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In metaphysics the cipher has a double meaning, as an alpha or numeric character; it may refer to the Monad, symbols like a ring, cycle, labyrinth, sphere, and by extension, an egg. Tarot Trump 0 is the origin of the joker in our poker deck, a card linked with the court jester in history throughout the military era. The purpose of Trump 0 and the Joker is to add an incalculable factor that may empower one player in a group more than the others, and provide that person a superior set of options. A full Tarot Deck of 78 cards includes Trump 0. The full poker deck is made up of 52 cards, the four suits and the Joker. The mirror effect of these arrangements, in the real world, reflects the belief that the Tarot includes the Divine Spirit and it flows through each card. The poker deck adds the Joker as a supplement to the whole pack of cards.

The first Matrix Reloaded script explains something about the matrix code created by the machines:


"Where did these symbols come from, anyway?"

character omitted from the film

"Most of it is from the old Japanese. It’s Katakana. See, the machines
aren’t binary. No zero and one. They’re quantum-based, so instead of
an open-close base of zero or one, open or closed, they use all
numbers between zero and one."

In Revolutions, the debate between the Oracle and the Architect at sunrise turns on the status of Trump 0 and the cipher as applied in the lives of those in and out of the Matrix. Trump 0 and its "distant" cousin, contain the power of transfiguration, reinvention, and metamorphosis; they shape-shift and make their identity over effortlessly, as mentioned @ " Neb Crew". A central theme in the Matrix that involves self-image and self-realization is addressed through Trump 0 and the cipher symbol.


A = 1 + 1 + 7 + 5 + 8 = 22 = 22/0 = Trump 0
  The Fool/Wise Man

The 0 carrier of The Spirit, Trump 0, is properly named via a simple code that symbolizes the 'match' of the driver, passengers, and the vehicle used by them all for transportation.

The Compass: The greatest battle, and in which the truest honor and most real success are to be won is that which our intellect and reason and moral sense, our spiritual natures, fight against our sensual appetites and evil passions, our earthly and material or animal nature. Therein only are the true glories of heroism to be won, there only the successes that entitle us to triumphs.

The circle is active and passive simultaneously, so can stand alone, act as a place holder between numbers, and function as a symbol for nothing or everything. The cipher is a power tool for good when utilized by a master, or it can be empty, and hold zero content. The circle and oval are described as walls that protect New Jerusalem in Chapter 21 of The Apocalypse. Most Tarot decks represent the central image of Trump XXI surrounded by the precious walls of the city, or laurels, fashioned as a wreath awarded ancient Olympic champions. The opposite is a vacuum, an empty suit.

In mythology, there is a suggestion of deception or concealment with a numeric and alpha cryptogram because they are easily manipulated. Ciphers were used extensively during the sixteenth and seventeenth century to imply double meaning, achieve subtle concealment of ancient knowledge, and even scientific knowledge considered too dangerous to discuss in the open.

How does Cypher successfully develop a betrayal scheme with agents to trick Morpheus and return himself to the warm and fuzzy comforts of the Matrix? The first scenes of The Matrix reveal the plan in its early stages. A gradual spy and track process is already in progress as Trin's call is passed off by Cypher to the agents who then come after her.
Cypher falls into disillusion with reality and betrays Morpheus

Metaphysical Significance
Beyond diplomatic and military use, philosophers hid sensitive keys, or insulated unsuspected wisdom within the text, unusual pagination, and type [Shakespeare, Lord Bacon] of their work. The word 'subtle' is used to describe the serpent in Eden, an adjective that involves intellect, therefore Mercury [Quicksilver].

Other translations suggest social behavior. 'Supple,' and ‘pliant’ refer to someone easily swayed and compromised. Vulnerable consumers drawn to snake oil salesmen are examples of toxic Venus [Copper].
colour code for negative Venus see Twins.

The implication calls forth the terrible consequences that evolve when an individual enters into a 'deal' and the subordination of elemental to mortal desires begins. Eventually, as life draws to an end, the desperate people who made their pact must try to extend their life because they have nothing beyond the grave… they are owned for eternity by the elemental they let serve them for so long. Traditionally, this script is linked with the Piscean Era [interiorization in matter, depicted on the face of Tarot Trump XII] however, in The Matrix scenario, we are not privy to the real world time windows that have come and gone. It appears this 'fly paper' may have been around for quite a while.

left, Agent Jones dodges the bullet

The serpent is known for devouring its own tail as a ring that may propel itself toward its destination as a disc, or in Frisbee-like fashion. The origin of this reference, the pre-flood story of the garden depicted as Trump VI in the Tarot Deck, has been corrupted. The serpent was later cursed so it had to crawl about on its belly [this may refer to a change in the North Star]. There is a functional link with the Mercurial features of Caduceus that are more representative of the healing character of the life force, prior to the fall.

