God acts by His works: in Heaven, by angels; on earth, by men.
In the heaven of human conceptions, it is humanity that creates God;
and men think that God has made them in His image,
because they make Him in theirs.

-Albert Pike, MORALS AND DOGMA ~ 1871
Taken from text of "The Knight of The Sun, or Prince Adept."


there’s no heaven*It’s easy if you try*No hell below us*Above us only sky*


all the people*Living for today…*


there’s no countries*It isn’t hard to do*Nothing to kill or die for*And no religion too*


all the people*Living life in peace…*


no possessions*I wonder if you can*No need for greed or hunger*A brotherhood
of man*


all the people*Sharing all the world…*You may say I’m a dreamer*But
I’m not the only one*I hope someday you’ll join us*And the world will be as one*
~ John Lennon



Closing Ceremony: Video Of John Lennon Singing 'Imagine'
Wows At 2012 London Olympics

The BBC's announcers said the footage was "exclusively remastered" by Yoko Ono for the event. The late Beatle appeared on an ethereal all-white background and worked through a good portion of the legendary song. His recording was immediately preceded by a snippet of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

2012 Olympics: John Lennon's "Imagine" all over London
Footage of John Lennon singing "Imagine" was shown on the big screen as a choir from his home city of Liverpool sang onstage during Sunday's closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics.

The Transparent Wave

Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2000


John: All of us are artists and we’re nothing else, so we can’t manage ourselves or look after ourselves in that way. It’s a lot for four bigheads like The Beatles to stay together for such a long time, and in the early days there was the thing of making it big or breaking into America and we had a goal together. But when we reached about twenty-eight or twenty-nine it began to be: ‘What’s the goal? We’ve made it.’ We were getting more talented. George began to write lots of songs, and you couldn’t make an album – you were lucky to get a track on an album. Then we all started getting more interested in our own music and going different ways.”

Paul: What happened originally was that back in Liverpool John and I didn’t know about song publishing. We literally thought that songs were in the air and everyone owned them. That’s how we met our first publisher, Dick James. He said, “Come in. Sit down. Is that what you think? Sit over here.’ And that was the deal he did. To this day I’m virtually on that deal. So that meant we were pretty much sewn up from the word go.
In March 1969, when I was on my honeymoon and John was doing his bed-in, Dick James sold the songs - while we were out of town. When we got back to town, we said, ‘Dick! You can’t do that!’ He said, ‘You want a bet?’ And he was quite right. It’s just the way these things go. So it was sold, and it became merchandise then. It was then bought by Lew Grade, who used to control ATV. So that was how John and I lost the ownership of so many of our songs. And George, too – he lost some.

George: They chose Paul’s wedding day to come and do a raid on me, and to this day I’m still having difficulty with my visa to America because of this fella.
He came out to my house with about eight other policemen, a policewoman and a police dog, who happened to be called Yogi – because, I suppose, of the Beatle connection with Maharishi. They thought they’d have a bit of fun.
They took us off, fingerprinted us, and we were busted. It was written in the papers like a fashion show: ‘George was wearing a yellow suit and his wife Patti had on…’
check George comparison with Eric Clapton and B.B. King here.

Ringo: In February I started filming ‘The Magic Christian’ with Peter Sellers. I’d read the book (which was written by Terry Southern) and we got the film together by my knocking on Peter’s door. I said to him, ‘Let’s make this movie.’ So as he was Peter Sellers, three phone calls later they put the money in and we were off…
John being involved with Yoko and me making a film shows as an absolute fact that we were going different places. I’ve mentioned it before: the energy for The Beatles was waning. We used to put in a thousand per cent, but now it was dwindling. Now it was like, ‘Oh dear – do we ‘have’ to turn up? Do we have to do those things again? I want to do this and John wants to do that and George wants to do something else…’ We had families. The energy was dissipating because we had other things to do.



