One of Mercury's children, Sir Ian
is probably familiar with the intelligence
that generates Mercury, the Angel Raphael.


Sun 3° Gemini 44', Gemini Decanate of Gemini, Ursa Minor
Moon 2° Virgo 10', Virgo Decanate of Virgo, Bootes

Ursa Minor, the little bear, represents the intuitive part of the mind. This double Gemini decanate ruled by Mercury can be very intelligent, perceptive, skillful, and youthful. When one's attention is well directed insights can come from the unconscious mind. The guiding pole star found in this constellation symbolizes the important principle of truth that must ever be one's guide. Interest in communication, education, and the arts may be indicated. Tolkien stories about Middle-earth refer to this part of the sky. The keyword is INTUITION.

Bootes with his sickle represents the harvest of grain and the vine. This double Virgo decanate ruled by Mercury works tilled earth to garner fruit from the fields. This extraction of value involves selection of the good from all experiences by discerning pure ore from dross material. Then what is gained can be applied for still greater accomplishments. The keyword is ACHIEVEMENT. See Arwen's Garden.

Helms Deep Charge 4:05 Youtube
Lord Of The Rings - IMDb The Two Towers


Gemini the Twins, 3rd zodiacal sign, excels in all communication fields
Planet: Mercury Analytical, Healing, Speaking
Angelic Intelligence: St. Raphael, healer, guide, opener of the way, patron saint of embalmers and psychologists
Day of the week: Wednesday
Symbol: The Twins, Castor and Pollux, or Pillars of Hercules - the figures of the twins, Castor and Pollux, as two pieces of wood bound together. This signifies the polarity of mental processes. Also, stars in the constellation refer to a pile of bricks, linked with the idea of masons as builders of the great city.
The sign esoterically Gemini governs the universe breathing in and breathing out – the rhythm of creation – often reflected in the music of India. The sacred syllable, ‘OM’ is linked with the reflex sign Sagittarius.

In "The Fellowship of the Ring" Gandalf enters the world of purification and testing that is usually reserved for mortals.

Tarot Trump: Trump III, The Unveiled Isis, The Empress, The Queen; see also Trump XVII The Star
House System: The Hall and Auditorium
Metal: Quicksilver – Power Gemstones

Gemini governs the following places: depots and stop-over stations, schools, studies, libraries, self-publishing and desktop scans, blogs, wainscots, granaries, mountains, airplanes and associated attendants, weather machinery, storehouses for corn, high positions generally. [include, under Mercury, intersections and dowsed spiritual-power sites].

Emotional characteristics: sensitive, eloquent, humane, fond of travel, not domestic, good company, changeable, lacking in display of emotion, negative: fixing concentration, ungrateful, unsympathetic but genial, quick tempered.
Mental characteristics: dexterous in manual expression, coordination of mind and hands, quick-witted, inventive, literary, versatile,, adaptable, self-expressive, democratic, curious, can finesse and succeed with superficial knowledge; if highly evolved, analytical; sometimes scatter-brained, tricky.

Spiritual keywords: universal substance, the mirror of spirit, the power of imagining, the faculty of association, the vision of relationships.
Physical anatomy: arms, shoulders, muscles and bones of arms and shoulders, lungs including trachea and bronchi, thymus gland, upper ribs, capillaries, hands, co-rules nervous system.
Zodiacal Physiology: the air in the body and its circulation, the distribution of reconstructing elements, oxygenation of blood, sensory communication, action of electric nerve fluid.


Gandalf the wizard carries a sword in one hand and wand in the other, as does Mercury, who wields the diamond simitar
and healing rod, Caduceus. Gandalf employs both when he must face down the Balrog in the mines of Moria in the first
installment of J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece, "The Lord Of The Rings."

