJ Greg Kihn also learned about his star chart from his mother.
Ann Miller has had several unusual encounters with the paranormal. One night after the show 'Sugar Babies' with Mickey Rooney, we briefly spoke about the Scarab and her favorite trips to Egypt (she has a recall of her past life there). Her birthdate is April 12th, a number of initiation. Recently, Mickey Rooney and his family, returning from the good will tour of Egypt, narrowly escaped the tragic crash of Egypt flight 990. Mr. Rooney decided to leave the plane during it's L. A. stopover. Sir Alec Guiness had the force with him on more than one ocassion while travelling, just missing a disasterous trip by a minute or two, perhaps due to his 'ESP' nativity under the 13th sign of 'Arachne, The Spider'. Grace Kelley was tested for ESP only weeks before her fatal accident. She had a premonition of her funeral and perhaps even the road she was driving on... Bing Crosby was listening to his favorite Sinatra records one day when the song stopped suddenly, replaced by a deep male voice telling him to avoid something he had been thinking about and be cautious. He said he never heard the message before or after that moment. Crosby could have experienced one of the early Raudive 'Breakthrough' phenomenon without conscious assent to participation in the experiments (from a quantum physics viewpoint.)

Are you 'In Search Of...' a 'Poltergeist' perhaps or a 'Haunting'? Spielberg interviewed numerous spiritual advisors on the subject before he filmed his authentic, ground-breaking film about the subject of the uninvited guest. Catherine Zeta-Jones volunteers for scientific research being conducted by Liam Neeson in 'The Haunting' - how real is the possibility an actual haunting in your home? Houses with macabre themes, part one, and part two., and Question 14 below.

9. WHAT IS A VORTEX? (image)


The spiral dust clouds on Mars take us to distant past memory of Mars as a creator god - so life itself is associated with the spiral form of the elements. We know and study the double helix as reference to secrets about our life as a race on planet Earth. DNA construction is the scientific basis for the incredible Jurassic Park series, though not as much science-fiction anymore.


Tradition has it that masculine vortex [spirals] movement is either constructive or destructive, while the clockwise, feminine, movement of a spiral elemental form is always positive. Tibetan prayer wheels, for example, are always spun in clockwise motion. We would then assume the various elemental energy forms recounted in the Exodus story moved clockwise for Moses and counter-clockwise for the army in hot pursuit.



A few. Current popularity of boy wizard Harry Potter has prompted deeper research in reference to the thunderbolt, because of the mark on his forehead. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will often refer to, and select from, the ancient stories about Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods of the Storm [Odin and Thor].
In the East, ancient Indra, [possibly a Deva of India itself, is the symbol of the collective consciousness of the country], originally a weather god, he is a direct link with rain and the thunderbolt.

Vajrapani, the protector of the Buddha, is portrayed holding the thunderbolt [power of compassion.] He was first associated with the God Indra, and can be linked to Hercules, son of Zeus. Vajrapani was used extensively in Buddhist iconography as one of the three protective deities surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha's virtues: Manjusri (the manifestation of all the Buddhas' wisdom), Avalokitesvara (the manifestation of all the Buddhas' compassion) and Vajrapani (the manifestation of all the Buddhas' power).
Vajrapani (Sanskrit Vajra: thunderbolt/diamond, Pani: literally, in the hand)
Vajrapani is known as the "Diamond rod-wielding God", perhaps like the rod or lightning bolt represented in the film, The Shadow. In the Tarot Deck, the power of the lightning fire often appears in the Ace of Wands.

· White - Vairocana: The delusion of ignorance becomes the wisdom of reality.
· Yellow - Ratnasambhava: The delusion of pride becomes the wisdom of sameness.
· Red - Amitabha: The delusion of attachment becomes the wisdom of discernment.
· Green - Amoghasiddhi: The delusion of jealousy becomes the wisdom of accomplishment.
· Blue - Akshobhya: The delusion of anger becomes the mirror like wisdom.
     GO Energy Masks for Mandala guideline

Wreathes were worn during the Mystery Play and during the reading of sacred texts to signify the proceedings were consecrated to the deities.

"Instead of beads, wreathes of foliage, generally laurel, olive, myrtle, ivy, or oak, appear upon coins, sometimes encircling the symbolical figures, and sometimes as chaplets upon their heads. All these were sacred to some peculiar personifications of the deity, and significant of some particular attributes, and, in general, all evergreens were Dionysiac plants; that is, symbols of the generative power, signifying perpetuity of youth and vigor, as the circles of beads and diadems signify perpetuity of existence."
-Richard Payne Knight

The transfiguration considered 'the surrender' or 'the molting' is an important part of the multi-phase process that will yield alchemical gold. The number 13 was once considered an extremely good augury and the 19 was unlucky [as the 13 today is thought to be on a par with walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing your path, etc.]. During the Piscean Era [the Roman system] the fear of the number 13 was instilled into the multitude in order to blot out the thirteen-sign zodiac [Druidic calendar]. See The White Goddess, by Robert Graves.

