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REGULUS Midheaven SIRIUS Ascendant ALKES - Crater Constellation

The Royal Star, Regulus
and The Midheaven

"We broke out of a reality lock, out of a monolithic vertical culture back then.
We thought the world would change immediately.
Tim Leary and I even had a chart that told when the conscience would change.
Ten years to enlightenment, we thought.
I guess we were naive."

                        -Ram Dass, The Seva Foundation Board of Directors




What does Regulus signify in a star chart?

Leo’s Alpha star, Regulus, known as the ‘Little King,’ has undeniable influence in the star charts of those blessed by the radiance and empowerment that results when luck associates with self-determination. When the two lights (Sun & Moon) are deposited in (or sojourning) the closing degrees of Leo and the first degrees of Virgo, additional distinct features linked to the Lion’s constellation are highlighted. Known as the Royal Star, Regulus denotes popularity, authority and prosperity when it is active. When progressed star chart aspects touch this part of the heavens, there is dramatic change in at least one department of life. As a rule the change is for the better. The following individuals have Regulus in prominent placement in their star charts or the star has contributed its radiance in other ways at pivotal moments in their lives. It might be said that those with a Lunar (general defense savvy) aspect, Regulus should radiate enough self-confidence to cause restraint in the mind of any competitor or rival.

Related to the progression of the Moon through the last degrees of Leo, wherein Regulus resides, Frederic Van Norstrand points out, “And it would be well for others with the Moon less advantageously placed to bear this in mind, too, for it will be generally pretty difficult to get the best of these natives or even to hold one’s own around them once they are minded to dominate any situation … once these people’s souls are aroused, they will be found to be a positive force for good in any community, there being but little negativity of disposition to be found in such a lunar motivation.”

In the lives of lyricists Hunter and Plant Regulus plays an important role in their charts during adult life. Read how in article discussions about The Deva at Raglan Castle. Reviewing architectural genius in stone, timber, and metal, including work by B. Henry Latrobe who designed Hammerwood Park (in article about Raglan Castle) and many U.S. Capitol landmarks, there unfolds a series of in-depth guidelines for working with the power of Regulus. [go History of US Capitol and Architect.]
go Phoenix Supplement for Barack and Michelle Obama comparison with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln

Stonehenge is also based on an ancient blueprint aligned with Sol, same as the temple site in San Francisco Haight-Ashbury district @ Cole and Haight, site of The Straight Theater and year-round festivals. The invisible landscape and the built environment are linked through the Leo Alpha star.

Leo, The Lion, is a sign of power for Robert Hunter and Robert Plant because both artists contributed wonderful things to the global consciousness when they enjoyed Leo's resonnance - particularly when Sol engaged Regulus. Leo is the champion of the inner child, the pure heart - this is the place where we know the conversation between the immortal and mortal self. We have the great battlefield referred to in The Mahabarata, the Indian epic poem focused on clearing Mars toxins. The area is that isolated place in the desert where Western towns are found, and the inevitable, timeless show down, with a few minor variations by personal design (HIGH NOON, with Gary Cooper as Will Kane.) The set might be Raglan Castle where Robert Plant dons his best swashbuckler armor and does battle with the adversary, akin to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Charles II in THE EXILE. Napoléon Bonaparte was born with his Sun conjunct Regulus in his Leo Midheaven. His Moon in the sign of the president, chairman of the board, and judge appears @ 28°41 Capricorn, in his star chart. Early Heraldry page for more.

Leo governs the search for the heart's desire... the 'follow your bliss' theme. In agricultural symbols Leo, The Lion represents Mother Nature's glorious time of abundance. The fifth zodiacal sign indicates the heart in several ways, including how we relate to our inner child, an important key in the coming Age of The Child. At the spiritual level we are reminded that “a child will lead them” and that we should be like little children (in our hearts) if we wish to enter heaven. So parental issues usually surface in some way when the star is active.
We could think of the great teachers and prophets as in ancient times – the image of Isis and Horus, Mary and Jesus, Queen Maya and Siddhartha, and so forth ~ the mother-child relationship - regal, famous, and best loved the world over. Regulus, The Royal Star @ Leo 29 is the Star of Nobility, that in metaphysics refers to one who acts for the right [noble] reason in the right way (rta). This star is also prominent in the following Star Charts:

Joan Allen - C Sun; Kim Cattrall - C Sun; John Cipollina - C Sun Quicksilver Messenger Service; Daniel Radcliffe - C Venus exact; Linda Grey - C MC; Melanie Griffith - C Mars, Sextile Neptune; Jackie Kennedy; Shah of Iran; Jerry Garcia; Richard Gere - C Mars, Q Peacock/Jupiter ('First Knight'); Danny Glover - C Sun, Venus, Mercury (first film); Jimmy Page - C Jupiter; and others.