Quicksilver, the swift and changing metallic form of the Intelligence, may have inspired many names given to Gandalf. He is often called 'The Grey Pilgrim', Storm Crow, and Mithrandir all aligned with the lightning quick mind, Mercury as Messenger of the Immortals. Gandalf also changes his appearance as a form of concealment when he becomes Gandalf the White. This technical alteration allows the wizard close proximity to King Theoden in the Golden Hall, providing the opportunity for the exorcism that expells Saruman and restores the King. His subtle grey maneuver in Edoras could also link Gandalf to Thingol, the Hidden King, known as 'Grey-mantle' or 'Grey-cloak' and geographically connect him with The Grey Havens, another name for Mithlond habours. who was later known as King of Doriath. Grey or silver are direct references to Mercury because both suggest "dusk" - a time when sharp differences between day and night are muted. The Transparency Wave

McKellen is no stranger to the art of metallurgy, one of Mercury’s more elite diversions. The Ring of Power, under the appearance of a gold band, is really the antithesis of alchemical gold. [Other metals carry persisting karma, legendary owners and long term shock effects, as Orlando Bloom (Legolas in the Ring trilogy) realizes in "Pirates of The Caribbean."] Ian McKellen pursued the strongest known mystical ore with another ensemble cast in 1994, as super-scientist Dr. Reinhardt Lane in "The Shadow," a sophisticated look at crime-fighting in the ‘30s.

His personal life may mirror some classic trickster Mercury slight-of-hand because the attitude of Mars in his progressed charts has taken a new position and shifts often. It would be difficult, without this, to 'read through' the complex construction of Sir Leigh Teabing, the character played by Ian McKellen in, The Da Vinci Code. Teabing would not be convincing without the ability of Sir Ian to displace his Mars and Mercury.

A perfect example of Mercury's prankster profile is found among made-for-television "David Copperfield" trivia in 1966 and 1967. Just as McKellen's progressed Mars went into retrograde [and trine with his Gemini power point] the television series was lost because BBC re-used the original tapes aired on the UK network. There are no known copies of "David Copperfield" available. At the same time, at that transitional intersection, a knock at the door from the best candidate for a black hole in space - in the form of Cygnus, the Swan. In the throat of the Swan constellation is found an astrophysical object known as Cygnus X-1, our best chance for proof there are black holes. go to Lothlorien
Trump XVII The Star - September 16, 2011, a new Saturn size planet was spotted in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan.



It is important because loss of the series [work = Mars] was difficult to understand [reason = Mercury] and the situation [perhaps] helped to craft and set the pattern for McKellen's "fall into the unknown state" in both "The Shadow" and "The Fellowship of The Ring." The 13th degree of Aquarius is technically a uniting point where several archetypal patterns converge. At the time the tapes were lost, these archetypes were in conjunction with McKellen's progressed second house cusp [personal wealth and acquisition, value codes, standards.] This type of construction tests the waking conscious mind on what is habitually "picked up" from broadcast waves, and is often a karma test as to methods we want to use in order to improve quality of life and acquire material wealth (see date on above chart for intersected degrees) so describes in large part the professional hat(s) we wear.

The parallel between Raphael and Gandalf, establilshed as the wizard guides Bilbo and Frodo [literally as 'the opener of the way'] directly effects the Nine Walkers and the Ring of Power. Gandalf's wisdom is apparent at The Council of Elrond in Rivendell, and becomes the battle plan that wins the day for the Rohirrim in "The Two Towers." Gandalf the White moves out from the Valley of Shadow as a healing angel in the second installment. Strider, Legolas, and Gimli find him in the enchanted forest and he reveals his new purpose to them all. This is an important intersection for the story.