Although most public places avoid the number 13 [room @13, the 13th floor, 13 steps, and so forth], the number 13 figures prominently in the architectural design and symbols of The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. see article: In The Field With Dowsers.

Trump XIII refers to the modern day version of the thirteenth place in the pattern. More about the 13th sign as the Western Arachne, the Weaver.
Tolkien draws part of his ROTK storyline from our modern interpretation of the number 13 in the age of Pisces, the 12th zodiacal sign. Pisces is associated with Trump XII and Trump XIX:

The Lord of the Rings
Look over the following abbreviated additions to the journal dated March 13, 1419
The entries include the following events that lead to the battle of Minas Tirith and the Battle of Pelennor Fields:

The darkness of Sauron lies heavy in the upper airs; four days have now passed since daylight last fell upon Gondor. The Nazgűl army continues across the Anduin. Gandalf returns to Minas Tirith with Faramir and the rest of the wounded. King Théoden reaches the peaks of Eilenach.
The army of Oathbreakers, lead by Aragorn, reach finally the port of Pelargir upon the Anduin. The Dúnedain under Aragorn, and the ghosts, reach even those ships already fleeing and board the fleet headed north to Minas Tirith. Sam, believes Frodo is dead and wears the Ring so he can get past the army of Orcs.

Yes, but not all paranormal or non-corporeal phenomena are due to haunting. Some apparitions, for example, are due to "eroded" veils between dimensional layers, facilitating a "porthole" so it is possible to "see" into parallel spheres. Many of these are caused by human 'technology' and 'short cut' electrical circuitry. They are not hauntings, only a doorway into a frequency that is set at a faster pace than the 'material' one.

When there is a time or space displacement, the subtle energy texture feels 'thin', similar to the environment in the Tony Scott film Deja Vu [starring Denzel Washington] - set: an open time window in New Orleans, during Katrina aftermath. Also, the terrain in the Spike Lee documentary, "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts" (2006); also watch the interacting energy threads in, "Miracle at St. Anna" (2008); Lee is now directing "Time Traveler".

Tip: an easy way to recognize eroded space is by using a time dated journal. Record the exact detail of the apparition when you see it; if it appears in identical form every time it takes shape, you are probably looking into a separate dimensional world that is bleeding through into this one.

Mentioned above, haunted houses are a favourite subject in the Hollywood scene. Films such as Beetlejuice, Poltergeist [Steven Spielberg], and High Spirits are a few well known flicks about "netherworlds" and beyond. Europe has always been into this genre, from silent films [Sweden: The Phantom Carriage or Körkarlen] to modern day Scotland with the popular Harry Potter series, where the muggle world and wizarding world intersect. see Hogwarts Ghosts.


Most homes have a centre in the home that is ideal for meditation and stillness... it is not always exactly in the middle of the house as a structure, but generally where all the energies in the home meet.
The centre of your home should have a refreshing symbol, an item that suggests beauty, and perhaps an interesting arrangement of flowering plants. The centre symbolizes the health of your home. There should be an inward peace, like a kiva [ceremonial subterranean structure built under the floor], initiation chamber, and high tower [cliff dweller]. Try to think of an atmosphere like a blessed state while designing the area. Think about a fountain, garden scheme, meditation zone, and so on. It is lovely to walk through an indoor arboretum to find a waterfall and fountain, but a journey of the imagination will suffice with a little ingenuity. Place a portable Japanese sand garden in a 24 x 36 wooden box near a small indoor waterfall. Native Americans utilized The God's Eye and Dream Catcher as 'appropriate' spiritual art - both are also wonderful when hanging at your door.


It is easy to blend everyone's wish list and establish warm and welcome feelings. First, select the easiest materials to work with - color and lighting are two easy ways to establish an atmosphere of hospitality. Pick up natural outdoor colour paint samples from the hardware store and have the group vote to narrow down the preferences to four or five. Then discuss the seasonal preferences of everybody in the group. You want a first choice and a second choice, ideally with accents that are blendable. Example: Spring and Autumn are seasonal styles that work well for people who get up and out early in the morning - these folk do not burn daylight. Summer and Winter are for those who like the snooze button and prefer sleeping in - they like to work at home or they may just take more time getting out the door. You can coordinate your collective space for the first half of the day just by setting up a home suited to the fast-paced electric type or slower, steady magnetic type.
Tip: start with natural neutrals convention planners use, such as amber, peach and sand colours for walls and lighting. Consider a mural for window, wall, or garden area, if your yard space will not support a landscape scheme, vegetable patch, or butterfly garden.
go to Natural Neutrals and our colour nativation directory
Hue, Value and Chroma Chart The Munsell Color System
The Rose Society