Sun conjunct Regulus
August 21: Count Basie, Wilt Chamberlain, Kim Cattrall: Carrie-Anne Moss, Peter Weir; August 22: Tori Amos, Honor Blackman, Ray Bradbury, Claude Debussy, Valerie Harper, John Lee Hooker, Cindy Williams; August 23 Gene Kelly, Keith Moon, Vera Miles; August 24: Anne Archer, Jorge Luis Borges, Dave Chappelle, John Cipollina, Rupert Grint, Marlee Matlin; August 25: Tim Burton, Sean Connery, Elvis Costello, Richard Greene, Donald O’Connor, Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, Claudia Schiffer, Tom Skerritt, Gene Simmons

Astrology note: Most stars move at a rate of about 1 degree every 72 years.

Leo is the best face of competitive energy, as either the Herculean type or the Apollo type. This characteristic acts in reflex action to the Aquarian cup bearer and associated symbols that embrace the many triumphant heroes who spend eternity with Odin in Asgard.

The professional image of economic success, in an Aquarian mode could be defined by, 'The Associate' with Whoopi Goldberg and Diane Weiss. Foresight, co-created board games, and clarity are a foundation of both Leo and Aquarius paradigms, though Aquarius prefers some degree of rennovation, reform, or updating process apply to long standing rules.

When you wonder about fate and destiny shifts of a star chart, check where Regulus is located in the chart under consideration for your answer. Most keys are provided by study of the location of Regulus and aspects to it. Although Sean Connery's Midheaven is Scorpio (Bond... James Bond) it is through his power stellium in Virgo @ Regulus that we see the real King Arthur (First Knight), King Richard (Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves), and King of Sherwood (Robin and Marion) - he is the only actor to play those three power figures from English history. Progressed aspects in 1999, conjunct Orlando Bloom's star chart Pallas Athena @ Regulus, helped launch him into the elite 'overnight success' category - without the 20 year wait. The heavenly bodies involved opened the Regulus treasure chest, and bestowed favor and fortune on 22 year old Orli -as his friends call him. From thousands of hopefuls around the world, he was chosen to play Legolas, Elf-Prince of Mirkwood, in Lord of the Rings.
see also Robin of Sherwood



"For men are good in but one way, but bad in many."
-Aristotle 384-322 B.C.

Charts for: The Princess and Mother

Atmospheric descriptions re: high courts (B. H. Latrobe Supreme Court building), global collectives destiny themes, funerals, processions, memorials and all other consideratons establishing what the collective consciousness will retain is archetypal, symbolic in both Midheavens for Mother and Princess Diana.
go The Capitol for information about the building and symbols.

The disposition of the press is also included because of the reliance on media for details about the arrangements. Most stations reported well, were appropriate, sensitive and tasteful. The Midheaven, in both charts, sums up the first influences felt by the masses as we first heard the news that heralded our time for mourning and foundational plans to document extraordinary legacies provided by both women. We think they will forever be 'institutions' of inspiration and grace to the people of this world. It is no surprise the rising sign they shared when leaving the world they served well was the Sun's radiant and regal Leo, The Lion. Neither woman 'upstaged' others during life, yet left the impression that they could not be passed by. After reports of their passing on reached public attention, the vast and thorough coverage began - and that considerable time was dedicated to both women for well for over a month. Universal bonding at the global level began almost imediately in both circumstances. The inflection is however slightly different for each woman as indicated by the Midheaven sign and decanate. In the case of Princess Diana the conspiracy theories sprang up instantly because her Midheaven was that associated with Perseus and the final days of matriarchial rule. In Mother's chart the Taurean consolation is the gift of the formula for the 'eternal fuel' as some say, the 'eternal buzz.'

Mother and Princess Diana were embraced by the masses as unconditionally as they gave to the world. The compelling interaction initiated through their meeting of minds has inspired many to become more educated about issues of importance to all people, such as extreme poverty, the littered-live-landmine crisis, and all God's people being cut out of the loop. Both world servers are models for 20th century living at it's best. Their Midheavens speak about service of the heart and compassion for those less fortunate, as the eloquent speach of soul that can transcend all terrestrial language barriers. The manner in which both natives endeavored to spiritualize the terrestrial are documented world wide. Innocence, healing touch, and youth (Princess Di was 36 years young) radiated from these models of grace in our material world. You could say they were living advocates of the song, "May you stay forever young", and they are certainly timeless. Their 15 minutes of fame (as Andy said we would all enjoy) will last into infinity!

