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Rock & Roll Index


       10.000 Maniacs Natalie Merchant - Because The Night (MTV Unplugged) 1993 (HD) 3:40 and
       Patti Smith Group - Because the Night 1978 3:53

       Marin's rock museum

       Understanding the Sixties

American musical heritage foundation
Artist Influences ~ alternative cultural impressions/Haight-Ashbury
Good Band List
Aerosmith * ck Liv-Arwen Garden page with some Lord of The Rings surprises!
Allman Brothers Band
Joan Baez Trump XI The Enchantress, Joan with Bread & Roses - musician
Beatles * Beatles cover of 1981 Rolling Stone chosen as best in past 40 years Beatles Star Chart information
    John Lennnon-IMAGINE * Liverpool: John and Paul * [see also Eric Clapton] * Sgt. Peppers cover who are they? The Big Cheese * Beatles awards Liverpool facebook
Chuck Berry * Chuck Berry Star Menu * Chuck Berry My Space
Big Brother and The Holding Company ~ Peter Albin interview about 1090 Page St. and first dances in Haight Ashbury - read the Haight Ashbury page
and - youtube
Piece o' My Heart, Mary J. Blige - Take Another Piece Of My Heart, Big Brother @ My Space
Biscuits & Blues * 401 Mason Street @ Geary SF Club/Show Line (415)292-BLUE
Elvin Bishop Band from City of San Francisco Museum
Black Crowes with Jimmy Page - great tour docu-notes about Live at The Greek - Jimmy Page - with Show of Peace information
Mary J. Blige Soulful peace and power voice - the next Aretha Franklin? Star Chart not posted now.
Bluegrass? The Bluegrass Intentions an exhilarating experience! Catch the show @ Freight and Salvage
Blue Oyster Cult
BON JOVI * Wild Fan Page
Bonzo - John Bonzo Bonham - Performers From The World Stage
David Bowie - Parkinson - Michael Parkinson interviews rock star, David Bowie, July 07
James Brown JAMES BROWN VS LED ZEPPELIN VIDEO MASH UP Great sound, this from the Jimmy Page journal: "I was fortunate enough to see the dazzling James Brown a number of times. To hear him was one thing; to see him another thing; but to play with him would have been a dream come true. So this is as close as we can get." Respect to DJ Eric ILL and Fissunix for putting this together.
Kate Bush Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1979, first tour 35 years ago




Stones "Shine A Light" at Berlin Festival


Celtic Woman - A New Journey; Slane Castle home; Slane Castle, Ireland
The Amazing Charlatans poster July 13, 1967 - Dan Hicks - Mike Wilhelm with 12 String Guitar - UK page
The Chieftains - Down the Old Plank Road: THE NASHVILLE SESSIONS - RCA TSCD821
John Cipollina - founding member of Quicksilver Messenger Service: Quicksilver part one Mercury's Children - Just for Love * Quicksilver Legend, part two includes
Link Wray
Shady Grove * Wolfgang's Vault Quicksilver poster * John Cipollina: The Life And Death Of San Francisco’s Most Prolific Guitarist by William Ruhlmann * profile @ my space - Quicksilver [UK]
Clannad - Legend delux remastered version with additional sleeve notes, pix, and chill out remix; original 1984 Legend soundtrack for Robin of Sherwood; Robin The Hooded Man; Robin Hood

Eric Clapton - Star Chart comparison with George Harrison and B.B. King * Delaney & Bonnie & Friends w/ Eric Clapton poster
Founded: Crossroads Centre, homepage:
- Clapton & Cream - UK * re JJ Cale * MTV audio sampler ~ BBC news

Classic Rock newswire with recent Christopher Lee interview - Christopher Lee - Saruman
Concert for Diana, Princess of Wales the official home
   Concert for Diana vh1 watch the performances
   English Rose - Elton John - vh1 spotlight
   Comparison Star Chart - Diana, Princess of Wales with comments from Prince William and Prince Harry

Concerts and clubs in Japan - late night Japan

Elvis Costello video
Crescent City specials - link included
Sheryl Crowe
P. Diddy profile @ vh1 spotlight - Height of Fashion

The Diggers Space, Haight-Ashbury Et Al - Golden Gate Park Panhandle
    with the Invisible Circus

Dixie-Chicked! - The Dixie Chicks - Dixie Chicks @ My Space
The DOORS Official Website * Trailer for Oliver Stone's film, "The Doors"

DQ and The Sharks - Dennis Quaid and The Sharks - visit my blog for update on Dennis Quaid goes to Washington
[testifies before House committee on newborn twins' 1,000 overdose and suit against Baxter Healthcare
that seeks to hold the Chinese company accountable]

Bob Dylan * Bob Dylan profile [My Space] * Dylan lyrics Love and Theft * Dylan @ Rock Express
* "Masked and Anonymous" on screen inside at the outside