Keeping with the symbol of Gemini, McKellen is the cinema wizard simultaneously on a different screen as arch villain Magneto, in "X-Men: The Last Stand." Typical of the Mercurial ore quicksilver that can assume an image of most objects it contacts, Magneto molds metal to his will. Magneto plans to reveal mutants to the rest of the world as a superior 'improved' life form. His absurd theory probably stems from his early life experience in a concentration camp during WWII.
more X-Men info @ Storm-Halle Berry Star Menu

The star chart aspect list constructed for "The Lord of The Rings" New Zealand shoot, stars the Aquarian new aeon awareness. First, an activation of the nativity Sun trine Mars (conjunct the Eagle's Eye 0 Aquarius) links directly with the script. The Lord of The Eagles plays a key role as an ally with the ability to pull things back from the brink. He carries Gandalf away from Saruman's tower of power in the installment, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Power of wood and crystal clarity v iron and opalesque energy: Gandalf's walking staff compared with Saruman's staff places two elements in direct conflict. In addition, Saruman has engaged the seeing stone at Orthanc - a one way short-cut to an unhinged mind. The the seven seeing stones, known as Palantír are discussed on the pages dedicated to Strider. The inner room of Saruman where he converses with Gandalf about the One Ring of power.


What makes a magician tick? Look at the staff, wand, rings and other accoutrements.
As the fellowship twists and turns through the dark Moria obstructions, Gandalf employs crystal white light in his staff to illuminate a path through the mines and find an escape door. The immediate problems solved by using a combination of fire light), working with wood (staff) and akasha (the breath of life secretly hidden in the light-flame), the wizard can then lead the fellowship clear of the initial labyrinth of Moria. Once the way is visible, an ancient Balrog enters the picture.

"Swords are no more use here." Gandalf takes on the dark dweller from the lower [infernal] regions, one of those in the army of Sauron. He manages to block the Balrog's advance, and secures the fellowship's exit from the mines. (Seriously rivals Mifume's work on the bridge at the Shogun's palace.) At the point Gandalf faces the Balrog, he reveals something about his magical status, "I am the servant of The Secret Fire, Wielder of The Flame of Anor." He can compromise the rock beneath his feet using the elements at his command, and causes the Balrog to fall. Magic weapons amplify the will of the wizard. This powerful face-off scene provides helpful information about the ring [Narya], staff/wand, and sword. ROTK opens with the scene that crystalizes Gandalf and Saruman in their last conflict. The staff is the power weapon of choice for the battle. Saruman is silenced at last.

The star chart for Ian McKellen from at least 1998-2001 highlights the very astrological aspect defining Gandalf's titles. It is clear he contributed vigorously to Peter Jackson's cinematic version of Tolkien's saga. On the extended DVD of The Fellowship, Orlando Bloom referred to the Sun/Pluto power-pack of McKellen's progressed chart, "He's constantly switched on. His presence is very mesmerizing and interesting."

Side bar: Ian McKellen has a 7 Destiny Path. 7 is the number associated with The Incarnation and most appropriate for anyone contributing to The Da Vinci Code as a long time scholar.
Other well known people with the 7 Destiny include: Joan Baez, Kathleen Battle, Candice Bergen, Ellen Burstyn, Glenn Close, Dorothy Dandridge, Geena Davis, Emily Dickinson, Farrah Fawcett, Carrie Fisher, Olivia de Havilland, Marilyn Horne, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Penelope Ann Miller, Debra Paget, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Emma Thompson, Naomi Watts. Men: John Abineri, Shawn Ashmore, Dan Aykroyd, Antonio Banderas, Ludwig van Beethoven [Dec 16, 1770], Eric Clapton, Tim Curry, Anthony Daniels, Gérard Depardieu, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas, Michael Gambon, Mel Gibson, Hugh Grant, George Harrison, Jim Henson, Bob Hoskins, Franz Liszt, Ewan McGregor, Bill Monroe, Leonard Nimoy, Ray Park, Harold Perrineau, Alan Rickman, Mark Ryan, Ridley Scott, Peter Sellers, Martin Sheen, James Spader, Patrick Stewart, Patrick Swayze, Voltaire, and Ray Winstone
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Bridge of Khazad-dûm, the entranceway to the Second Hall

The staff Gandalf carries could suit Ian McKellen as perfectly as it serves the wizard himself. It is linked to the Spring Equinox (when Sol enters the sign Aries, The Ram) that is associated with fire and the Rod of Aaron (see Joan Plowright and walking staff she uses in ENCHANTED APRIL, also Charlton Heston in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, with many staff variations. They both work with white horses as well!) Use of this powerful wardrobe accessory implies self-realization associated with the fire triad, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
Image: Gandalf the White [large] ~ Gandalf in battle at the Black Gate [large] ~ Scrapbook page from New Line Cinema production album.


