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The guides apply to the zodiacal girdle about the earth as they are interpreted in conjunction with the Trump cards of the Tarot deck. The colours for each sign contain traditional harmonics used throughout the ages as they blend with the rate of vibration, sound and rhythm of the Tarot Trump.

House System keys give you the type of energy seen in use on a mundane level for each of the 12 signs and the corresponding Tarot Trump. Since Trump are archetypes and their significance is studied, as in dream interpretation and tracking the spiritual growth of the neophyte, there are many variations possible in use of these harmonizing attunements.

Cardinal Sign
Fire Sign: Entrepreneur, Extrovert, Self-starter

Aries thrives on open discussions and debates, with the ability to defend either side in an argument with vigor. This is associated with spiral movement of creation [through the spine.] It is an upward movement, tolerating neither imperfection nor hesitation. Aries is linked with the spiral movement of creation, in part, because of the whirlwind dust clouds on the red planet Mars. Natives believe it is good to get information and facts out into the open and clear the air. Good aspects give a lot of energy, force, and enterprise in the acquisition of possessions. Difficult aspects can bring physical consequences or accompany too much confrontation, such as problems with digestion, disappointment, mental distress, or inharmony in relationships. Aries will focus on life force, struggle for survival and physical prowess. The goal is ultimate peace and final joy. Herein you find human rights activists and those who march in protest against injustice. At the same time, Aries creates problems if there is too much haste when trying to problem solve. The Sun is most beneficial in Aries because of the nobility of purpose produced by the Sun-Mars combination. The desire to defend others and fight for the rights of all is key to understanding this fiercely independent personality.

The first sign of Spring brings the electrical energies in nature back to the surface of the Earth. Aires also rules this type of dynamic energy in the physical realm. Response to emergencies with speed, strength, and power give Aries natives an extroverted life style with a tendency to enjoy challenges and struggles for victory. The good news about Aries is their enthusiasm that inspires people to move into action and speak out about their beliefs and philosophy of life. This sign is the spirit of inspiration and cognition. Leaders born during this time of year generate interest in whatever they find important, sometimes just by the strength of their personalities. The bad news is the tendency to be reckless or respond to a situation too quickly, before reflection has had time to introduce options that can balance out friction and the cause of the immediate situation.


Aries energy works best in the Study and Conference Rooms, where the executive and entrepreneur can brainstorm with analysts and consultants. The personality of the STUDY is highly personal; within this private room we find personal interest [basic focal point] in an atmosphere of the inner sanctum. In the Tarot, and sign Aries, power of the primal masculine energies in nature are represented by the first Tarot Trump, known as THE MAGICIAN, THE MAGUS, THE ALCHEMIST, and THE JUGGLER. In a more esoteric vein, this energy may be researched by reading the 109th psalm regarding Melchisedech and the Messiah. In this Trump we see the elements purified and/or prepared for sacrifice by the priest.

Aries is the sign beginning our astrological year, and so is associated with birth, change, and the direction of attention from within outward. Traditional colours we associate with this fiery and intense sign are those of the alchemist, red and white. But Mars, the ruler is associated specifically with red. Socially the colours best suited to the native are red-orange, red and white (the Hawaiian shirt with large, bright flowers) and modified forms of red ~ rose, maroon and pink. All these are beautiful and expressive, universally appealing and deeply emotional. The brilliant red [American beauty, poppy, and ruby red] commands human attention and is preferred by extroverts as the colour of vigor and the aggressive urges of the personality. Scarlet is also worn socially, usually as an accessory. The ruby is the stone most frequently chosen by Aries, as it represents flaming energy.

Business colours for Aries natives tend to include all the social colours but to a lesser degree and frequently within the environment of the work area. Red leather chairs, red stained glass, red and white illustrations are excellent for an atmosphere where creative thinking will occur. Since red tends to distract the equilibrium of the body it is most efficient in smaller doses within the wardrobe of the career-oriented individual. Red works well in jewelry, with scarves, tie and handkerchief, floral accessories, and reference books that might be found on the desk. Chevreul stated that the most pleasing colour with white is rose, and this tends to be the ideal combination for the business person born under this sign.


Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines mythology as: "1. An allegorical narrative, 2. A body of myths: as a. the myths dealing with gods, demi-gods, or legendary heroes of a particular people, b. mythos."

Tolkien's hero Aragorn is the leader of the Rangers. When the four Hobbits first meet their tracker-guide, who will escort them into the wild, they are really looking for the Wizard Gandalf. The Ranger appears to be a patron at The Inn of the Prancing Pony - he is a mysterious hooded man known to Bree locals as Strider.