Earth Climate awareness
Live Earth Concert for a Climate in Crisis official homepage
Live Earth Concert clips and pix - the all stars range from Bon Jovi, Diddy and Melissa Etheridge, to Madonna in London
and Sting, closing New York The Police [visit The Police homepage]
Check this US Carbon Footprint Map out, has United States Interactive Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States.
This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices.
See the video "Ashes and Snow"

Duke Ellington
Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Rolling Stone article
Ramblin'Jack Elliott back pages
Enya - biographical information, You Tube page for variations of Watermark, parfait still zone meditation. Still Zone - Tranquility Zone pages
Ahmet Ertegun Mick Jagger speaks at Tribute for Hall of Fame and Atlantic Records co-founder, Ahmet Ertegun
Eurythemics~ Diva Annie Lennox Star Chart not yet online/only in hard copy via West Coast Magazine




Mimi Farina Intro~Star Chart * Mimi Farina poster * Mimi and Joan PEACE poster
The Firm * profile my space
Aretha Franklin The iconic Aretha Franklin performance was simply ‘Electric’ as she performed before dignitaries at the Kennedy Centre Honours
Aretha Franklin, New York [1998] "Nessun Dorma", (Turandot). Following Luciano Pavarotti's last-minute cancellation due to illness, with barely 20 minutes' notice, Aretha Franklin
stuns Grammy audience with soulful interpretation of Puccini's aria from "Turandot".
Get Ready to Rock my space page
Gladstonbury The Beautiful South - Live Glastonbury Festival on twitter, about Glastonbury:    The Black Dog of Weybridge, First stage on a twelve month journey through
the Kingston Zodiac with Mary Caine and Jonathan Barnett, groundbreaking dvd on Surrey's lesser known equivalent of Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars, Stonehenge
Great Big Sea - go "The Night Pat Murphy Died" - lyrics
Herb Greene R & R Photographic gallery
Buddy Guy * Vanguard Records ~ As good as it gets!
HAIR the lyrics for the Love-Rock Musical

Roy Harper Shop

HIP! * San Francisco Haight Ashbury
History the #1 song on this date in history
Archie Lee Hooker profile @ My Space
John Lee Hooker Star Chart Featured Star John Lee Hooker, Mississippi Delta blues legend! * John Lee Hooker *Star Menu
Hootie and the blowfish Homepage ~ Hootie and the Blowfish Tabs
Lena Horne American Masters
The Chris Isaak Show ~ what a hoot!




Jefferson Airplane ~ Paul Kantner * Shrmx * Hot Tuna * On main page 'Blue Country Heart'
Jefferson Airplane in Golden Gate Panhandle - Digger Space
Jazzmen @ Early jazz web
Jazz Film Recommended:
    Bird The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie "Bird" Parker
    The Five Pennies Loring "Red" Nichols is a cornet-playing country boy who goes to New York
    in the 1920s full of musical ambition and principles.
    Jazz '34 JAZZ 34 [Robert Altman] is the companion film to KANSAS CITY, some think superior to
    its longer sister film.
    'Round Midnight Paris, 1959. The tenor sax player who has just been booked at the Blue Note
    was once known as one of the greats.





Lawsuit: Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss My Space page - Grammy WIN! A look at the making of Raising Sand, a duet collaboration with rock legend Robert Plant, and country/bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss.
Led Zeppelin - Australia 1972: Immigrant Song 4:04


Live 8 The Long Walk to Justice - July 2, 2005
Live 8 - Yahoo Picture Album
'Listen Up!' Lives of Quincy Jones poster
Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire - Dennis Quaid & Winona Ryder in 'Great Balls of Fire' a movie about Jerry Lee Lewis & Myra Gale Brown
Greg Kihn Band
Eddie Kramer
Cyndi Lauper Star Chart ~ Cyndi news (official homepage) ~ virtual map
of The Inca Trail
Leary Home * Winona Ryder fanpage * Winona Ryder ~ Timothy Leary Interview - Godparent and Godchild
Led Zeppelin THE STARSHIP Star Charts on 3 Jun 73 * My fan index @Led Zeppelin Central * Jimmy Page and The Tower House, adds about his Scotland Retreat * Jimmy Page enter, Zoso Jimmy Page gif, Led Zeppelin days
Immigrant * Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Pretty Things
Review The Thunderthief ~ BBC Review JPJ * also
Star Chart and lyrics for Stairway to Heaven * Page-Plant magazine cover
* Benefit Days
Huey Lewis and The News Albums/CDs select
Natalie Merchant ~ 10,000 Maniacs
Steve Miller Ali Festival poster
Van Morrison ~ Magic Time
Charlie Musselwhite - One Night in America Telarc CD-83547
Night Ranger ~ Kiss, et al
Sinead O’Connor - Sean-Nos Nua - Hummingbird HBCD 0030
Roy Orbison monumental album collection and other features - The Traveling Wilburys; Roy Orbison Induction Year: 1987 (vocals, guitar; born April 23, 1936, died December 6, 1988) September 1987: Roy Orbison performs at the Coconut Grove nightclub with a stellar band. The concert is aired on Cinemax as Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night
Ozzy at Home * Rosie says, "June Cleaver on Acid" - Series DVD


Pangea Day full four-hour Pangea Day program in 20-minute segments - watch it!

