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Princess Diana adored Mother Teresa and met with her several
times. World Servers in June '97 at Sisters of Mercy Church in
New York. Photograph: © Alpha/Globe Photos, Inc. 1997

Growing down shifts the focus of the personality from the single-minded egocentricity of the daimon into common humanity, twisting the call to transcend toward extension into the world and its claims, as we read in the life of Josephine Baker, and also in those of Canetti and Einstein, Menuhin and Bernstein.

- James Hillman, THE SOUL'S CODE In Search of Character and Calling

Coping after Diana's death

June 18, 2007: Princes William and Harry tell TODAY's anchor Matt Lauer about how they leaned on each other in the wake of tragedy.

Matt Lauer: As I was leaving the States telling people I coming to talk to you, as you're about to mark the tenth anniversary of your mom's death I can't tell you how many people said, "Wow, has it been ten years?" That it seems like two years or it seems like three years. How has the time gone by for you two?

Prince Harry: Personally really, really slowly actually. It's weird because I think when she passed away there was never that time, there was never that sort of lull. There was never that sort of peace and quiet for any of us due to the fact that her face was always splattered on the paper the whole time. Over the last ten years I personally feel as though she has been, she’s always there. She's always been a constant reminder to both of us and everybody else. And therefore I think when you're being reminded about it does take a lot longer and it's a lot slower.

Matt Lauer: Does it feel the same way for you?

Prince William: Yeah. I mean, again, just for my personal opinion, when you knew somebody or someone that important to you, you always think about, you know. I mean, straight after it happened we were always thinking about it. Not a day goes by when I don't think about it once in the day. And so, for us it’s been very slow and it's a lot, it has been a long time.

The Concert for Diana, Princess of Wales, was held at the then new Wembley Stadium in London,
United Kingdom in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales, on 1 July 2007
YouTube 10:10



Diana, Princess of Wales,was born Diana Spencer on July 1, 1961
7:45 PM in Sandringham (United Kingdom)
Sun in 9°40 Moonchild-Cancer, and her Moon in 25°02 Aquarius
Diana's radix Sun-Mercury conjunction in her 7th house of partners - her objective reality, and delivery style is outside a Combust range, at six degrees of separation.
Her Rising Sign, ASC 18°Sagittarius 24' (ruler Jupiter The Philosophic Urge) and Midheaven 23° Libra 03'
Jupiter 5° Aquarius 06' rx, deposited in her Second House is inconjunct Pluto 6° Virgo in her Eighth House, and Mercury [3° Moonchild] related to her intellect and communication skills - her drive to acquire new knowledge and comprehend the laws of life, also emphasized by the Jupiter-Pluto relationship. Jupiter aspects refer to the visual world - in the occult anatomy Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva symbolize our view of the world "as we see it." Jupiter and Juno are the two physical eyes, so they are the world we see when we open our eyes. Minerva is the spiritual view of the material world we see with our two physical eyes. This triad helps explain why Diana was, as her brother, the Earl of Spencer said, able to "transcend nationality." Aquarius is the unbound vision - no boundaries for the human condition, probably where the entire human race will be a thousand years from now. People with these aspects have a generous nature that induces them to help others. But they often require someone to run interference for them because people can sometimes take advantage of their humanitarian outlook and keep coming back for favors. This triad is about confidence as well. Self confidence is often encouraged by parents who define "teaching moments" and construct positive guidelines for children as they grow to adolescence. Diana contributed so much to her sons' self confidence because she was able to give them the key to Jupiterian principles when they were young.
The Eighth House is frequently active in the star charts of those who participate in the legal system, study the law, its language, and recognize the importance of combining diplomacy with good timing [anticipation of time windows especially] as their winning formula.
Destiny Path: 7
Panorama Diana Interview with Martin Bashir YouTube
Princes William and Harry are second and third in line to the thrones of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth Realms.

The charts are constructed for the time the world learned Princess Diana and Mother Teresa left for higher dimensions. The horary chart is based on the time the question is asked, with the answer available to the waking conscious mind at that moment.


[see interview with Prince William and Prince Harry]

Prince Harry: After our mother's death, there was so much of us being in the public. And then being seeing stuff on TV and reading stuff saying, "Oh, they show no emotion," that sort of stuff. You know, that's our public side? If we don't feel comfortable pouring our eyes out in front of thousands of people, then that's our problem. You know, we got each other to talk to.