Constantine [Keanu Reeves portrays the title character] a rogue magus of sorts, was born with the ability to see the half-breed devils and angels on Earth. Constantine and other screen tattoo art

Trump I, III, and XI are closely associated with the hand, fist, and wrist. These are positive and negative pictures associated with the three Trump taken from Peter Jackson's trilogy, THE LORD OF THE RINGS:
Positive: Aragorn grasping sword hilt and the negative is represented by Nazgûl's gauntlets


Friends find Aries exciting, daring and inspiring - especially in sports, outdoor competition [like racing, the equestrian course, and mountain climbing.] Physical challenges always raise the spirits. As the reflex sign of Libra, Aries will often seek out companions who want equilibrium – center and still the nervous system… not because harmony presents a blind spot but because Aries has a sharp eye for new business angles. Mars is ruler of the sign so there is a love of liberty, free speech, and human rights. Aries will fight for others and defend most any underdog, believing each person has the right to their own personal philosophy, spiritual trip, and freedom to express their opinion about them. The natives of this fiery sign are fatally attracted to struggles for survival, a level playing field for all, and victory. Aries may be first in line when adventure is on the agenda, with a fatal attraction toward all things bright and beautiful, hot, strong and fast.

They use bursts of energy for their launch mode and first attempts to make an impression usually succeed. Later on there can be a lack of power, passion, or even enough time for a second phase in work, travel, or hobby. If you are planning a creative project with an Aries friend, select an activity that will be quick to complete, fun to do, and look perfect in one afternoon or evening. Avoid things that take time and have lots of little parts to them, like jig saw puzzles, mosaic table tops, and replanting the south forty. As an idealist, independent and self-reliant, Aries wants to quickly respond to the world they live in and all its stimuli. People who walk with Aries may love the power, warmth, and forcefulness of the sign while secretly wishing for an occasional calm moment devoid of excesses.

Aries tends to fall deeply in love while young or when it seems against the odds the union will succeed. But the ardent, intensely focused Aries seldom listens to sage advice when circumstances point toward a single line focus and the mind is made up.

The Surrealist, by Victor Brauner
Patronus Charm


Many have quarreled about religion that never practiced it.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Fixed Sign
Earth Sign: Magnetic Personality, Down-to-Earth, Persistent

The Taurean is noted for patience, torque and following through with things Aries begins. Perseverance, repetition in the cycles of time, and steadiness are a few key words for Taurus. Natives are seldom rattled or provoked to the point of real anger - when that happens its bad news. However, once they have let off steam, they soon resume a calm exterior. The good news about Taurus is an innate ability to adapt to circumstances that demand slow and steady concentration, endurance and a set of standards that form a firm foundation for business relationships.

Those born under this sign work hard for what they acquire and usually they have the best - particularly when it has to do with possessions that provide security and a feeling of luxury. When it comes to fine art, security alert services go hand in hand. Antiques, garden, pets, tapestries & good sturdy rugs, top of the line sound equipment are essential. Vehicles should be both utilitarian and attractive. Aside from objects d’art, Taureans love fine dining, fair-play, and flirtation. Currently ruled by the planet of beauty and harmony, Venus, natives often go in for antique jewelry, wooden and metal art and fine music.

There is an electric atmospheric quality about this sign; although usually quite conservative in their ways, they can be most unconventional when it suits them. The good news about Taurus is genuine charm directed to well thought out domestic and professional life styles. Eyes are warm, kind, and attractive. Scorpio natives (the reflex-balance factor for Taurus) have hypnotic and fascinating eyes, Taurean eyes have a special soft and pleasant appearance. This, coupled with their famous determined will and persistence make it difficult to say “no” to Taurus. The second sign rules the neck, which joins the head to the body [“stiff neck”], so natives often pursue yoga, tai chi, chakra studies to balance spirit and body. The bad news is that these people take an ‘eternity’ making up their minds if standing on new ground.


Taurus feels most comfortable, in the LIVING ROOM, where guests are received and provided with the varied comforts of home. These include music (a fine sound system) and entertainment center, warmth of the fireplace, cushions or pillows to recline on and an exceptional decor. Since Venus rules this sign and the powers associated with the feminine receptive principle in nature, this room in the house system corresponds to the energy of the second Tarot Trump. She is the feminine principle personified in the form of JUNO, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, THE VEILED ISIS, THE FEMALE POPE, and known by many other names as well. The Chinese equivalent of the Yin energy personified is the ‘serving maid’ or ‘woman of the house’ who assumes a subservient role welcoming guests into the house. It is in this room people meet and exchange ideas in a highly active manner, yet also learn new things through the atmosphere of receptive calm and acceptance carefully coordinated by the High Priestess.