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in The Ascendant


Sirius Black at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place
go HARRY POTTER navigation

Gary Oldman portrays Sirius Black, Harry Potter's wizard godfather, in the film adaptations of Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. The Ancient and Noble House of Black is traditionally sorted into Slytherin House, suggesting the study of both the white and black arts. Transcendental magic is not discussed during the first part of Harry's life.

Black family members defended "pure blood" marriages, and were often named after stars, constellations, and galaxies. Sirius had a younger brother, Regulus, who lived 1961–1979. In the picture above, Sirius [Gary Oldman] is standing in front of his family tree, with several Blacks burned out of the picture - Sirius is one of them.

Sirius loved to underline his difference from the Black family (being the only one to be sorted into Gryffindor). He is always described as "carelessly handsome" and very loyal to his friends, particularly James and Lily Potter, Harry's parents. Harry shares the same love of loyalty with Sirius, when they finally meet in POA. Like Harry, Sirius was popular at Hogwarts, but remained an outsider because his close friends were in Gryffindor and didn't hold with "pure blood" elitism. Harry felt like an outcast in his own home during his first 11 years because his muggle relatives, the Dursleys, failed to tell him about his parents and accept him.

Harry also has a duel connection with both Gryffindor and Slytherin, not by birth, but by virtue of his encounter with "you know who" when he was only an infant in his crib. J. K. Rowling may have wanted to establish a link between Harry and the classic hero Hercules, son of Zeus, who defeated a great snake that attacked him while he was a baby. The lightning mark on Harry's forehead, a result of the attack on him by the Dark Lord, could be another allusion to Hercules, son of heaven and wielder of lightning bolts.

Gary Leonard Oldman was born in New Cross, London, England in the morning of March 21, 1958. His Sun is within the first degree of Aries, The Ram - just by a sliver. The fixed star Sirius is exactly conjunct his Ascendant degree, defining his personality as "perfect" for the part of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series. Domestic matters are central to his self-wish, health, and still time when he is alone.
go the good and bad news about your sign sun-sign article

Nil by Mouth [1997] is Gary Oldman's British film debut as writer, director, and a co-producer [with Douglas Urbanski], based on his early family life in South East London.


It appears that all the perfection of civilization,
and all the advancement made in philosophy, science,
and art among the ancients are due to those institutions
which, under the veil of mystery, sought to illustrate
the sublimest truths of religion, morality, and virtue
and impress them on the hearts of their disciples...

Their chief object was to teach the doctrine of one God
the resurrection of man to eternal life, the dignity of
the human soul, and to lead the people to see the shadow
of the deity, in the beauty, magnificence, and splendor
of the universe.

-Robert Macoy, 33°, General History of Freemasonry

Canis Major is one of Orion's hunting dogs. The brightest star in this constellation is Sirius, often called the Dog Star. The dog's ability to sense and follow unseen persons for miles symbolized the transcendental power by which the philosopher follows the thread of truth through the labyrinth of earthly error. There are continued dowser references to the search for the truth of a situation [the fruitful search], and tracking a 'trail of bread crumbs' or a series of 'signs.' In Ancient Egypt it was first Hathor, the great mother goddess, who was identified with Sirius. But Isis soon became the major archetype, sharing honors with the title of Sirius as the Nile Star. Isis began her search for Osiris as the Dog Star rose, and by tradition, the Earth Goddess left the fields and vales to look for her daughter [see Eleusis] at this time of year. The phrase "Dog Days" sprang from an ancient reference to the first days Sirius is viewed on a clear night, and pre-dawn light. This occurs during the last week of August, after Sol enters the sign of Ceres/Demeter, The Virgin [Virgo]. The time traditionally coincides with an internal akashic shift, within the viscera, part of the physical anatomy ruled by Virgo.

This constellation is said to represent the dog set by Jupiter to guard Europa whom he had stolen and conveyed to Crete. According to other accounts, however, it was either Laelaps, the hound of Actaeon; that of Diana's nymph Procris; that given by Aurora to Cephalus; or finally one of the dogs of Orion.
-Vivian E. Robson, Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology

A shortened list of men and women with Sirius at the Ascendant cusp, or inside their Ascendant [First House, Rising Sign] follows. An ASC degree before 13° places Sirius above the Ascendant, the ASC degree @ 13° places Sirius exactly conjunct the Ascendant, and the ASC degree between 13° and 20° places Sirius inside the First House, with ‘Dog Star’ emphasis on personality, health, and still time. Most ancient cultures observed the rising ‘Dog Star’ with ritual, mystery drama, and re-dedication of the home fires to their household gods and goddesses. Many refer to the Ascendant first when they look for their power animal.