Phil and Friends Phil Lesh Star Chart * The Grateful Dead day-by-day *
Phoenix power in a meditation collage with Ba'gua for dowsers/geomancy/feng shui
Plant * Robert Plant
Plant-Bonham 1970 rare interview 5:34 youtube
RP continues to challenge some of the sturdiest western world marketing concepts and basic assumptions by taking on the popular theory that you cannot make a difference or have an influence if you’re not visible. See 22 year cycle Plant sojourned in tandem with band-mate Jimmy Page re Zeppelin’s concert film & fourth album as with Trump 0/22.
Poster: Bill Graham Fillmore Auditorium Posters and Cards * Matrix Posters * Randy Tuten Posters
Presley Capricorn decan [including Meg Ryan note]
Chuck Prophet great gathering in Czech city * post Green on Red Prophet 'The Hurting Business' review
Quicksilver ~ Mercury's Children * Official QMS site * Rough to find Chrome Oxide QMS page
Keanu Reeves new band DOGSTAR * MATRIX Fan
Bonnie Raitt Luck of The Draw Reference Info
Otis Redding classic Fillmore image
Red Rocks ~ what's new and hot


Love Is The Song We Sing
San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970
Rhino - 4-CD boxed set of classics and rarities
from the golden age of Golden State rock.


The Rolling Stones * The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash @ Glastonbury [HQ] 2013 4:41 fantastic performance,
Rolling Stones Mexico 17Mar2016 Full Concert 2:04:1

Brian Roylance, Genesis Publications







  Starfleet Log


go Starfleet Log
Star Trek Captains
Captain Kirk
First Officer Spock
Enterprise Crew Members
10 forward

Shore Leave Space Station
Space Navigation


Santana pix
Slane Castle home
Sopwith Camel homepage, Sopwith Camel Matrix poster
Spock's Beard SNOW review
A gizillion links for Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band ~ Clarence Clemmons ~ also see Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival * All-Starr Band '89 tour line up
Sting Star Menu - artist STING
Sugar Ray
Busta Rhymes RHYMES TV - Hey! Cool cameo for 'Finding Forrester' * Celebs online charity auction
Sweetwater Saloon artist search
The Tea Party. Moroccan Roll
Transglobal Underground Yes Boss Food Corner TGU are back - new CD! Cosmik TGU Interview
Tina Turner
Star Menu for U2 * Edun - gorgeous, affordable clothes for women
Utah’s Botanical Garden and Arboretum ~ The Outdoor Concerts
Joe Louis Walker ~ Bluesman homepage
Andy Warhol More than 15 minutes of fame!
Support for THE WHO * Robert Plant *
Bruce Willis Star Menu
Link Wray @ Quicksilver Legend, part two
About the community, Neil Young

Starchart ~ Story




Concert for Kampuchea * fabulous people for this cause

Net-aid special
Co-created production art forms from:

U2 U2 Star Menu and update
and WyclefJean - see also artist Bono and artist The Edge




Billboard Charts
MTV Charts
Tight But Loose UK
UK with Ireland Charts
Vh1 Charts

Rock & Roll Planets
Zodiacal Gemstones, Metals, and Symbols

Robert Plant performs Ship of Fools

Artists performing this song as an original or cover include the following * please send
on additional band/performer info should any names come to mind... ideally, would think dedication page for all of them in order!
Page shows lyrics John Cale and Billy Corgan ~ this performance is also listed in Smashing Pumpkins tour heading, as 2/17/97
in New York. If Elvis Costello doesn't perform this song live today, he included the 1996 version of the Garcia/Hunter song Ship
Of Fools on box set 'Costello and Nieve.'
The Doors lyrics by album
Hunter - Plant 'Ship of Fools' Grateful Dead, Robert Hunter * Grateful Dead Lyrics
Robert Plant 'Dreamland' has 'Ship of Fools' & 'Morning Dew'
Scorpions * lyrics for 80s hits

'Ship of Fools' Bosch – large 'Ship of Fools'
Read Louvre text about Bosch, his painting


Beyond Star Wars
[link to George Lucas]





10 Forward Star Trek galley, Bat Cave, Colour Us Inn, Indiana Jones Menu, Innholders' Company, It's All In The Sauce
Jupiter Table, magic spice, Mercury Table, Oracle's Lab, shrmx, Starshine inn -Star Wars, Tangerine, vittles, Western Inn, Zeppelin Diner


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