Flame of Anor
A power wielded by Gandalf

A mysterious power claimed by Gandalf in the face of Durin's Bane. It is nowhere else referred to, and so its particular meaning remains unclear. Anor is the Sun, and so literally the 'flame of Anor' would be the light of the Sun, the fiery fruit of Laurelin, one of the Two Trees of Valinor. Gandalf seems to be referring, then, to the power he gains as a servant of the Lords of the West, in defiance of the corrupted darkness of the Balrog. The battle on the bridge suggests the positive and negative expressions of Mars in two of his garments. Gandalf with the noble ring of fire suggests the power of Sol in the sign of the Ram, Aries, in partnership with Mars, ruler of Aries. The Balrog suggests a negative face of Mars, in astrological disposition such as the dreaded grand cross in fixed signs, with Mars in Scorpio, afflicted by Pluto, Uranus, Neptune. This is the worst nightmare for a wizard.
An image album for Peter Jackson's set and atmosphere at the Inn.

Narya, the Ring of Fire, is set with a Ruby; one of the three [Elven] rings Sauron most desired because they could ward off the decays of time and postpone the weariness of the world. These three rings were never touched by the hand of Sauron; yet they also were subject to the One Ring of Power. It is believed Gandalf knew the history of the Kings of Arnor and his destiny to help facilitate the Reunited Kingdom, as keeper of the Ring of Fire, when he faced down the ancient Balrog.

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Ian McKellen - Jade good luck charm ~ Gemstones of the zodiac ~ Palmistry: Line of Intuition, Seal of Iron

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The history of auras in art actually goes back thousands of years to when people drew on their community cave walls. According to THE RAINBOW BOOK, "In Greek and Roman times, the best known examples of ‘halos’ are associated with Apollo, the God of Light, Music and Truth. During this era, the idea of flames emanating from the sun, and the idea of flames emanating from the head, were intertwined. Two thousand years ago those two ideas were fused together into vibrant symbols of glowing gold – the halos we know today."

In the first installment of J. R. R. Tolkien's masterpiece, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Gandalf The Grey assumes several roles and projects several specific characteristics associated with the Tarot. The two most significant Trump are known to vex most mystics, The Chariot Trump VII and 0/XXII The Fool/Wise Man, also known to Led Zeppelin fans as The Unnumbered Card. Both Trump are associated with the Sun and flames radiating from the crown (usually seven to represent the seven colours of the rainbow, seven years of complete physical renewal, seven days of each week, etc.) especially in elaborate decks with gold trim. The One Ring has been cast by director Peter Jackson as a lead character that takes pleasure in upstaging people when it gets a chance. The Ring is circle and as such may be thought of as a number or a letter, and Ian McKellen says, "It goes round and round."








X-Men Storm, Professor Xavier, Wolverine, and Magneto [aka Magnus or Erik Lehnshier] approach home of The Phoenix, Jean Grey [Summers]. Professor Charles Xavier, a colleague of Jean's father, Professor John Grey, acted as a child therapist during a difficult emotional time in Jean's life. He slowly established insulation that would protect part of her mind and prevent her awesome powers from resurfacing.

Professor Xavier and Magneto disagreed about Jean's care and the degree her power should be available to her waking conscious mind. The difference in philosophy reaches a climax in the third installment of X-Men series, when Xavier's insulating protection is burst and Jean is transformed.

X-Men have the ability to reach into the 'double', known as the subtle etheric vehicle, sometimes the 'ghost,' and manipulate the power of the inner sensory track utilized by the etheric double. People who know how to recall audio records by use of their 'inner ear' have some idea of how the inner sensory faculties work.




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