SUN in Libra, The Scales in the Sixth House
Sun Aspects: Sun inconjunction Jupiter, and inconjunction Saturn

MOON in Aquarius, The Old Water Bearer in the Eleventh House Moon Aspects: Moon opposite Pluto
Moon trine Mars
Moon inconjunction Venus exact
Moon square Mercury

ASC Aries, The Ram; JUPITER conjunct SATURN @ 13 Taurus, The Winged Bull


Signs: Libra, Taurus, Aries
Planets: Mars, Saturn, the Sun
Departments of Life: 6, 1, and 11


Ceiling Painting

ennon was born John Winston Lennon during an air raid in war torn England. Winston was a name bestowed as a blessing and to provide support, in honor of Sir Winston Churchill, England's hope during those difficult times. When construction of the star chart is based on PM nativity time Lennon’s ascendant is Aries, The Ram. Obviously, as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader, the Sun sign at dawn on first day of Spring, The Vernal Equinox. Although Aries ascendant individuals don’t always seek the role of leadership, opportunities to claim authority seem to be ever present. Consistent references throughout Lennon's (mystical, esoteric) names, to the Ram and horn of the Ram (calling to prayer, announcing the beginning of new times, anciently associated with anointing and leadership) are symbolized via the Ram, inherently sought as the ‘Golden Fleece.’ Society’s ritual quest for the Fleece, The Holy Grail, Fountain of Youth and Lapis, links the four cardinal signs to each other.

Aries (pioneer, anointed/shaman, entrepreneur) is enthusiastic, extroverted, quick to react – although natives with this ascendant often leap before they look due to unsuppressed impulsiveness. This sign, like it’s bi-polar complement Libra, is big on eye contact and usually prefers simple, direct communication over shrewd business tactics, clever wording, and subtle scheming. Personal honor and self-respect are essential to an Aries ascendant; little patience may be expected from the independent thinker when these are challenged by an enemy. "JOHN" contains the call, to speak to "the congregation" as a resonance rings within those who hear "the voice" ~ yet one of the most compelling associations with his name via the system of Qabbalah is the reference we find in "Daniel 12:13 But go thou thy way till the end: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days."

JOHN ONO LENNON April 20, 1969

SUN in Scorpio: Scorpion (initiation), Cobra (wisdom), Eagle/Phoenix (regeneration); Aquarius Lunar Return
Progressed ASCENDANT Gemini, The Twins (See John Cipollina Pages)


no was the name John selected during his psyche renewal and rebirthing process aka the Lunar Return.

Consciously, he felt he was exchanging names with his wife, Yoko Ono (his progressed Sun conjunct Ceres w/i a degree of perfect); unconsciously (Qabbalah value) his new identity corresponded with the emergence from the belly of Jonah's whale, an initiation process of profound spiritual importance. The serene expression on Lennon's face captured by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine (RS 335) reveals the intensity of this spiritual chemistry. The name "ONO" corresponds to the value of the infamous "rib" as well as "the flank, and side."

For anyone familiar with this photograph of John in his 'birthday suit' next to Yoko, fully clothed, this super-imposition touches a spiritual mainspring. In the chart analysis, we recognize the tendency for men to enjoy the warmer reception from the audience if the name is changed during Solar aspect (career, public image) as opposed to a Lunar aspect (emotion, psyche shape shifter). Even in the political correctness of today's entertainment industry, name changes still present a problem for men when they reveal their 'soft white underbelly' to the masses. See the comparison to STING's star chart. Sting changed his name during a Solar aspect in contrast to Lennon donning a new jacket in the middle of his Lunar Return.


erification of Lennon's rich soul life and the newly unfolded petals of the lotus within him, is clearly present in his lyrics ~ the song, IMAGINE in particular.

During Lennon's Lunar Return, the time his Moon completed her sojourn through all the zodiacal signs and returned to her place in the nativity, Aquarius and the New Era was the topic of interest. Because Aquarius has always been regarded as the cupbearer to special people, with an ideal cordial and a perfect bouquet, it is consistent Lennon's songs would urge change along lines for the highest good. IMAGINE is more than seeing the material realm through rose colored glasses. The music and lyrics call us all to live at our best level, as immortals, rather than finite dust bunnies. This is about more than the 'modern man' able to portray the image that conveys both the tough and the sensitive in his public image. Aquarius messengers see their role and gift to their global community as the 'new idea' within our collective infrastructure today. Aquarius Moon responds first and foremost to the humanitarian qualities needed most for our developing 'Age of The Child.'


xcellent accounts of John Lennon's powerful impact during the 60s as one of the Beatles are in print, on video and film.

These are all above and beyond his priceless contribution through records, tapes, and now, CDs. John Lennon's life is also a treasure trove for us to draw from because he was courageous, independent, and never modified or compromised his integrity and vision. He knew about the 20 year curse (Jupiter/Saturn conjunction) yet didn't allow his creative energy to become distracted from his overview of unfolding global village blueprints. Neal Cassady, another Aquarian Age prophet, had nativity signs and progressed chart highlights with similar configurations, as did Kerouac who based his main characters on Cassady. Kerouac and Cassady are regarded as the most influential role models of the Beat Generation. The Beatles have been consistently voted by their peers as well as fans world wide, as the most influential musical group of the Psychedelic Era and the alternative culture.