Taurus is the earthy sign ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, luxury and comfort, so prefers to feel grounded. Traditional colour combinations said to harmonize with the Taurean energy are variations of green (fruitful harvest) and rich black (fertile soil). Emerald and turquoise are stones associated with Taurus, the turquoise not for its blue but its tendency to fade into green. Green is the most universally pleasant ray - refreshing and calming. Most people bathed under this coloured light want to sip tea in a fresh green meadow in mid-afternoon. It is a cool, yet personal combination, ideal for social interaction. Green light however, when cast upon skin can have a frightening appearance. Some authorities refer to lime green shades as the most seductive under candle light.

The most positive colours for the work environment are combinations of green [evergreen, emerald, and pastoral green] and orange [caramel, flame, or peach], especially in lighting effects, with the emphasis on caramel or peach. The effect is invigorating, mentally and physically. Wardrobe may incorporate the warmer colours such as red, red-orange and yellow. The yellow sapphire glow appeals to Taurus as well. Amber is an excellent stone because of its electrical properties. Anciently amber was used as an amulet and healing stone, along with the emerald and turquoise. Slow, steady Taurus seems to enjoy the activation of the hot colours that quicken the heart beat and respiration. Under very warm lights the Taurean becomes physically toned and mentally tuned into any competitive situation. Orange and green lights seem to add just the right amount of power and vitality, combined with the balancing energy of calming and quieting mid-spectrum greens.

Refer to an astrological comparison of three high profile women for more about the unique relationship between Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II:
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Katharine Hepburn, and Hillary Clinton. Cusp notes are on Katharine Hepburn's page here. Hepburn won her third Oscar as brilliant Eleanor in, THE LION IN WINTER. See Peter O'Toole for background on Henry II and Venus [under construction]. Both roles earned O'Toole the Oscar nomination for best actor.

Trump II energy management focal point: The Pedestal works well for earthy types and the zodiacal signs that compose the earth sign triad: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. manage home and garden

aura field: wrestler change to stockbroker career shift for well established stockbroker

The strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love, because of its heart shapes and red color. Aphrodisiacs? Something in the imagination or something in reality? There are two schools of thought: the first says that if food looks sexy then it makes you feel sexy and the second claims that the actual ingredients ignite our systems.

Venus is the Roman goddess of grace and love, called Aphrodite by the Greeks. She evolved from an early Italian nature goddess, a bringer of spring blooms and vines, a goddess of growth and the beauty of nature. The goddess of desire, Venus was the irresistible personification of both physical and spiritual love. She gave her name to the second planet of dawn and dusk, as did her sister goddesses Inanna [Sumeria] and Ishtar [Babylonia].

The story of Venus’s birth tells how she arose, naked, from the sea, the source of all life [primordial creation] and a symbol of both the collective unconscious and eternity. It is a wonderful image for the emergence of a young woman into her full femininity. Venus is a striking affirmation of the love of beauty and the pleasure of the senses. Risen from the sea, she is a guide through both the stormy and calm waters of our physical desires and emotions.

George Clooney has contributed several Taurus themed film selections
See the Susan Eleanor Boulet GODDESSES KNOWLEDGE CARDS
Published by Pomegranate

BACK Taurus, the Winged Bull

- It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. - James Thurber


Mutable Sign
Air Sign: Reporting, Energy Management, Publication

At first glance the glyph of The Twins appears to be a Roman Numeral II. The twins represent the bi-polar aspect of our world and creation within the material spheres. They rule the two arms and two hands, the two lungs and action such as inhaling and exhaling, the heart beating in and out, and so on - the movement of cosmic energy patterns. The good news about this enthusiastic and fast moving air sign is the native's ability to process volumes of news and data. As the glyph suggests there are two main active parts composing this whole cycle of movement: Gemini gathers or accumulates facts, datum, news, and so on, then prepares the same for re-distribution back to the community in a news format. The interesting resources they discover and the repertoire of stories, jokes and puns give their presentations a special flavor all its own.
The bad news about Gems is primarily their negative use of the speech center, which is the tendency for their reporting faculty to degenerate to the level of gossip. A centered Geminian has the ability to coordinate mind with the physical temple so that both work toward the common goals that the will is gradually building on a day to day basis.

Frequently doing two things at once, Gemini can hold down two jobs, two businesses or business partners at once and their right hand never knows what their left hand is doing. This versatile way for channeling energies may work for or against the Gem depending on the ability to bring the important activities to completion first before they take on too many new projects and studies. This ray is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, and he is Divine thought. Analysis, writing, speaking in public, the gift for channeling and coordinating social events are some strong points. Since this ray is a sampling one, with a chameleon changeability, steadfastness and fixity of purpose are keys to problem solving for Gemini. For more about musical Gems, check the Quicksilver page, Mercury's Children. visit Agostino di Duccio - Madonna del Carmine, Culture of an intellectual type that re-used the aristocratic, cosmopolitan and noble Gothic tradition of humanistic taste, adapting the neo-Attic and Byzantine styles to crystallize the vital, free-flowing of Renaissance relief.
Check the San Francisco Haight-Ashbury page for music and art as well.