Matt Lauer: It's also your right.
Prince Harry: Yeah, well, exactly. You know, people can portray that as much as they want. But we've got each other to talk to.

Matt Lauer: I remember in the months following there was this kind of cry to the media, "Leave the boys and give them time." Did you feel that that worked? Did you feel that you were given a break for a while?

Prince William: It didn't really matter, you know, whether they did, in a way. Because it was just the enormity of the occasion and the pressure and all eyes on, as it were. You just felt, wherever you went, people were watching you, just because, you know, they were interested to see how you react or what you're thinking because of that. And that was quite hard. I think at the end of the day, the media, you know, you just, you just shut that out.



Princess Diana and Luciano Pavarotti in 1975. They were friends and, together, raised money for the elimination of land mines worldwide. Pavarotti was asked to sing at the funeral service for the Princess. He declined, due to grief. Elton John performed "English Rose" for mourners around the world. The great tenor contributed to the Princess Diana Tribute Album, a duet with the Passengers, Miss Sarajevo. In the Tribute by the Earl of Spencer, he described his sister as a "truly British girl", albeit one who "transcended nationality." Go to Diana's Charity Work

Charts drawn at the time of the departure of both beloved world servers are almost identical. The last chart, sometimes referred to as a "graduation chart," anticipates the soul journey that returns one to our natural or 'normal' state. There is an emphasis on the Ascendant and Midheaven, with some concern for karma that aligns with the bardo testing that follows the return to noncorporeal status. The sign coming over the horizon, called an ascending sign, is Leo, The Lion, with sign of the 'firebringer' Aquarius, The Water Bearer on the Descendant. Both charts reveal Jupiter, The Greater Fortune, to be conjunct the Descendant degree. There is only a slight variation in the Midheaven (10th House of legacy and life mission) however within both star charts, all the houses essentially are the same. They could almost be superimposed, one on another, and appear to be one and the same pattern.

Mathematical odds favoring this exact match up ~ allocation of sign, degree and planetary influence, in two charts of this nature, are literally astronomical!

The zodiacal sign Aquarius is a theme central to our new age, quickly approaching on the heels of the closing military era. The emphasis will be on the power of the intellect, probably defined in part as intellectual spirituality (as opposed to emotional spirituality as we know it today) and our search for the fountain of youth. The water flowing from the urn (or cup) is the nector of the gods, called the elixir by the mystical alchemist. It boils down to love as the fountain and origin of all good things. The Aquarian Gospel is set to play a prominant role in the future global community, assuming the western concept of 'a boundless vision' is in operation.

The loyalty and principles of Leo, as an ascendant (the "I AM" sector of the star chart) are outstanding characteristics, repeatedly chronicled during the lives of both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. In both star charts, 'the prince' [archetype] reigns, with 'royal touch,' as a central theme.

Mother Teresa's chart shows Mercury in almost 4 degrees Virgo, the clairvoyant degree, covering her own Sun and Juno in Virgo. The power of psychometry, sometimes dubbed 'healing hands' in Christian lexicons, is an expanded mental consciousness elevating her whole being so that the physical temple is a clear vessel for higher ocatave energy. This is true of the "Horse Whisperer" in the old American West. The tripling of the power of the Angel Raphael, the Intelligence generating Mercury (formatted via Virgo, The Virgin) accents the meaning of the name that is, "To Heal." Raphael is also the guide as written about in "The Book of Tobit", and Jung's Psychopompus, soul guide in our dreams. The sign outside Mother Teresa's room announces her last journey: "Our Beloved Mother Went Home To Jesus". The decanate is known as that of ACHIEVEMENT, and figures prominently in the chart of Alexander The Great, whose military accomplishments are unequaled. The strategy and organizational skills employed by Mother Teresa were certainly controversial, but we expect our heroines to challenge the status quo.


The power of the regal ray, Leo, is appropriate for spiritual leader and role model, Mother Teresa, a saint by anyone's standards. She taught us how to love unconditionally and move into the tranquility and peaceful surrender to the Divine within us all. She was the true Bride of Christ, The Prince of Peace. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, people said of her, 'her work transcends any religious faith.' Mother was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 19 October 2003, placing her one step from sainthood in the Catholic faith; after beatification she became known as the Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata. View the star chart for Mother on September 5, 1997. photograph rt., Diana Princess of Wales, by Mario Testino at Kensington Palace - The selection of about seventy photographs includes many unseen images which, alongside previously published images, fill in the untold story of the shoot.