J.K. Rowling wrote Sirius Black as an unregistered Animagus, who took shape as a big black dog - nicknamed Padfoot. English legend has the black dog as the protector of sacred ground, as well as the home and family. Sirius often protected his friend Remus Lupin [a werewolf] in the form of a dog. Later, after Sirius escaped Azkaban prison [POA}, he proved himself an able guardian when Harry left the Dursleys, caught the Knight Bus into town, and, with the help of Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, checked into The Leaky Cauldron.
Go Sirius Black-Gary Oldman, Order of the Phoenix star chart progressions
Go Molly Weasley cooks at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

Well known men with Moonchild Ascending, in exact and wider conjunction with Sirius, include:

Jack ANDERSON Sun Libra, ASC Moonchild 18°31, David BECKHAM Sun Taurus, ASC 16°41, Wolf BLITZER Sun Aries, ASC 17°13, Jorge Luis BORGES Sun Virgo, ASC 12°55, Dave BRUBECK Sun Sagittarius, ASC 10°43, DALAI LAMA XIV Sun Moonchild, ASC 9°56, Nigel DAVENPORT Sun Gemini, ASC 16°30, RAM DASS Sun Aries, ASC 18°14, Robert de NIRO Sun Leo, ASC 15°25, Dino de LAURENTIIS Sun Leo, ASC 12°39, Jack DEMPSEY Sun Moonchild, ASC 11°41, Alexis de TOCQUEVILLE Sun Leo, ASC 17°52, Albert EINSTEIN Sun Pisces, ASC Cancer 11°38, Max ERNST Sun Aries, ASC 16°48, Mel GIBSON Sun Capricorn, ASC 14°59, Frank GIFFORD Sun Leo, ASC 13°24, Merv GRIFFIN Sun Moonchild, ASC 10°59, Henry Rider HAGGARD Sun Moonchild, ASC 19°43, Robert HAND Sun Sagittarius, ASC 12°21, Burl IVES Sun Gemini, ASC 12°58, Emil JANNINGS Sun Leo, ASC 18°35, Billy JOEL Sun Taurus, ASC 15°24, Louis L'AMOUR Sun Aries, ASC 16°02, Nathan LANE Sun Aquarius, ASC 11°30, Jack LEMMON Sun Aquarius, ASC 13°28, Joe LOUIS Sun Taurus, ASC 10°10, Guglielmo MARCONI Sun Taurus, ASC 13°52, Eric de MONTGOLFIER Sun Leo, ASC 14°14, Nicholas RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Sun Pisces, ASC 16°50, Domenico SCARLATTI Sun Scorpio, ASC 10°43, Maximilian SCHELL Sun Sagittarius, ASC 14°39, Steven SPIELBERG Sun Sagittarius, ASC 10°20, Richard STRAUSS Sun Gemini, ASC 16°01, Dylan THOMAS Sun Scorpio, ASC 15°41, VALENTINO Sun Taurus, ASC 14°03, Amerigo VESPUCCI Sun Pisces, ASC Cancer 14°02, Mark WAHLBERG Sun Gemini, ASC 12°27, Malcolm-Jamal WARNER Sun Leo, ASC 13°00

Well known women with Moonchild Ascending, in exact and wider conjunction with Sirius include:

Anne ARCHER Sun Virgo, ASC Moonchild 12°46, Kate CAPSHAW Sun Scorpio, ASC Moonchild 19°17, Joan CAULFIELD Sun Gemini, ASC Moonchild 15°12, Nina FOCH Sun Taurus, ASC 18°55, Annette FUNICELLO Sun Libra, ASC 10°38, Judy GARLAND Sun Gemini, ASC 10°54, Lillian GISH Sun Libra, ASC 11°23, Linda HUNT Sun Aries, ASC 10°29, Elizabeth HURLEY Sun Gemini, ASC 12°31, Barbara JORDAN Sun Pisces, ASC 15°11, Carry NATION Sun Sagittarius, ASC 14°38, Catherine OXENBERG Sun Virgo, ASC 13°45, Clara SCHUMANN Sun Virgo, ASC 14°47, Renata SCOTTO Sun Pisces, ASC 12°49

Sun Conjunct Sirius
Born July 4: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Gertrude Lawrence, Gina Lollobrigida, Louis B. Mayer, Neil Simon; July 5: Jean Cocteau, Eva Green, Huey Lewis, Robbie Robertson; July 6: DALAI LAMA XIV, 50 Cent, Frida Kahlo, Janet Leigh, Della Reese, Geoffrey Rush, and Sylvester Stallone