Gemini rules the HALL, a method for getting to the rooms in the rest of the home. It conducts energy (electrical in nature) as well as providing access to a variety of resources and multiple activities. In medieval times, The Hall was similar to our modern day multi-purpose room and/or auditoriums. It was a common point of reference where gatherings took place, people of all rank and file could meet for many reasons. The Lord and Lady of the house could be approached or reported to in this part of the house, and formal gatherings, banquets, parties, social occasions, balls, weddings, and so forth were conducted herein. The third Tarot Trump is called THE EMPRESS, ISIS UNVEILED, THE QUEEN, and other titles, and she is the wife, mother and mistress of the house. It is her responsibility to coordinate all that pertains to such action. In the business world, she may be in the role of the social secretary, entertainment coordinator, and director. Please visit The Enchantress and The Hanged Man for information about Aquarius and Pisces.

Gemini is a bi-polar sign, ruled by Mercury, and tends to feel most positive when working with two colours at once. This is true especially in the social strata, where sky-blue and white, red and white, and purple and blue are very compatible. The sign of networking, mental activity geared toward coordinating the energy of others, communication and that nervous energy we call 'the spark' is soothed and calmed by blue and the cooler colours of the spectrum. However, when lighting has a blue tone, it's effect is uncomplimentary to the skin. Red and white are worn when there is an emphasis on speed, organizational work and communication pertaining to social activity - planning an event, calling people for confirmations, answering correspondence, and running quick errands.

Business wise the Gemini native loves the blue and white pin-stripped suit or the gray wool 'banker's suit' because of the tendency of these colours to lower the pulse rate, inspire trust, and lend an air of authority to the appearance. Blue is traditionally a colour of spirituality and thought, faith and so inspires trust when working directly with the public on a day to day basis. Yellow may also be worn as an inspirational colour in business, as it inspires joy because of its brightness, and also suggests intellectual activity. Women tend to make an excellent first impression on an audience with radiant golden-yellow and white. The combination will appeal to the use of reason, intellectual spirituality, and clarity of thought.
Gemini and Mercury rule the personal journal, the magical diary, and the spiritual record. Examples: The Baggins Journal aka the Red Book of Westmarch, John Muir's Journal, and Professor Jones' Grail Diary.

The memo, post card, and text message should be linked with Mercury and Gemini as well.

Send a post card to President Obama in support of the people in Darfur!
It only takes a moment to do something that could save a life and it doesn't cost a dime!

Trump III is the bi-polar compliment to Trump IX The Hermit [see Prelude to a Civilization, 1954] Victor Brauner (Romanian, 1903–1966). Tolkien interfaces symbols for both Trump via the royal family of Rohan, especially King Théoden and his niece, Lady Éowyn, sometimes known as The White Lady of Rohan.
References from Peter Jackson's trilogy: Éowyn as the banner falls. The positive reference is Meduseld: Éowyn on the porch; and the negative reference: Gríma at Edoras ordering the banishment of the King’s nephew, Éomer.


An atheist is a man who has no invisible means of support.
-- Fulton J. Sheen


Reflex Trump patterns will form as the dowser pursues the Fruitful Search

Yellow brick road: symbol of the 'right way' to the city at the centre
often called New Jerusalem.


Cardinal Sign
Water Sign: Domestic Matters, Psyche Seat of Power, Intuitive Tracking

[rt, THE EMPEROR, OSIRIS, THE KING shown holding symbols of power, regenerative ability, and order, portrayed within black-gold akasha, in the European representation of Tarot Trump IV. Since the black-gold akasha force in cosmic symbols suggests the fifth element system, most western readers find difficulty when commanding Trump IV intellect/patterns. Click Trump for article.] This sign was once symbolized by the scarab in Ancient Egypt, the symbol of life renewing itsself continually. The Ancient Greeks sometimes saw this power of tenacity (to hold onto life) as a pair of tongs. The ray suggests the ability to adapt to the energy fields of the immediate environment. Natives value domestic peace and tranquillity almost above all else. They represent the power of the superconscious mind to re-emerge into at-one-ment with the Absolute (this occurs in a deep sleep state when return to the cosmic consciousness brings about a feeling of complete security for all of us at night when in the deepest sleep mode.)

The good news about Moonchildren is their capability to provide a nurturing, secure home life for the family, and invited guests, in their home. Mother Earth welcomes all of us in the same way at the journey end. People who construct their home inside the mountain [earth ships] like Hobbits, have a close relationship with such marvels of Nature.

