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Good Cheer
Frosted Orange Juice!

Fill large wine glasses with crushed ice. For each serving add 1 tablespoon Cointreau and fill glass with freshly squeezed orange juice. Garnish with lime slice, orange and mint, if you wish. Serve with a straw.




Second Breakfast
The Thain's Book ~ Bilbo Bio


J. R. R. Tolkien's star chart at right is progressed to September 22, 1913, to illustrate the first major change in his chart since nativity. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins both celebrate their birthday on the 22nd of September, in conjunction with Tolkien's new Mars energy in the sign of the adventurer, equestrian, and publisher.

From this day Tolkien's progressed Mars moved through Sagittarius, to begin waxing to an exact sextile with Tolkien's Sun. [see Mars in Sagittarius for more about the fiery sign of the Centaur]. The creative spirit would enjoy, in 1915, the Qenyaqetsa or Qenya Lexicon documents, a complete, the first presentation of Tolkien's ongoing development of High-elven.

Go The Inn of The Prancing Pony for Peter Jackson 22 Destiny and star chart Scorpio-Sagittarius [water-fire formula] comparison with Tolkien's Scorpio and Sagittarius on pivotal dates. Note astrological shift in the late thirties to track Tolkien's Sun as he leaves Aquarius, The Water Bearer and enters Pisces, a watery alignment associated with global consciousness.

Tolkien's 1939 birthday shows his progressed Sun in Pisces met Pallas Athena [Goddess of agriculture, all useful arts, and preserver of the state] also @ 0 Pisces with wisdom degrees active to protect new language models in formation.

This prompts a suggestion for the powerful mother-name of Galadriel, the timeless Elf-Queen of Lothlorien.




In a blaze of intuitive correctness, Jackson cast Cate [The Aviator and The Gift] Blanchett perfectly as the Lady of the Golden Wood. Jackson insight is also apparent in the selection of all the elves, who will play prominent parts in Tolkien's Middle-earth saga, highlighting Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond of Rivendell and Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas of Mirkwood.
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Peter Jackson Fan Club

rt, Rivendell, Council of Elrond,
where Bilbo and Frodo reunite


* Dowser note: apparations can tend to materialize in the center of a room and along the Western wall [often wires enter from outside] with this blueprint.
Modern wiring practice seems to attract all varieties of subtle energy while, at the same time, scattering all the bees.

During the early years of the last century, the world was immersed in a laboratory experiment with energy, especially subtle energy, and personal discovery. Food experimentation also came under this general heading, and dowsers expanded the working model of the day. The following doesn't fix all that is broken, but it does reduce some of the problem.

"One only knew that clockwise gyration of a pendulum, when adjusted over the hand above a piece of food, signified that it was good for one, whilst if the gyration were counter-clockwise the food was unsuitable...."

Follow the directions as described and tape or transcribe observation. If you feel the exercise is easy, you may want to use a pendulum to help determine your whole grocery list so you shop for what you really want each trip to the store.

"You have food of some kind on your plate. I assume it is good for you; anyhow, at first don’t make too many experiments with the unknown.

Adjust your pendulum over the food, then pass your left hand between it and the pendulum. You will then observe a curious and unexpected phenomenon: normally the pendulum would pass from gyration to oscillation owing to the screening of the hand; but now it continues to gyrate, which shows that there is accord or affinity between yourself and the food. If the pendulum gyrated in the opposite direction there would be discord, showing that the food would be definitely bad for you. But if the pendulum started to oscillate, this would not necessarily mean that the food was bad, it might mean merely that there was too much of it! Reduce the portion and try again, but instead of passing your hand between the dish and the pendulum, you need only stop the original gyration and observe in which direction the pendulum starts oscillating. If the food is good for you, the oscillation will take place towards your own body; otherwise it will deviate until the oscillation is parallel with the front of your body, which means that the food does not suit you.

Hitherto you have only obtained indications of a general kind, but now you are going to discover others which will give more precise and detailed information.

Your pendulum is gyrating over your left hand, which you have interposed between the food and the pendulum. Stop the gyration, make the pendulum oscillate, and count the oscillations. In practice they will not exceed 20. This procedure enables a system of coefficients to be adopted which is extremely useful. You can take it that at a figure of less than 1 0 the food is mediocre or, what is more usual, in too great quantity. With figures of 15 to 20 the food can be considered as very good.

You need not confine yourself to this method of coefficients but can use another which consists in taking measurements along a horizontal rule, lying if possible in a meridian, starting from the food. This method has a more scientific aspect than the other. A ruler of 40 to 50 cm. Is long enough. You can still adjust the pendulum over the left hand at first, and then move it towards and above your plate. If the pendulum continues to gyrate, you proceed as before. The question of quantity is a very important one in matters of food… therefore, you should at first dowse over a very small quantity, which you should increase progressively. You will then find that your pendulum, which was gyrating vigorously, after two or three additions to the food or drink will start to oscillate, showing that the amount on your plate or in your glass is sufficient for the time being. It only remains for you to chew slowly and conscientiously what you are eating."