Princess Diana also has many titles to her credit, including 'perfect mother', 'the Peoples' Princess', and 'Queen of Hearts.' Diana epithets are Leo related because of their source. Their origin is with her two devoted children, Prince William and Prince Harry, a global collective with whom she sacrificed to help children with aids, and her many friends responsible for raising awareness of higher soul power through the arts and sciences. All the subjects associated with Diana, Princess of Wales, lead back to the heart, like a centre of happiness for those who are inspired by her. In many ways both Princess Di and Mother were elevated to a position similar to an ancient image of a surveyer on a high hill, tower, or platform. The multitudes could be seen at the same time the person who looked over all could be seen by the masses. Some members of the press still struggle with this subtle concept even today.

Diana, the Princess of Wales, is our lovely "English Rose," adaptable to all landscape schemes. If you are a budding rosarian, constructing a new garden, maintaining blooms you love, or adding shrubs and new picks to your classic nursery, the English Rose is a beautiful attraction. Diana will eventually inspire a successor who will, once again, take us to those is our collective who cannot be heard when they need us. The Universal Mother is one of our most precious treasures, and we all know when we are in the presence of someone with skills that fulfill that role in our global community.

Princess Diana chats with Elizabeth Taylor
at debut of The Little Foxes in London

Both charts show the second decanate of Leo ascending over the horizon. This is the power of CENTAURUS to see the prevalent weaknesses both in current politics and in current religion. Internal fortitude expands outwardly. Extreme commitment is backed by expressive action that is designed to spark change; it is based on the courage of conviction. People quickly rally to these causes because they are based on the love of just law and spiritual principles that transcend mortal governments. There is the telling thread of personal commitment to excellence running through the framework of these two beautiful pictures. Both women viewed the truth exactly as it was revealed to them, and conveyed it to others in same manner, with exquisite clarity.

Mother Teresa receives the Peace Prize

There was never a misuse of trust or power, nor any effort to exploit the loyalties of those believing in them. Just the reverse. People in different walks of life and from varying degrees of belief in the possibility of peace in our lifetime, universally responded to both woman. Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity and Princess Diana's Memorial Fund will continue to alleviate pain and hunger in Third World countries for years to come.

Princess Diana's chart shows the Moon exactly over the Ascendant, emphasizing her indefatigable efforts to shield and support those unable to extricate themselves from harms way. The Intelligence of the Moon is Gabriel, the urge "to defend" family, nation, and humanity. The reference to Diana, The Virgin Huntress was central to the theme of Earl Charles Spencer's eulogy, It is a point to remember that irony that will be much of her legend; ".... perhaps the greatest is this: that a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age."

Prince Charles was vacationing with his family at the royal residence in Balmoral, Scotland, when the news of Diana's accident was announced early Sunday mornng. In swift time, the family was doing all they could, although no one realized it was already too late.


Elton John - 25 March 1947 02:00 AM
Born: Reginald Kenneth Dwight - Pinner, Middlesex, England

Intercepted Aquarius in second dept. of life, intercepted Leo in eighth dept. of life Venus 23 Aquarius 04' conjunct Pallas Athena 27 Aquarius 59' in the second house

Sun 3 Aries 33' - Moon 3 Taurus 10'
Ascendant 15 Sagittarius 41' - Midheaven 17 Libra 39'

E J A F, sign up for newsletter here, the Elton John AIDS Foundation
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Both women have Juno in the Ascendant in the third decanate of Leo, CORVUS,The Raven or Crow, indicating the mother and teacher choosing to remain here out of love for others. In the Celtic Trinity the crow accompanies The Crone. There is also the suggestion that time here is not wasted, even for a moment, and that the work that can be done, will be accomplished with grace, easy spirit, and unselfishness. The ideals are altruistic, for the good of humanity, and their gifts include the perfect way they move through the crowds, handle others and use them to advantage. Raven symbolism is important in the Arthurian legends. This is further emphasized by the TransNeptunian planet Admetus, found in the MC, the official reputation trademarks in both charts.
Admetus manifests as the cyclical process, rotation, and circulation. This indicates an ability to bind and use repetitive motion, as that of a piston - in these charts as the increased energy invested in protecting and empowering others. The durability and stability of both women at work has been an inspired vision to most of us who watched them take on even the most repressive fears in our society. Devotion and dedication to help where and when help was needed brought them into the dark and despairing slums and most neglected places on earth.
Elton John - Princess Di
Candle In The Wind
Concert for Diana

The Aquarius descendant (the "WE ARE" sector defining partnership, in this case, with the public) suggests universal compassion and range of understanding. The difference in public response and long term legacy is clearly in the Midheaven area, where the public image, reputation and identity is projected out to the world. Early variations in press, news coverage from France, Britain, and the USA in the case of Princess Diana are story tellers in themselves. In the USA, little has been made of the fact that the accident took place the day Princess Diana was first in a social situation without her traditional protection. The only bodyguard she had with her that day survived the accident although his memory of the event is uncertain. Reports of the accident are also very different.