The child of the Moon will consciously occupy many dimensional "viewpoints" linked with the physical temple as described in ancient astrology. Once, the male parent cared for a part of the psyche of a child during the formative stages. Now, naturally as part of the military era, this tradition is forgotten, but it may return in time.

The native considers spiritual and physical nourishment equally vital and their approach to preparation and serving food reflects this concern. They are excellent hosts and hostesses and give very generously, frequently making sacrifices for the benefit of those for whom they care. The word agape (from the Greeks, meaning love feast) encompasses the motivations of the enlightened ancients, early Christians and Moonchildren around the world. Frequently the patriots of 1776 are compared to the Apostles of Jesus.* While the Fathers of our Country were waiting for the Declaration of Independence to be signed, the Fathers of the early Church were waiting for a different kind of Spirit to animate their conscious minds and their souls. The good news about natives born under the sign of the Summer Solstice is their love of people at the parental level so that we experience a teaching order and graceful compliance with the laws of nature as easily as it comes to the Moonchild. Just as the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, so too the Moonchild may tend to move in a very slow manner, because of the feeling that there is always plenty of time to get around to it.


Moonchild works best in the Dining Room or any area of the house where the 'family table' is found. This ray rules the breasts, psyche seat of power, and stomach. It is therefore considered the sign of nourishment, contemplation of the Monad, and the hunt. In the Tarot Deck, this vibration is personified by THE EMPEROR, THE KING, and OSIRIS, the provider of both spiritual and physical nourishment for the family. By extension, the Kiva is also represented as a symbol for the deep consciousness in the sleep state.
The Dining Room is the symbol of the family within the home as they meet to form a unit; it is the idea of the clan, family ties, hereditary background and roots of the country of birth. There is a spiritual as well as a patriotic flavor to this powerful card which is frequently associated with The Last Supper, The Pascal Feast, and shared Pache Bread. By extension there are many references to King Arthur and his Knights of The Round Table. J. R. R. Tolkien can carry us to Middle-earth where we find a transfer of Trump IV power to Bag-end in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. J. K. Rowling captures this spirit of the Moon via The Order of the Phoenix, who met at the Black table, located at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, London. The house is insulated by magic so it cannot be found without the correct spell. Moonchild is a watery sign, ruled by the Moon and related to close-knit groups socially as well as in business activities. The ideal colours for this sensitive and moody sign tend to be green and white, and green and cream, and soft blue-greens. Socially, white and/or cream (antique lace colours) may be worn alone, and with pearls, suggesting purity. Psychologically, green, as the mid-spectrum point, represents withdrawal from stimulus, and these natives are known for retreating to the safety of their shells (the crab or shellfish is their symbol). Green surrounding the native may generate an ideal environment for reduction of muscular tension that is usually absorbed from the locale, in general. Green is an excellent colour for concentration, and for recall when audio files detail usuaual names, birth dates, directions, and so on.

In most business settings, Moonchild tends to respond well to peach colours in the décor, lighting effects (which should always be warm for them), and wardrobe. Orange [often pastel or iced] and peach tend to stimulate their competitiveness, increase the desire to socialize and beneficially stimulates good conversation where food or drink are served. The sign rules the digestive system, both physical and emotional, so natives are frequently found working around food, as in catering, restaurants, and any profession or industry involved with liquids. The amber colour, gemstone, and light is particularly favorable for men because of its electrical properties. Pearls, moon rock, white jade, and sometimes amethyst and lavender jade are favoured by women born under the Moon’s sign. Green is the colour of growth, healing, planting seeds, and the mediumship of the vegetable kingdom [to bind the mineral kingdom, through plants, with the human kingdom]. If the profession involves counseling, any seasonal green will work in harmony with this native’s parental approach, whether maternal or paternal, because the colour suggests median lines combined with fresh, clear, cool and abundant energy.

rt, Luna at Carnevale
Trump XVIII The Moon
The higher octave of the Moon is symbolized by the Phoenix. Spielberg's paranormal suspense thriller, Poltergeist, tracks the Phoenix themes
J. K. Rowling captures the phoenix cycle [lunar template] as functions in the human psyche, aptly portrayed in, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, and The Order of the Phoenix.

