Led Zeppelin's Concert Film acquired spirit, grace and gypsy-like power derived from 'the zone.' The band moves our collective myths to a new level with modern symbols set to psychedelic sound. Trump XI Enchantress post. Unfortunately this film is grossly undervalued by critics outside the world of music.



Linen from castle's 'guests & tea time' gift shop

This article is about the interior guardian Deva of Raglan Castle.


Regulus, The Royal Star

Raglan Castle is located in the heart of 'Castle Row' in Wales, known for her unique contribution to Britain's colorful history. An unusual and significant story related to Castle background, often untold, concerns the lightly veiled Deva, Raglan's overseeing 'spirit of place' and 'intelligent' guardian-protector.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, Raglan Castle represents a home or "covering" for those who reside within, just as the physical anatomy represents a "covering" for the spirit residing within. This arrangement may be extended to embrace a national consciousness as well as a global, and even universal, consciousness. Since a mechanism as microcosm may be motivated to expand to a greater range of influence, as visible in the macrocosm, those who design fundamental blueprints consider all influences. Consider the elements and how they interact at any site: where light first enters the home at dawn, location of the well, how the mountains and wind effect the land, etc.

When a relationship runs smooth in the microcosmic universe it should be tested in the large universe. For convenience, begin with a human cell that has protective buffering similar to the layers of a pearl. This design is a basic idea that, under expansion, determines our seasonal wardrobes, armor used in combat, such as a shield and protective vest, or uniforms such as a firefighter needs entering a four alarm blaze.

Under a microscope our versions of sun symbolism are also easy to recognize. The concentric circles that protect the sun are similar to the series of auric layers that protect the physical anatomy. In castles we find the protective insulation in the form of forest, rock, walls, and moat, to name a few. The Deva is charged with holding all together - everything, including the inside of the castle. Many times there is a Deva responsible for the grounds around the castle and a Deva for the castle itself. Any Deva can and should be reinforced on a regular basis.

Beyond Raglan's enviable status as the perfect production set for Robert Plant's fantasy, old world heroism is still etched into this rock solid national landmark. Raglan’s legendary Deva, one of the most enchanting culled from volumes of British history books, still resides on the land near the castle, although not within it's walls. Laws of physics are not suspended, but the Deva remains close enough to monitor what happens at the site. The Deva (pronounced DAVE-a) is a supervisory intelligence, also a guide through the interior and garden, responsible for evolutionary development of the whole protected space.

Dowsers first locate any on-site Deva before working up designs for a specific locale, even when working on a map. Powerful grid energy is now restored to the vicinity where 'Castle Row' is located because recent excavations have caused a reanimation of energy lines that link landmarks sites, such as Raglan Castle, throughout the European community. Interest has been high in Germany as well, where a "dormant" Stonehenge has been uncovered.

Geography is linked to natural lines of energy, such as solar, water, ley lines, magnetic, and geopathic lines, to name a few. Collectives linked with their geographic nest of origin often refer to older and wiser races who came before. Power Sites have always been associated with great ancestors, our elders, and those with whom we meet in council during deeper sleep. The United States refers to the wise race known as Anasazi from whom we have spiritual leaders, such as the Hopi and Havasupai Tribes, living in the region around the Grand Canyon. The area that is the homeland of Abraham's ancestors, UR, is the source of power to all people who have their origin in the Middle East. Early symbols [pre-flood] are identical throughout the region, and so are many references to powerful places in the zones. The Irish refer to the People of the Goddess Dana, or, according to D’Arbois de Jubainville, the People of the god whose mother was called Dana, are the Tuatha De Danann of the ancient mythology of Ireland. The Goddess Dana, called in the genitive Danand, in middle Irish times was named Brigit. And this goddess Brigit of the pagan Celts has been supplanted by the Christian St. Brigit, and, in exactly the same way as the pagan cult once bestowed on the spirits in wells and fountains has been transferred to Christian saints, to whom the wells and fountains have been re-dedicated, so to St. Brigit as a national saint has been transferred the pagan cult rendered to her predecessor. In a sense, the "first ones" may be considered as 'Collective Devas' because they guarantee unification and protection for those in their sphere of influence.