-Le Vicomte Henry De France, THE ELEMENTS OF DOWSING
translated by A. H. Bell

Green produce indicates antioxidant potential and may help promote healthy vision and reduce cancer risks. Recommended Green Food: apples, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, celery, cucumber, all green beans, green grapes, green olives, green onions, green pepper, honeydew melon, kale, leafy greens, lettuce, lime, mint family, mustard greens, peas, snow peas, spinach, summer squash, and zucchini.


I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think
I have ended up where I intended to be. -Douglas Noel Adams


Beyond The Shire

Bilbo Baggins - Ian Holm
September 12, 1931 at 2:00 AM in Ilford UK
Sun 18° Virgo 19 and Moon 16° Virgo 17
ASC 0° Leo 22 - Midheaven 5° Aries 37
Capricorn intercepted in 6th House
Moonchild intercepted in 12th House
Virgo Stellium: Neptune-Mercury @ 6° Virgo
with Moon, Sun and Venus in 3rd House
Destiny Path: 8

Sir Ian Holm, CBE is an English award-winning actor known for his stage work and for many film roles, including the hobbit Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and the first and third films of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. His portrait of Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element [Bruce Willis] is as side splitting as his version of the android Ash [Alien] is terrifying.

Holm is a favorite actor of Terry Gilliam, having appeared in Time Bandits and Brazil. He has also appeared in two David Cronenberg films, Naked Lunch (1991) and eXistenZ (1999) and is Harold Pinter's favourite actor, the playwright once stating: "He puts on my shoe, and it fits!" Holm made a stir as Lenny in the first ever performance of Pinter's masterpiece The Homecoming.

J.R.R. Tolkien Destiny Path = 9
Character: Bilbo Baggins = 29326 2177951 = 9
Character: Gandalf = 7154136 = 27/9 go Gandalf the Wizard
Power Symbol: Aiglos = 197361 = 27/9
The Spear of Gil-galad carried by him to the War of the Last Alliance was feared by the forces of Sauron. Its name is translated, 'snow-point'. Arda Encyclopedia details the background of Aiglos, providing a few probable references.

1. The spear must surely have been in Gil-galad’s possession for some time before the Battle of Dagorlad, and may well have dated back to the First Age or even before. Nevertheless, the Battle is the only situation where the spear explicitly appears.

2. ‘Snow-point’ is the literal interpretation of the spear’s name, but some sources go further and suggest the broader meaning ‘icicle’. This might easily be correct, but to complicate matters there’s an alternative in the name of a plant that grew in Beleriand, known as aeglos [a name interpreted as ‘Snowthorn’]. It’s possible, then, that the point of Gil-galad’s spear represented a thorn of this plant, rather than an icicle.



Concerning Hobbits - Baggins Magical Cookbook
The Children of Húrin

John Howe - Portfolio
Alan Lee An Unexpected Visit
The Lord of the Rings Image Library

Movie Shots Bilbo's long awaited party
and Gandalf, friend of the Shire

Lord of the Rings Personality Test












The first edition of The Road Goes Ever On, was published in 1967. An LP record of this song cycle was recorded on 12 June 1967, with Donald Swann on piano and William Elvin singing. This record also includes Tolkien himself reading the Quenya prayer "A Elbereth Gilthoniel," in addition to the musical version of this prayer by Swann and Elvin.

The second edition of The Road Goes Ever On, published in 1978, added "Bilbo's Last Song." Given to Donald Swann at Tolkien's funeral by Tolkien's secretary. Only in the second and third editions of the book. On the CD but not the LP. This song was also published separately.

The third edition, published in 1993 added music from The Silmarillion, which had earlier appeared in The Songs of Donald Swann: Volume I. The third edition of The Road Goes Ever On was packaged with a CD (not on LP) that duplicated the contents of the LP record from the 1970's (except for the Tolkien-read poem), with two new recordings.

10 June 10 1995 The song cycle was performed in Rotterdam under the auspices of the Dutch Tolkien Society, by baritone Jan Krediet together with the chamber choir EnSuite and Alexandra Swemer on the piano. Limited edition of the CD available.

The Road (1999) an individual CD track: The Road Goes Ever On
Vocals: Abby Strauss.
Regular Records RR015.
Available via Donald Swann homepage.


(J.R.R.Tolkien & Donald Swann) William Elvin & Donald Swann


Characters of Middle-earth





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