17. What are the constellations in the zodiacal girdle about the Earth?
Erte designs ~ very modern art forms ~ known as 'The Zodiac Suite' portray a combination of ancient knowledge and feeling. Traditional astrological symbols during The Piscean Era have been, in order, beginning with the Spring Equinox: 1. Aries, The Ram (fire sign); 2. Taurus, The Bull (earth sign); 3. Gemini, The Twins (air sign); 4. Cancer or Moonchild, The Shellfish (water sign); 5. Leo, The Lion (fire); 6. Virgo, The Virgin or Corn Maiden (earth); 7. Libra, The Balance (air); 8. Scorpio, The Scorpion, Cobra, and Eagle/Phoenix (water); 9. Sagittarius, The Centaur or Archer (fire); 10. Capricorn, The Goat and Sea-goat (earth); 11. Aquarius, The Water Bearer or Cup Bearer (air); 12. Pisces, The Two Fish (water).


18. How many polarities or sets of opposite signs are there in the zodiac?
Astrology is an ancient science. It is probably linked to the origin of our present day alphabet so there is no way to know the true background and origin of all the constellations. The Druidic system divided into 13 parts has survived the Roman attempt to stamp out a 13 sign zodiac, regardless of their tactics (that lead to the fear of the number 13 and we also know some stars were once part of older sky charts than we recognize today.) Currently, in the Piscean Eta, the established polarity of the zodiac is as follows: Aries – Libra (fire – air); Taurus – Scorpio (earth – water); Gemini – Sagittarius (air – fire); Moonchild – Capricorn (water – earth); Leo – Aquarius (fire – air); Virgo – Pisces (earth – water).


19. How do the polarities work?
The most studied types of polarity as defined by the signs in question 18 are electric-advancing [Spring, Autumn] and magnetic-retreating [Summer, Winter]. Generally speaking, the fire and air signs are regarded as electric and advancing, earth and water are magnetic, that is use an attracting and negotiating mode.
To apply either an electrical or magnetic polar blueprint, it is necessary to understand both types, the ratio in play, and formulae that encourage interfacing them for your production work. The Spring and Autumn Equinoxes occur opposite days of the year in the signs Aries and Libra, when daylight and moonlight hours are equal. The 12 sunlight hours are balanced by 12 moonlight hours, suggesting the idea of balanced scales and complimentary interaction between Sun-Moon, day-night, bi-polar ideas across the board in general.
The Summer Solstice in June in the sign Moonchild [Cancer] is the longest day each year balanced by the Winter Solstice in the sign Capricorn in December, the shortest day. Click image to read more about astrology @ The Philosophic Research Society.


20. Please explain the difference between a Solar Chart and a Star Chart?
When the exact time of birth is unknown, Solar Chart construction is the best plan B. Solar Charts are based on information for dawn or noon (6:00 AM usually) for the day of an inquiry. The location of the nativity is, ideally, factored in as well. The first influences evident in the environment are important. I have never constructed a star chart for someone born in a taxi cab (while in motion, that is) however, the renown mystic/clairvoyant Josephine Taylor, a native American, was born on the back of a pinto pony. It may have something to do with her fabled skill with animals. (Horse Whisperer)
Events as well as individual star charts may be erected on the basis of this concept when time is unknown or uncertain. Solar charts are used by show biz folk to generally gauge release time blocks for movies (such as the case with Sly Stallone and the ‘Rocky’ series) and in the music industry (Jupiter Return for Jimmy Page @ Trump IX).


21. What is a Horary Chart?
Once this question had a different answer, however today we understand quantum physics a little better. As answers coalesce, the question forms in the consciousness. Horary charts are those constructed on basis of the time the question is realized and then asked. The process includes writing the question down or recording it along with the time. Study journals and magical diaries often include times recorded next to an entry about the question forming in the mind of an inquirer. See charts answering questions about the way history will remember Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. Their legacy is researched in an analysis about compared star chart notes.


22. Is the link between the zodiacal girdle about the earth and the Sacred Tarot discussed online?
Yes. Go to the House System Directory.
The House System is a universal translator designed to combine the forces of creative thought in a single key. Easy to use with any Tarot Deck and interpretation of any star chart.

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore And Library - Anthroposophical Society in the U.S.
See teachings of J. Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Center

Trump XVII The Star footnotes


FAQ continued
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