In The Matrix, Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) - real world name, Mr. Reagan - personifies the power of a 0 in the weakest way. His character is pliant so he’d throw the joker away in a poker game if he had it in his hand. His approach to everything is two-faced. He sees his glass half empty in every circumstance. He and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) hatch a treacherous plan to eliminate all the operatives who free human minds trapped within the Matrix.

rt., Neo dies in The Heart 'O' The City Hotel

Cypher discusses the deal with Smith, embellishing as he dines on a thick, rare steak and wine, but betrayal of his shipmates, and his race, is nonetheless as tasteless as his perception of himself. The 180 degree extreme established between Cypher and Neo is so clear to the audience that the bent of their natures informs us well in advance how the coming power struggle will end.

If we were not sure, we certainly know who The Architect is, who the agents and machines are, when Agent Smith asks Cypher, “Is it a deal, then?”

The machines cannot use the symbols of humans without bringing down upon themselves the forces that are foundational for the matrix - that would be fatal to the schemes of the Architect. They must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that agents, as duly appointed representatives of the Architect himself, are distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. The dark arts are not considered a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, in this case represented by the current evolutionary history of the human race, and by inverting and reversing them, signifies that it is left-handed.

Agent Smith and Cypher - YouTube
Caper Sauce for Steak, It's All In the Sauce


Roast Sirloin
Serves 4-6

The meat is excellent plain, but you can also make a quick red wine sauce for it after you remove the meat from the skillet. Just combine two cups of red wine with a quarter cup of minced shallots in the pan and reduce over high heat until about half a cup of syrupy liquid remains. Stir in a tablespoon of butter and some salt and pepper and spoon the sauce over the sliced meat.


12 ½ - to 3-pound piece sirloin strip
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Test with a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the meat, about 1 inch from one of the ends. When it registers 120 degrees, meat will be rare to medium-rare. Cook longer if you like, but beware that from this point on it will increase a stage of doneness every 3 to 5 minutes.
Let roast rest 5 to 10 minutes, then carve and serve with its juices, or with a simple pan sauce.
Source: The New York Times

Grilled - Rubbed Filet Mignon
with Cauliflower Puree


· Beef tenderloin filet
· 1 head cauliflower cut up in 1 inch pieces
· 2 new potatoes [red], peeled and cut
· 2 cups heavy cream
· Sea salt and white pepper
· Black pepper
· Tbs. white wine
· Parsley, chopped
· Garlic
· Butter
· Lemon juice


Place cauliflower, taters, sea salt and white pepper in a pot and cover. Bring to a boil and simmer on low for about 35 minutes, until everything is soft. Put cauliflower and potato mix in processor. Reserve cream. Puree. Add cream as needed. Continue pureeing until smooth. Add a dash of wine, more salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm on the back burner, in a pot.

Season beef tenderloin filet generously with sea salt and black pepper, chopped parsley, garlic, butter and lemon juice. Grill on each side 4 minutes.

Serve with harp music


Cypher Wikia
Cypher, preparing for an illicit face-to-face negotiation with Agent Smith inside the Matrix, arranges a meeting that includes an extravagent dinner as his reward. Eating his steak, Cypher exclaims that "ignorance is bliss" and begins to set out what he thinks is a win-win strategy. In exchange for Morpheus, Cypher's body would be reattached to the power plant and his memory of life outside of the Matrix completely erased. He also stated his desire to be "someone important, like an actor." Truer words were never spoken - "Ignorance is bliss." Despite Smith's persistence, Cypher did not know the codes to the Zion mainframe; he couldn't give them over, but their trap would capture Morpheus, pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar, who had everything he wanted.
The Matrix trilogy

Person of Interest in The Real World

Neo may have tracked billionaire computer genius Harold Finch at one time, as one of his
possible 'Morpheus candidates' because of the machine built by Finch and his partner

Harold Finch as Mr. Swift, substitute math teacher, begins his first class by drawing a circle on the blackboard.

Finch as Mr. Swift: Pi. Can any of you tell me what it means?
[crickets] I’ll settle for an intelligent question here.

Student: Yes, I have a question, Mr. Swift. What is any of this good for? And, when would we ever use it? [muffled giggles]

Finch as Mr. Swift: Let me show you. Pi: The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. And this is just the beginning, it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating, which means that, contained within this string of decimals is every single other number.
Your birth date, combination to your locker, your social security number - its all in there - somewhere. And if you convert these decimals into letters, you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination: the first syllable you spoke as a baby, the name of your latest crush, your entire life story from beginning to end, everything we ever say or do.
All of the world’s infinite possibilities, wrapped within this one simple circle. Now, what you do with that information, or what it’s good for well, that would be up to you.

see Person of Interest: Season 2: Episode 11: 2πR
Person of Interest Quiz
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