Political cartoons rampant in the French media depicted the white glare of flash bulbs popping from the cameras of photographers in the grave site, asking for just one last photograph. With Jupiter on her Descendant exact (both @ 14 Aquarius) the press is destined to always be part of the problem and part of the solution. Although there are conscientious reports about the humanitarian efforts and concerns to assist those less fortunate than herself, there are also the blood hounds packed with loaded cameras, trained to follow only the scent of money. This year (August, 2001) Diana's special fund will apply itself to help feed the hungry in Africa. The 14th degree of Aquarius governs grocers and certain elements referenced at the back of the head, ruling care for the masses in poverty, pain and hunger. The Trump XX power of resurrection and the brand new day are equilvalent in the deeper metaphysical tomes.

Her heartfelt concern for innocents victimized by landmines has recently returned to a point of focus through the effort of Paul and Heather McCartney, who shared their stories with Larry King on CNN. It is also promising to learn of simultaneous reports the royal family will staunchly support the farmer's market in London.

French news agencies were quick reporting arrests, grave charges facing the hounds responsible for the limo chase. The story was not correctly related in the USA according to the French. Several celebrities, including Tom Cruise, spoke of similar chases they experienced while in Paris. This eluded the US media, they said, perhaps because laws are different, and the "Good Samaratan" law does not exist in the USA.

In the September 1, 1977, the UK newspaper, FINANCIAL TIMES, an article about the topic of self-regulation by the press again reviewed the issue:
"It is true that the market for this material is international, and that restricting its publication in one country would create an opportunity for others. But the market is shaped in Britain, and it would have been much less significant if the tabloids had withdrawn. On the face of it, then, the events leading up to Diana's death amount to a failure of press self-regulation. Would some form of imposed regulation - a privacy law, say - have fared any better?"


When people turn on the news what do they really want to hear?

In a poll of 1,500 women done for ABC Radio earlier this year [2007], only 3 percent of women said they strongly agreed that talk radio was relevant to them. Respondents said they didn't listen because it was "boring," "argumentative," "too much focus on politics" and "biased."

But why radio, in this new media era of user-generated content and podcasting?
"Because it's the most democratic media -- yeah, small 'd,' " said Jane Fonda, who expects GreenStone to have a San Francisco affiliate by December. GreenStone has four affiliates but is streaming online at www.greenstoneradio.com. Fonda said its target audience is women 25 to 54.

Gloria Steinem shares news with Bill Maher. Green Stone is the radio network she and Jane Fonda have co-founded.

The Technical points based on the zodiacal sign and degree define tone, format, harmonies of circumstance and atmosphere best suited to both individuals. We became the viewers of, and participants in, both these extremely fantastic incarnations. Both were royal women. They married their ideal Prince - and their Princes were both associated with the symbol of the Red Lion, an important expression of their Leo Ascendent.

The royal lion is, naturally, associated with the pure motivation and purpose, the higher octave of nobility ~ action without guilt, self-sacrifice for loved ones, and risk without blame. As Joseph Campbell observes in, 'Hero of A Thousand Faces,' when the hero finally reaches the Goddess (sleeping) she has the appearance of a lioness. To an extent, when we read of daring and fearless love exhibited by both women, we are able to 'Follow Our Bliss', enjoying the journey as well as harvest, living vicariously through them. The thought of "Mother" leaving us, her children, is just as sobering as Princess Diana leaving her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The Sun's sign Leo is the sign of the child, and very much 'the inner child' in this circumstance.

The planet Saturn, aka 'Father Time' or 'The Ancient of Days' to some, carries the weight of our external parent and testing faculty of the cosmic system. Esoteric structural blueprints that generate 'The Ten Commandments' and its elite study (Qabbalah, Kabbalah) are allocated to Saturn energy. Mother Teresa seemed to know those Buddhist secrets of immortality we think of from, "The Lost Horizon," the view of the world from atop K2 or the ways of knowledge as imparted to Buckaroo Bonzai. Mother Teresa probably thought of life challenges as her 'little crosses,' the raw material for alchemical gold. Saturn in his laboratory (the world of mortals) and offers either the big plus or a big minus depending on the view from your window (well, you can always close the curtains) - and is often equated with Solomon's wisdom and lessons we learn through living each day well. Diogenes, dedicated his life to a search for an honest man, and our Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the 'Man of Truth.'