Molly Weasley Cooks at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, London; also 3c Alchemy Trump XIV
             and Trump XIV Temperance

Hobbit Hole Hobbiton, The Shire. The circular design refers to the Monad; a round door and circular shape of the One Ring suggest subtle energy of deep psyche power; the Kiva or circular temple is another way to return to the comfortable disposition of collective consciousness.

go Sacred Places


LEO, THE LION the Winged Kerub of Fire
Fixed Sign
Fire Sign: Initiative-Risk Taking, Champion of the Inner Child, Pleasure Principle

Leo is the Sun’s own sign, generating massive amounts of warmth, health and vitality – just as our hearts do. Natives thrive in a spotlight because that is where the action is. Ancient symbols that refer to the Sun as the source of life and healing capability underlie audience response to the pure Leo type. These people are interested in compassion so their aura field can reveal a rainbow when they are involved in charity work. Some Native Americans naturally project the full spectrum rainbow from the heart center. [See films: Dances With Wolves, Next, and Windwalker] Those born under this ray, often associated with heraldry, honor, and chivalry, or who have Sol well aspected in the star chart, learn early on to first identify and clarify game rules, and to define particulars in the arena of action where the game is played. These people tend to accept or reject anything presented if based on long established concepts of law and order of the universe. For this reason, Leo may appear very stubborn. They are good leaders, directors, and executives but when negative or afflicted, tend to take on much too difficult tasks for one person, and fail to delegate things around the table. [This usually applies to the Herculean type] Many people may wish to contribute in some way, however Leo may not provide any opportunity for them. The good news about this regal sign is the capability for both vertical and horizontal thinking processes. They are able to solve a problem either by using a conservative, tried and true formula for success or they visualize a completely new approach to almost any problem. [This usually applies to the Apollo type.]

Both these characteristics make Leo a creative leader as well as one who can decisively resolve difficulties, one way or another. Leo rules the opened up heart center and mystic Sun powers such as taught in the mystery dramas and schools of Ancient Rome and Greece – and the mystery schools, including the Cabieri rites [the oldest.] Combined with Gemini, Leo was an important sign that co-governed the spirit of the ancient outdoor competitions. The bad news about Leo is inflexibility and maintenance work on proper perspective. Their fiery nature makes them appear idealistic, compelled, and in some cases, they may over-estimate the endurance of their own resources. But, once they give their word they give their all to insure the contract is completed. Leo is the master of the ceremonies regarding opened heart action with related subtle astral body energy. See The Golden Compass for more about Leo.


left, page of Grail lore from Professor Henry Jones' diary
both Indy movies combine combine themes related to Trump IV, Trump V, and Trump VI
Indiana Jones and sometimes his father Henry Jones, Sr. [Sean Connery] represent the two types of Leo, the Lion. Professors Jones as teacher and archaeologist personify the Apollo or cerebral type solar expression. The Grail Diary, developed and compiled over a lifetime of study about The Grail Legend, is a typical labor of love for an Apollo type, and it plays a key role in the quest. Tests await the expedition at the end of a long, convoluted and mysterious journey through the desert. The diary holds three keys necessary to complete the qualifying regimen. As an authority on the subject of all that is curious, occult, and rare - and a collector of such artifacts - the physical fitness of Indiana Jones is particularly vital since his adventures put him on timetables often less than convenient [Temple of Doom] and terrain that turns frequently to quick shadow. Adventures require some off-pavement ground be covered at some point and Indy can find less than hospitable trails [Raiders,Temple, Crusade, and Crystal Skull] faster than almost anyone, though Venice did have its enviable moments. The physically capable Leo the Lion is known as the Herculean solar type. As implied by the 12 Labors of Hercules, solar energy combined with great physical strength and determination must be at hand for the hero to succeed in his many difficult trials and tribulations. There is also an element of luck that further suggests the influence of strong Jupiterian character, such as freedom from bias and prejudice.
visit Harrison Ford and Sean Connery for more

King Arthur, according to the legends, carried a shield called Prydwen [name is also ascribed to his ship, the usage in both cases perhaps symbolic of his rulership of Britain].

Architectural Digest: Stars in Residence
Our Continued Look at Fascinating Figures from the World of Film and the Places They Call Home. Read more homes of the stars slide show


CHER, Architectural Digest, July 2010 issue - tour of her new design, a stunning Zen-like Los Angeles apartment that reflects her search for serenity. "I am a Buddhist," she says. To create a sense of airiness, she gutted the apartment’s 12 rooms in favor of an open floor plan. The interior appears to be a temple resort with many a goddess sculpture and sacred patterning, perhaps a distant cousin of the royal villa at Sperlonga.

"I never get tired of coming into these beautiful, peaceful rooms," Cher says. As someone in the glare of the prying, omnipresent paparazzi, this sense of escape is especially paramount. "There are no words to describe how intrusive they can be," she continues, "which is why my homes, and now this among them, have become so very important. In a word, they are my sanctuaries."