John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project (JLAIP)


Sir Winston Churchill wrote, "The repulsive features fade from the picture and are replaced by colour and even charm as the summit of power is reached. We see the Lord Protector in his glory .... the patron of learning and the arts. We feel the dignity of his bearing to all men, and his tenderness toward young people .... No one can remain unconscious of his desire to find a moral basis for his power or of his sense of a responsibility to his country and his God ranging far beyond the horizon of his life."

Sir Winston Churchill
, Bantam

A World of Magic for the Record
from The Beatles

George Harrison and Luther Green arranged the silver screen premiere of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour at the Straight Theater in San Francisco, at the peaking Summer of Love. The film was inspired, in part, by the infamous Kesey Bus Trip across the United States, documenting the life and times of grass roots America during the first decade of psychedelic rock and roll. Kesey shot endless reels of film from atop the Magic Bus on a tour of city and country life across the land. His projected feature film, starring The Merry Pranksters and driver Neal Cassady, was slowly diminished by feds over the years. Confiscated reels of vital scenes gradually set the project back since it became impossible to complete the cohesive version that was first envisioned by Ken Kesey. Many similar ventures suffered the same fate so it is wonderful to see preserved spins of the Magic Tour, now remastered for release this October.
pictures, photos and images.
Widely lambasted at the time as an indulgent and incoherent fantasy, the Beatles’ under-an-hour television special, a hallucinatory day trip to the seaside by tour bus, originally aired on BBC1 (in black-and-white, not color) on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, in 1967. full article by Soundcheck Remastered ‘Magical Mystery Tour’.

The Beatles first film since "Help" was largely Paul McCartney's project. The story follows a bus load of eccentric characters on a magic journey through the English countryside. Rather than a unified narrative, it becomes a series of psychedelic clips promoting various songs including "The Fool on the Hill," "Blue Jay Way," "Your Mother Should Know," "I Am the Walrus" and "Magical Mystery Tour."

John Lennon had his Libra Sun in trine with his Aquarius Moon, opposite his Ascendant Aries, The Ram or The Lamb. Aries is the shepherd and with its dynamic characteristics, dons roles akin to Moses leading his people out of exile through the desert into the Age of Enlightenment.
Some people have predetermined John Lennon a relationship junkie on the basis of an incorrect AM time of birth. It remains consistently true that his leadership capacity preferred flexing itself, generally, in pursuit of 'superior people' as Confucius may have defined them in Yi King, The Book of Changes. "The sage is like a tiger on the prowl for able helpers."

Magical Mystery Tour is one of my favourite albums, because it was so weird. ‘I Am The Walrus’ is also one of my favourite tracks – because I did it, of course, but also because it’s one of those that has enough little bitties going to keep you interested even a hundred years later.

-John Lennon, The Beatles Anthology

Note Magical Mystery Tour world premiere event – the first time the movie was shown on the silver screen in colour was at the Straight Theatre. George Harrison pitched the idea in person in the Straight office – I know because I missed the discussion by just half a minute, sigh. I walked in and they said, “You missed George Harrison a moment ago – he just left the building!”
The movie was shown in the UK, black & white on the BBC small screen on Boxing Day, a traditional music hall day. George Martin dubbed the film, ‘a kind of avant-garde video’ – an unauspicious attempt.

Beatles star chart information - SHRMX menu - check "The Big Cheese"
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Strawberry Fields vid
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..."Replenish thou thy cravie
With all that bodes within

-John Lennon, "On This Churly Morn" IN HIS OWN WRITE



Because John Lennon often meditated out loud, as did Abraham Lincoln, we are blessed with many of his innermost reflections and thought processes. It leads one with the inclination to wonder, what should develop when precipitous politics in yoke with an ‘out of time’ orthodoxy are challenged, and destined to summon such alternate and counter-culture revolutions that Lennon helped us to navigate. We all live in a yellow submarine!
See John Lennon’s star chart, the entire radix star chart, drawn for the evening birth time on October 9, 1940 rather than the morning time that has been used by some astrologers, will be up again soon. Head to The Bus.