The Sun shines most nobly when radiating during the Spring, time of the first zodical sign of The Ram or Lamb, Aries. Saturn (the father) suggests lessons in life pertain in high degree to values associated with leadership, taking on esponsibility for 'the flock' and, in some ways, organizing the whole collective to facilitate a movement.

Sometimes a shepherd must go in search of lost sheep to return them to the fold. Today it may be more a willingness to take the time to listen to situations and bizarre circumstances people find themselves in - throw out a life line. Many of today's popular mythology and films provide us with good shepherd leadership we wish we had a chance to elect in the voting booth.

There is tremendous power in the image of Mother Teresa ministering to the 'poorest of the poor' in the streets of Calcutta, and Princes Diana cradling a little child who had the misfortunate to step on a land mine. No one is particularly concerned with I.Q. ratings from either woman, or their personal portfolio. Does anyone care who is there to help when you're going down for the third time?

World Servers assist all those decribed in Dante’s Inferno as the suffering who never freed their spiritual natures from the cravings, habits, viewpoints, and limitations of their Plutonic personalities. Those who made no endeavor to improve themselves (whose souls have slept) during their physical lives, passed at death into Hades, where, lying in rows, they slept through all eternity as they had slept through life...


Saturn in Aries @19 degrees, deposited in the dept. of life that is reserved for the teacher and guru, illustrates that lessons of an incarnate can often flow from the River of Life, ERIDANUS in this area of the sky. The fabled never-failing fountain of perpetual youth looks and sounds like the closing scenes from, "A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT". The timeless serenity and beauty radiating from both women was only the bi-product of deeper spirit and love of nation (whether the spiritual, mystical body of Christ or the planet throughout.) Over time the charismatic attractiveness of both world servers extraordinaire became known world wide, yet both women never saw it. They have the self-wish association with Taurus and Gemini, the signs in their 11th house that defines the way we look at ourselves, not the way the world will see us.

Both world servers lived the life, they talked the talk and walked the walk. Combined with the Leo strategic command, this strength of character is the same we respect in great generals we look to when a country is at war.

Mastery of negotiating skills has been attributed to both women. The paparazzi, unfamiliar with the more stayed rules of responsibility in the public eye, eventually overcame The Princess because she failed to discover a method to stop them. It is interesting to listen to news reports about how she was the one who manipulated the press, even after the day of the accident. Mother Teresa never confronted the paparazzi because they were not a threat to her, yet one wonders why they were not as eager to take her picture where the news was being made in Calcutta. These are the signals we observe as we close the old era and begin the new, as they have been highlighted through the lives of the world servers at the level of collective consciousness.

M. C. for Princess Diana highlights the 28th degree of Aries, the decanate of PERSEUS. Remember the mythology associated with the 'death of the Goddess' chimes in with this tale, when the Great Goddess is turned into a monster we must dispatch a young male hero to find and eliminate. Ruled by Jupiter this Sagittarius decanate of Aries is good at spreading and promoting new ideas, and causes such as the National AIDS Trust and Leprosy Mission. The actual relationship between Perseus and Medusa [originally a mother goddess] taught during the Eleusinian Mystery Play in ancient Greece, originally appeared altogether different from our modern storyline. Courage combined with wisdom can greatly contribute to progressive endeavors and new ventures as presented via The Concert for Diana, Princess of Wales. Enthusiasm enhances public relations, but the negative side is propaganda. The keyword is PROMOTION.

We recognize the aggressive energies of Aries, and the planet ruler Mars, are channeled into religious and philosophical viewpoints. Midheaven public presence is portrayed frequently as planning and delivering work that protects the weak and those less fortunate. We have the perfect valiant champion, able to inspire and lead the masses in battle against corruption and apathy that threaten to restrict and oppress humanity. Does this mean the end of an age, to dream of a new and better age, or just documentation that we are still in an age when the heroine is attacked. The freeing of Andromeda, the human soul, from the chains of material (mortal) bonds was the goal of Perseus, and his feat of extraordinary courage. This myth will be the tone and symbol constantly associated with the Princess. Her memory will always be linked in some way with the heroine ideal to find and fulfill her destiny personally, nationally, and universally as a representative of the best of womanhood, The Queen of Hearts.
Below Andromeda is Triangulum The Northern Triangle, possibly linked with the harp [XXI] of the Celtic legends and three golden strands Galadrial gifted to Gimli when the Fellowship and Elves parted on the banks of the Silverlode.
More information about Andromeda here.
Diana's Star Chart
GO The Star footnotes.