The Exile Director: Max Ophuls, Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (Charles II Stuart), Maria Montez (Countess Anbella de Courteuil), Paule Croset (Katie), Henry Daniell (Colonel Ingram), Nigel Bruce (Sir Edward Hyde)
James Dean and Marilyn Monroe exterior mural

Early Heraldry


The champion [Sun] rescues the [inner] child [Star] - self-sacrifice
Trump V and Trump XII often co-create myth and legend

IN THE HOUSE SYSTEM, Leo rules the idea of the home away from home, open to those who are loved by host and hostess. The Guest Room and Summer Get Away are recreational areas wherein guests are made comfortable and at ease. Although hospitality toward strangers is governed by Jupiter/Zeus [Sagittarius], this part of the house may be dedicated to family members, teachers, and visitors. A lot has been said about proper rules of attentiveness -for both guest and host – and the guidelines also expand any consideration or act of kindness [The Magic Pitcher, by Nathaniel Hawthorne] to those who dispense or receive charity [the story of the Good Samaritan.] If we look to the birth in the manger and the visits made by the shepherds, wise men [astrologers] and others within that small community, we can find the keys to correct conduct that would apply to all concerning hospitality, giving and receiving, and ideal social relationships.

Leo is the sign of radiant energy, often symbolized by the diadem and necklace of 360 rays, worn by rulers in Egypt – the essence of resurgent youth, vigor, and strength of will. Solar power is associated with several important deities in Egypt. Hathor, a mother goddess and ambassador to foreign nations [diplomatic exchange of information and a hostess to foreign dignitaries] is often portrayed with the golden solar disk. Isis is linked with radiant golden-yellow. Horus, the hawk god has a scarlet Sun disk that is associated with Solar power at dawn and noon. Colours best suited to this sign are those of alchemical gold, usually attributed to the Sun. In dream work, gold may be symbolized by several advancing colours, usually listed as yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, and white. Leo likes to be the ‘life of the party’ and the hot colours ‘collect’ admirers around them like the Sun in the center of our solar system.

Red-orange symbolizes triumph and scarlet is a generally energizing colour, enhancing health of the heart. In the competitive business world, speculative situation, or an area where risk is contemplated, cooler colours are sometimes more useful to Leo. See Neutrals page for any accessory question about this expression of personality through career image. There is a tendency to downplay yellow since it is often associated with caution and is worn best by a Winter type. However, crossover colours can be iced, and pastels may be worn, also soft peach, salmon, and muted companion staples. Any of the just mentioned worn with light beige, soft opal white, and so on work in a business meeting. The stones considered best for Leo and solar competitive urge include the ruby, diamond, peridot] yellow-green with Pisces influence], and cat’s eye. Amber may be worn as an accessory support colour.

Paul Foster Case attributes yoga [primarily Raja Yoga, it appears] to the archetype of The Hierophant.
"Yoga is a system of practice whereby the personal consciousness is linked to the universal conscious energy. Its object is direct, first-hand experience of those phases of reality which are the basis of all religions. The founders of religions are persons who have such experiences, and the contention of practical occultists is that this kind of experience may be repeated whenever the right conditions are provided. It is not a capricious gift from on high. It is not miraculous. Rare it may be, but it is perfectly natural, and a human being who addresses himself earnestly to preparing himself for this kind of experience will find what he seeks. We shall find, presently that the Hierophant in Tarot is a symbol of the mode of conscious activity which takes form in such experiences."

-Paul Foster Case, Key V: The Hierophant THE TAROT, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

aura field - information about an aura [with mystical Solar colors] see The Physical Education Instructor [text only]

Harry Potter - The Quidditch World Cup Weasley Tent
The Man Who Would Be King Director: John Huston 1975
Stars: Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer
Natural Neutral suggestion page
Personal activism - Heartwarmers for Darfur Now - Haiti, eco-detox, and more
Joseph Campbell's personal myth: "Sukhavati"


Mutable Sign
Earth Sign: Business-Commerce-Trade, Analysis, Focus on Daily Achievement

The ray of the selectionist and discriminating mind is earthy, proportioned, and practical. These people have a back up plan for everything… they are Plan B masters. The analysis and scientific viewpoint of the Virgoan mark the work they do and any effort to maintain good health spiritually, mentally, and physically. Time is often spent on categorization, divining and sub-dividing topics for study. The interest often resides in the analysis of various factors that make up the whole… the entire labyrinth often greater than the sum of its parts. Virgoans are precision oriented and seek perfection in everything. This ray rules the whole concept of working in both the spiritual and the mundane areas of life as a double weave tapestry. On the spiritual level the idea of karma, regarding service to humanity, is found.