The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black
The Palm - Ancient Key to Character, includes tattoo Sirius Black
Harry Potter - Line of Intuition [the palm and subsidiary lines]


GaryOldman.Info Magazines Scans Galleries - Telegraph More Mr Nice Guy
Masons - some of their symbols
The Order of the Phoenix Sirius shows Harry the Black Family Tree




and the Constellation Crater

Since the universal medicine is a treasure more precious than the gift of riches,
students--thinking to be more fortunate than most of their predessors--
will be inspired to search for it.

-Cyliani, Hermes Unveiled, 1831


Whatever anyone may say about the Elixir
of Life,
there can be no doubt about the medicinal
value of the Stone.

click rainbow for healing rainbow candle exercise
[absentee healing]

Destiny: Early reference to The Bowl with the gilt of its stars links with symbols of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and to those who study Hermetic Arts. There are many lessons found in scripture as well, that include: the Silver Cup of Joseph, the marriage feast at Cana [Jesus turned water to wine, first miracle of public life, as an alchemist], the medieval legend of the Holy Grail said to be held by Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross, to catch blood that fell from the body of Christ.

Trump XIV Temperance
Image of Crater

In the lexicon of modern film makers, we find the traditional Grail lore discussed thoroughly in films about Arthur, like First Knight, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Da Vinci Code.

Modern writers J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling allude to the cup in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series. See The Quidditch World Cup and the orange star Alkes [Al-Ka's, "The cup"] at the Weasley Tent, and go Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley for more Regulus personality clues.

go Mirror of Galadriel, placed in the center of her Lothlorien glade, the fountain in the garden in Rivendell, Hogwart's restricted library [information about Nicholas Flamel and the Philosopher's Stone], divination class, or the reflection pool in Dumbledore's office.

It was sought after by medieval knights. Whoever derives hence his birth and character will be attracted by the well-watered meadows of the countryside, the rivers, and the lakes. He will join your vines, Bacchus, in wedlock to your elms; or he will arrange them on props, so that the fronds resemble the figures in a dance or, allowing your vine to rely on its own strength, he will lead it to spread out its branches as arms, and entrusting you to yourself will forever protect you from the bridal bed, seeing how you were cut from your mother (Semele, daughter of Cadmus). He will sow corn among the grapes and will adopt any other of the countless forms of cultivation that exist throughout the world as the conditions of the district will require. He will drink without stint the wine he has produced and enjoy in person the well earned fruits of his labors; neat wine will incite him to jollity, when he will drown all seriousness in his cups. Nor only on the soil will he stake his hopes for paying his yearly vows he will also go in pursuit of the grain tax (become a tax collector), and of those wares (papyrus, for example, or sponges) especially which are nourished by moisture or to which water clings. Such are the men to be fashioned by the Bowl, lover of all that is wet. (Manilus, book 5, Astronomica, 1st century AD).

Star Chart for John D. Rockefeller and The Antioch Chalice


David Thewlis [Professor Lupin] above, with Daniel Radcliffe [Harry Potter] and Rupert Grint [Ron Weasley]. Professor Lupin is a werewolf and a member of The Order of the Phoenix.
He auditioned for the role of Professor Quirrell in the original Harry Potter movie; was director Alfonso Cuarón's first choice for the role of Remus Lupin, Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor [POA]. Star Chart Sun rests on the cusp of Pisces 29°+ and Aries, with Vesta @ 24° Virgo 19'.

"That’s what appealed to me. If it had just been flying on a broomstick with blue-screen special effects, I wouldn’t have been as interested," says Thewlis, "but most of my stuff is just one-on-one dialogue. Ninety per cent of it is Daniel and I talking, and Daniel is a much more accomplished actor now. It was really enjoyable. I never felt like I was working on a special-effects blockbuster."

Sun Virgo 23: Lauren Bacall, David Copperfield
Sun Virgo 24: Queen Elizabeth I - Ascendant 24: Patrick Swayze
Sun or Ascendant conjunction 21 – 26 Virgo: Lance Armstrong, Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Jeremy Irons, Tommy Lee Jones, Sophia Loren, Jada Pinkett-Smith,
Oliver Stone, Audrey Tautou, and Amy Winehouse
John Cipollina and Rupert Grint have Mercury conjunct Alkes; Tom Felton [22/09/87 also has a wide] Sun conjunction Alkes.
see Matt King [George Clooney] in The Descendants



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