Mother Teresa's M. C. spotlights the 8th degree of Taurus, the double Taurus decanate of LEPUS, The Hare. The moon is exalted in this decanate, and prosperity is often based on hard work, tilled land, and cultivation. Natural alchemy is the forerunner of agriculture. See the Dowser Page with plants that are linked to the ancient Mystery Play. The keyword is Determination.

One reference is the Sermon on The Mount, specifically the often misunderstood line, 'The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth'. Or one may call up the popular Bob Dylan allusion to the same, 'The first ones now will later be last. The times they are a changin'! This part of the zodiacal sign Taurus is mystical, and contains a unique healing ability, transcendental magical powers, and the ability to crystallize conditions to her desires by the power of the imagination upon the astral planes. This whole reference to the mystical power of the non-death of Enoch, Arthur and Osiris is under the surface of Mother Teresa's tremendous resiliency throughout her mortal experience on this level of awareness. Her religious order (check this great site) was founded with devotion to poorest of the poor, the sickest of the sick. The style of World Server we observe and embrace in this degree, is the most modest and fair of all.

She favors operating through formats found in this part of the zodiacal circle, reminiscent of Psalm 100, that reminds us to live by mercy and justice. [Visit Oprah's Angel Network]

'My eyes were upon the faithful of the earth, to sit with me: the man that worked in the perfect way, he served me.' This also ties in with the image of Saturn in Aries at the MC, that may be roughly translated as a Sanskrit word 'rta', 'the right way'. The legend of the Saint of The Gutters is already a reality. Candles for the refugee of the world



The World Reaction

September 1, 1997
Kensington Palace

"How many times shall we remember her in how many different ways - with the sick, the dying, with children, with the needy? With just a look or a gesture that spoke so much more than words, she would reveal to all of us the depth of her compassion and her humanity."
Tony Blair, MP, UK prime minister

"She was a young woman of our age, warm, full of life and generosity. Her tragic death will be deeply felt because she was a familiar figure to everyone."
Jacques Chirac, president of France

"We liked her very much. We admired her work for children, for people with Aids, for the cause of ending the scourge of landmines in the world and for her love for her children William and Harry."
Bill Clinton, US president

"I always believed the press would kill her in the end. But not even I could imagine that they would take such a direct hand in her death as seems to be the case. It would appear that every proprietor and editor of every publication that has paid for intrusive and exploitive photographs of her, encouraging greedy and ruthless individuals to risk everything in pursuit of Diana's image, has blood on their hands today."
Earl Spencer, brother of the Princess

"Princess Diana became the victim of an unceasing, gross and unscrupulous circulation battle in a section of the media. This terrible accident and her death should at least give those responsible in the media cause for thought."
Helmut Kohl, chancellor of Germany

"With the tragic death of Princess Diana, a beacon of light has been extinguished. Her good works brought hope to so many of those in need throughout the world."
Baroness Thatcher, former UK prime minister

"She was well loved and admired across the Commonwealth and was emerging as a potent symbol of our common humanity in her evident commitment to others less fortunate than herself."
Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Commonwealth secretary general

"Princess Diana had indeed become an ambassador of victims of landmines, war orphans, the sick and needy throughout the world."
Nelson Mandela, president of South Africa

"I knew her as a very sensitive, at times very amusing, lady who desperately wanted to make a difference in the world."
Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state

"It's high time to put an end to this, an end to the stake-outs and chases. There should be a law to protect citizens."
Luciano Pavarotti, opera singer and friend
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"All the sisters and I are praying for her and all the members of her family to know Good's speed and peace and comfort in this moment."
Mother Teresa

Her legacy? Well, she wasn't a movie actor or a singer, so her "image" has faded a bit. She lives on through her two boys, who have turned out very well, and by the fact that the monarchy was forced to face modern times. Diana was mildly crazy, but all rebels are. She brought many of her problems on herself, but all historical figures do that, too. Her story will be told for many years, in many ways.
Liz Smith, 15 years later

Princess Diana Of Wales You Tube

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