Harry Potter    
and the    
Order of the Phoenix    

When: June 1996  
Where:Battle of the  
Department of Mysteries,  
interior to the Ministry  
of Magic complex  



Who: Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s Army, The Order of the Phoenix, You-Know-Who and attendant Death-eaters
What: Battle for possession of the prophecy between Harry and Voldemort. The final battle for Sirius Black establishes that Voldemort has indeed returned.
Why: Harry discovers the prophecy only he can retrieve, with his name on it. Later, Dumbledore reveals to Harry the contents of Professor Trelawney's initial prediction.

Spy Game - Mercurial key - links to The Star - Mercurial Trump

Comics present many heroes and heroines for today with the new mythology they give us.


On the mundane level a native of Virgo can work tirelessly on very detailed projects without complaint. The idea of the temple, hearth, and home are ancient references to this glyph, originally a symbol of the Goddess of the Earth and the Vestal Virgins who tended the Eternal Flame. Symbols include wheat and all Spring-Autumn harvest grains [Ceres = 'cereal'], grapes [reference to the worker in the vineyard], corn, and sometimes special food and drink prepared for the mysteries.

The Earth Triad [Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn] refers us to the laws of time and space management [see Luca Pacioli]. Each sign holds a specific lesson for us. Virgo instructs about service, labour in the field, the law of karma - that we reap what we sow. Naturally this extends to the Christian parables of the sower, abundant in the New Testament.

Most Virgoan strategy emphasizes the law of cause and effect, from the inception of a plan, through presentation and the conclusion. Stat charts, lists and "bottom line" data almost always include well-organized, formal outlines composed by an astute Virgoan in management.

Trump VI Metaphysical themes: The Art of White Magic, Art of Black Magic, Art of Transcendental Magic, and higher octave keys. left Tom Hanks in Rome, ANGELS AND DEMONS
based on the book by Dan Brown

Trump VI - House System

Chapel, altar, mechanical engineer patterns for temple construction in human heart. The wayfarer chapel may be included in this category. Photographs, pictures, sketches, statuary or religious unity symbols, the crèche scene [Christmas, associated with St. Francis of Assisi], a working garden and zen garden, small pets, tents such as M.A.S.H. [mobile medical care], the occupy movement c.2011-12, and refugee style camps like Darfur. Experimental home designs [Brad Pitt in New Orleans] that link to the Trump VII architect. Film examples include the following:

ABRAHAM [Richard Harris]
M.A.S.H. - successful film and tv series about medical hospital episodes near the front line during the war in Korea. go CHAMPIONS
SPY GAME - the tent camp where Tom Bishop [Brad Pitt] and Elizabeth Hadley meet in a children's hospital run by Hadley. Bishop, under cover as a photographer, has a story about the camp and its doctor published in TIME as a way to get closer to the CIA target. go SPY GAME

Wayfarer: The story of Philemon and Baucis, an old Phrygian couple who unwittingly but warmly entertain Jupiter and Mercury traveling in disguise, reveals the high opinion the ancients held for oaths, vows, and loyalty. Nathanial Hawthorne tells a magic version! go Magic Pitcher



Note that people like Mimi Farina, whose star chart reveals her Sun located in the sign of The Winged Bull, Taurus, often coordinate community groups into 'mini clan' collectives and succeed in establishing the 'alternative nest' situation for folks. Go to Harry Potter page that features DA at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the Order of the Phoenix at House of Black.

Key Virgo words & phrases you should remember include:
Dolor Anteprandialis - [a gastric problem that occasionally makes you cancel a lunch]
Obesa Cantavit - the fat lady has sung
applicable to both Virgo and Aquarius, those who suffer from Inopia Celeritatis [a mild dyslexia that makes
it impossible to arrive anywhere on time]

outside links: locate information about Findhorn Flower Essences, located in the North East of Scotland within the world renowned spiritual community of Findhorn.

*See Tarot Trump VIII in WCM Edition READ THE CARDS, for a fully developed presentation of this comparison, from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen's 1932 radio broadcast.


Salaam * Shalom * Maluhia * Pax * Pax Cultura * Paz * Paix * Mir * Om Shanti May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Gemstones and Metal and the Astrological Colour Waves




note: The Wild Wood Tarot adds another view of The Green Woman, Trump III and The Green Man, Trump IV, from Working With The Deck
The Ancestor beckons you deeper into the forest and you may hear music and laughter a little further on. Passing a gateway of entwined leaves and stout branches, you enter a large meadow. As you clear the leaves, you see a great table laden with all manner of forest fruit. Sitting together at the centre of the feast are The Green Man and The Green Woman, laughing and singing. All manner of forest denizens dance and eat their fill and the air is filled with joy.


Your local food bank

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magic spice, Mercury Table, Oracle's Lab, shrmx, Smoothie, Starshine Inn Star Wars, tangerine, vittles, Western Inn, Zeppelin Diner


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