Led Zeppelin rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of the Yardbirds in 1968. They toured the United States in 1969, opening for Vanilla Fudge, and released their first two LPs the same year on the Atlantic label: Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II.


The Black Knight is vanquished


THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME holds the timeless poetry and magic everyone associates with Led Zeppelin. The American Tour in 1973 broke box office record after box office record, many of which had been set long ago by the Beatles.

The movie and it's crown jewel, 'Stairway To Heaven' are timeless. 'Hedgerows' and 'shadows' refer us to centuries old traditions, such as Roman ley-farming and earlier constants in our once-and-future ever-morphing world. Consistent with Tolkien's Middle-earth epic, Raglan calls up a vision of elite mindsets conferred to lifestyle standards, though the whispering Deva brings Galadriel's golden glade and silver mirror to mind. [Lothlórien] The castle entry, main downstairs room, and courtyard setting have the energy pattern of Rivendell's respected hidden valley council and the great garden library and museum within the house of Lord Elrond.

The stairway is a foundational symbol with many viewpoints; you see something new each time you take a step either up or down. Although everything is built on the stairway, like spiraling steps spun around LothLorien's trees, or the great Ash Tree Yggdrasil (symbol of life, time, and destiny) at the center of the universe, during this time frame people engage a paradigm with extreme points. Life is seen from the bottom of the ladder looking up – or at the top of the ladder looking down. Most in-between points are variable ratios of black and white that produce a myriad of grays.

Apt examples are found in film and photography. The industry’s skill with lighting techniques reflect a knowledge of light and shade far beyond the average education in light and darkness. 'Legend' (DVD with Ridley Scott director cut) is an excellent example of an untarnished Piscean Era viewpoint on the subject.

Rolling Stone writes the group, especially Jimmy “Page and Robert Plant were grounded also in British folk music and fascinated by mythology, Middle Earth fantasy and the occult, as became increasingly evident from the band’s later albums [the fourth LP is entitled in Druidic runes]. A song that builds from a folk-baroque acoustic setting to screaming heavy metal, “Stairway to Heaven” fittingly became the best-known Led Zeppelin song and a staple of FM airplay, although like most of their “hits,” it was never released as a single.”

Wherever extremes meet, such as the misty mountain top, highest rung of the ladder, and the innermost chamber of a heart - eventually all things merge into one and A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. We can go outside our own waking conscious structure-repertoire to these places ** where opposites blend - life-death, mortal-immortal, past-future, our internal and outer journeys, as ‘Stairway To Heaven’ promises.

Robert Plant embarked on a formidable journey when shooting began in October 1973. The band bought Hammerwood Park (in auction) where they planned to hold court and film from their own studio. The first scenes of the concert movie were filmed at Hammerwood and feature the original classic columns at the doorway to the home. Peter Grant and Robert Cole are sharp dressed men in dapper 1930s sting-style threads, looking for a piece of the action. Film critic Clark Collis reports that "Grant was worried that the footage made him look stupid. The film's director, Joe Massot, assured him it would not... as a whole, the film is magnificent. It's rock's own cinematic Millennium Dome..."


The film structure overall is an unusual one, with the movie pie cut in fifths, leaving a sequence each for band members and LZ manager, Peter Grant. The Plant portion of this evocative work of art crossed at the juncture where opposites meet in the mist, at land's end under a canopy of brilliant stars. Robert Plant has Venus 12° Moonchild 23' in his Eighth House trine his Moon in Pisces, reasons why he felt the attraction to Raglan Castle and Hammerwood Park, a real fixer-upper. His Saturn sextile Uranus probably contributes to his interest in Raglan Castle as a national treasure as well as historical landmark.
more about the architect of Hammerwood Park Benjamin Henry Latrobe @ The Capitol [also featured in Led Zeppelin concert film The Song Remains The Same].

Some modern day quest films to focus on this 'undefinable-vanishing point' at the pole's centre, are STAR WARS (Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker***), FIRST KNIGHT (Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table) and THE WIND AND THE LION. Plant’s fantasy transports us to Raglan Castle, and then the castle becomes a mystic vessel where the two natures unite (sol and luna as The Royal Marriage, Narsil-Anduril, caduceus). Page and Plant’s ‘Walking Into Clarksdale’ video, ‘Most High’ is a thinly veiled take off on this theme, by the way.
Mercury, the Palm, and Caduceus for more.