Three time capsules being created to mark John Lennon’s legacy

July 30th, 2010
LONDON - Three time capsules are being created as a tribute to late Beatles legend John Lennon to mark what would have been his 70th birthday and to preserve his legacy.
The capsules, which will be stored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be reopened in 30 years’ time on October 9 2040, to mark the centenary of Lennon’s birth, the BBC reported. They will contain music from his post-Beatles career, and the public will be encouraged to submit ideas [until September 15] about what should be included in the time capsules to help preserve Lennon’s legacy over the next 30 years.

Ceiling Painting
(YES Painting) 1965

text on paper, glass, metal frame, metal chain,
magnifying glass, painted ladder
framed text: 25 ½ x 22 1/16” (64.8 x 56.4 cm);
chain and magnifying glass: 28 ½ x 3 x ¾” (72.3 x 7.6 x 1.9 cm);
ladder: 72 x 19 ¼ x 47 ½” (182.8 x 48.9 x 120.6 cm)
Collection of the artist

In the catalogue for her exhibition at Indica Gallery, Ono wrote a note about this work: “From MI Blue Room Event in NYC, in which one entire room was white with a few furnishings on the walls, on the ceiling was a painting, this is it, ladder which comes with painting is a new addition for London Show.” The reference is to an installation in her New York apartment in which she had posted statements on furniture, ceiling, and windows that encouraged viewers to effect an imaginary transformation of the space (no. 5). One of the texts was the single word YES installed on the ceiling. Ceiling Painting is a work in Ono’s series of Position Paintings, which seek to alter the viewing experience by requiring an unorthodox relationship between the body and the work of art.

When Ono prepared for her exhibition at Indica in late 1966, she made a framed version of this text, rendered in tiny letters on a large sheet of paper. The text was nearly impossible to read from the floor, the addition of the ladder was an invitation for viewers to ascend and complete the piece by reading it with the magnifying glass hanging from the frame. When this was done, the open-ended affirmation of the word YES became the viewer’s reward for making the climb. At least one viewer – John Lennon – remembered feeling relieved to find that the text was not an example of the “negative…smash-the-piano-with-a-hammer, break-the-sculpture boring, negative crap” that he associated with avant-garde art of the period. “That ‘YES’ made me stay…”


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Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane

George Martin: "The only reason that ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘Penny Land’ didn’t go onto the new album was a feeling that if we issued a single, it shouldn’t go onto an album. That was a crazy idea, and I’m afraid I was partly responsible. It’s nonsense these days but in those days it was an aspect that we’d try to give the public value for money.

The idea of a double A side came from me and Brian [Epstein], really. Brian was desperate to recover popularity, and so we wanted to make sure that we had a marvelous seller. He came to me and said, “I must have a really great single. What have you got?’ I said, ‘Well, I’ve got three tracks – and two of them are the best tracks they’ve ever made. We could put the two together and make a smashing single.’ We did, and it was a smashing single – but it was also a dreadful mistake. We would have sold far more and got higher up in the charts if we had issued one of those with, say, ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ on the back."
The Beatles Anthology, Chapter 1967, p. 239

The UK release debuted on 13 FEB 67 and the US first heard the double A single on 17 FEB 67. The Beatles had 17 U.K. number one singles, second only to Elvis Presley, who had 21. While the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields single didn't top the British charts, coming in at number two, it made it to number one in the U.S.

Bob Dylan and John Lennon chatting in a Taxi, circa 1966.

"Strawberry Fields is a real place. After I stopped living at Penny Lane, I moved in with my auntie who lived in the suburbs... not the poor slummy kind of image that was projected in all the Beatles stories. Near that home was Strawberry Fields, a house near a boys' reformatory where I used to go to garden parties as a kid with my friends Nigel and Pete. We always had fun at Strawberry Fields. So that's where I got the name. But I used it as an image. Strawberry Fields Forever." - John Lennon


imagine peace

Double Fantasy sessions, 1980

For keyboard player George Small, working with Lennon on Double Fantasy “was like a fairy tale. A lot of what happened happened really fast. We would cool out for a minute and then come back and focus on getting the track, (Just Like) Starting Over was either a first or second take. It was that kind of intensity. We ‘shedded on them a bit ahead of time, but there seemed to be more of a feeling of immediacy. That was definitely a part of his creative process.”


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“The sixties saw a revolution among youth – not just concentrating in small pockets or classes, but a revolution in a whole way of thinking. The youth got it first and the next generation second. The Beatles were part of the revolution, which is really an evolution, and is continuing.”

-John Lennon 1966




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