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Raglan Photos
This photo of Raglan is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Just as the Square is the symbol of the Four sacred Forces or Powers, Tetraktys
- so the Circle shows the boundary within Infinity
that no man, even in spirit, or Deva or Dhyan Chohan can cross.
-The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky, I, 159


Led Zeppelin On Stage * The Song Remains The Same


left, Raglan Deva doors, dowsed on-site
in Wales. {Akasha Wave}









Dowser related information @ Sacred Place

This film conjures up visuals about the ancient link between the individual and the environment in each segment. Comparison between the engineered structure as a 'temple', refers to the ancient belief that immortals could be found in their own unique 'temple' designed for each of them with function and purpose in mind [The Jupiter temples was for money and financial transactions, Mars temple was where weapons of war were kept, etc.] Each structure highlighted in TSRTS built by a predetermined blueprint and formula conveys something about the mortal vs immortality. Gardens, built in conformity with ancient rules of [green] thumb all work into a greater, philosophic 'master plan,' since green unites the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms.


William ap Thomas, responsible for earlier construction of Raglan Castle, married Gwladus, daughter of Sir Dafydd Gam, and widow of Sir Roger Vaughan, and thus began the Herbert family line. Both these men had been part of the Welsh contingent that fought with King Henry V in France, and both were killed at the battle of Agincourt in 1415, where William ap Thomas had also fought. He retained Raglan as a tenant of his stepson, James, Lord Berkeley, and in 1425 Lord Berkeley agreed that he could continue to hold Raglan for the duration of his life. In 1426, ap Thomas was knighted by Henry VI, becoming known to his compatriots as Y marchog glas o Went (the blue knight of Gwent). He began to build Raglan Castle as we know it today, probably from the 1430s.

By 1432 Sir William was in a position to purchase Raglan from the Berkeley family for 1,000 marks (almost 667 pounds). He laid plans for a castle very much in the contemporary French style, as we know it now. Although there is a possibility that the wall of the hall facing the Fountain Court may include features of the Bloet period manorhouse, the building programme begun by William ap Thomas eventually swept away all the original structures. The principal buildings surviving from the time of Sir William are the Great Tower, a self-contained fortress in its own right, together with the south gate, both equipped with gunloops. He also raised the hall, though later largely rebuilt, and part of the service range beyond.

Sir Thomas Herbert of Tintern wrote an account of Raglan construction that still exists in the 'Herbertorum Prosapia', the family chronicle. Sir Thomas refers to Raglan where William ap Thomas had erected a ‘Tower of great bredth and height proportionable of several aequilaterall sides and angles about which was an artificiall Graft or Trench filled with water this was named Sr Willm Thomas his Tower’.

Their coat-of-arms from the ‘Herbertorum Prosapia’ shows the Herbert arms halved with those of the Gam family. The combined influence of the English symbols and the French is unmistakable, and both emphasize the Sun’s power of strategy and foresight (prophecy) associated with the royal family. The shield also provides healing features imperceptible to the aggressive army that attacked the castle, simply focused on blasting through the wall to destroy any loyalty or steadfastness to the crown. It is important for dowsers to note the Great Tower located left off the main entry, representing the 'KNOWLEDGE' sector of the castle itself. This is obviously the Deva's strongest point in the defensive line across the front of the castle wall. This was the angle of the tower destined to draw the greatest fire, suggesting the wish to demolish higher octave consciousness at the castle and heart of the web of power in Wales.

Note part of text is from tour guidebook at Raglan Castle
John R. Kenyon BA, ALA, FSA, FRHistS
Cadw: Welsh Historic Momuments


Healing Power

Because Ragaln contains an element of New Jerusalem (Trump XXI The Universe) and the castle palace of Odysseus, the healing gift and ability to lift family curses, traditionally bestowed by Sun energy, is infused in the land. Several mystical attributes consolidated within Tippereth, the intersection for all points outside the center, are distributed via symbols of England. The red lion associated with Richard The Lionheart, carries healing gifts to bless nobility and common folk alike, when the royal family wants to dispense these little miracles. The Royal Touch is directly linked with Christ’s disciples and the House of David. The French also claim this gift of healing, and especially The Sun King, Louis XIV, who, through hand healing directly on his subjects, healed thousands in a single day. So the suggestion of protection at Raglan Castle did not pertain exclusively to traditional objective reality concepts; this power of protection operated within invisible realms and had far-reaching influences.
In other terminology it could be said that Raglan Castle and it’s seemingly impenetrable walls are similar to Troy during it's siege, and even The Ark of The Covenant shown in the film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Mystics refer to natural protection by virtue of the Royal Marriage between the Sun and Moon. In the East, the balance of Yang and Yin in the physical temple guarantees resilient health - in ancient Qabbalistic terms, the protection of the Ark by Metatron and Sandalphon, Angels of The Face is part of the Covenant.

Raglan's walls were attacked in 1646 by Sir Thomas Fairfax and 3,500 men. The assault focused on the castle as the last fortress loyal to the King. The walls and tower were hammered in that area of the stronghold specifically protected by the Deva, indicating the assault was led by troops who knew the secret of Raglan. The castle was not repaired after the Restoration and never again used as a home.

It is difficult to stand in front of the tower without recalling siege scenes from EL CID or the defensive might of King Leodinas (Richard Egan in movie) THE 300 SPARTANS who held back thousands of Persians.

The common denominator is, naturally, that all these armies were Solar, as heraldry reveals. They were capable of what is regarded today as the super-human labor. The irony in the story of the Trojan War is the cunning and deception used to breach the walls of Odysseus' Palace and lay social siege to Penelope and the other women of the household. FIRST KNIGHT (Sean Connery, Richard Gere) glimpses the power of solar might on the battlefield as Arthur retakes a city held by the sons of darkness.


Naturally the aura of Raglan would appeal to Robert Plant, a Solar child and versatile Leo ‘thinker.’ He plays two characters with equal skill and ease – using vertical and horizontal thought-patterning style. Plant can ‘play the game’ as either Apollonian or Herculean, though his generous, from the heart personal style assumes Apollo’s script most of the time. Robert Plant’s fantasy sequence tells the tale about knightly quest, adventure, vows and alchemical gold. Within his objective reality, Leo Sun and Pisces Moon (wife Maureen Plant portrays the princess in the tower) Plant recognizes a perfect personification of love, frequently seen in his dreams. Naturally, people seek their own internal balance between initiative and negotiating tendencies, to establish the ‘Superior Person.’ Expanded to embrace a larger world, this status constitutes a ‘right way’ of life - the chivalric order.


Balance within the physical temple reflects the balance of creation within environmental realms. Trump V dialogue sees the heart where the conversation transpires, Trump VI The Lovers provides a clue about chemistry as portrayed in original symbols of Genesis, and Trump XIX introduces guardianship for soul mates. The arrangement places receptive/negotiating Yin energy within the skull, the place of Yang, and initiative taking Yang energy within the intestines. The origin of the term, ‘intestinal fortitude’ may reside in the domain of spirit. In story form, Ulysses and his perilous voyage home match up to Plant’s Piscean Era search for a castle holding his fair damsel. Both sagas remain faithful to a precise formula to yield alchemical gold. The swordplay in the courtyard and eventually up the spiral stairway to the tower increases the polarity for role-playing fans of Led Zeppelin. These confrontation scenes, perfectly staged at Raglan, provide a geometrical background for Plant's fight to remain centered in the zone.

Conclusion Enter

Regulus shone over Robert Plant's Leo house during 1973 ~ read about ancient Qabbalah and esoteric Christian symbolism cloaked in Led Zeppelin’s crown jewel, ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

about video airplay of ‘Most High.’
see Jimmy Page

Merlin TV series about the apprenticeship of the legendary sorcerer as a young man. Merlin becomes squire to the noble but imprudent crown prince, Arthur. John Hurt, Colin Morgan, Bradley James
filming Merlin at Raglan Castle, April 14, 2011. They had a hard time trying to film one scene with Morgana. The elements were against her but without the mist there is a fine view of the castle and moat.

Ed Note: copyright information here.

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