Sir Alec Guinness



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April 2, 1914 ~ August 5, 2000



The Fire Triad is: Aries * Leo * Sagittarius - The meaning of FIRE, as both an element of the ancient alchemists and a broad generalization of human character, may be summed up as pure self-sufficiency. The vernal equinox describes man’s nature at that point where he is least conditioned or influenced by anything exterior to his own organism, and symbolizes a spring like potentiality which is always an essential part of his make-up. Here an individual’s self-integration is at the initial point of focus in the reaction of all existence to human characteristics. He is revealed in his ability to act wholly in and of himself, reflecting the actual development of life and culture in its geographical migration to the north and away from the mean of basic non-distinction.

-Marc Edmund Jones


lec Guinness was born on April 2, 1914
Sun 11° Aries 39' [ruler: Mars], Moon 23° Gemini 04' [ruler: Mercury]
Ascendant 14° Aries 11', MC 5° Capricorn 29'

tob: 5:45 AM, so Sol is deposited in the Twelfth House of spiritual treasure, mystical experiences, interpretation, poetry, but also, of ordeals, isolation, exile, and the institutionalization of those lowest on the ladder of power in the military era. Spiritual counsel, study of the astrosome and dream storylines [usually Jungian, but not always], theatre, film industry [usually in front of the curtain and/or camera], in touch with the global collective. Excellent solar placement for a Jedi Knight.

Destiny Path 3
Communication and skills with Energy Mastery
Legend of the Lightsaber

Aries, the Ram, dominates the star chart with 36.5% of all aspects, second 24.8% Gemini,
and third, Moonchild 16.0%
Dominant houses: ASC 31.5%, second, the 3rd house 17.2%, and third,
the 11th house with 15.8% of the chart
The 11th house of Alec Guinness' star chart, a strong link with the Star Wars theme, is among his top three dominant houses. This area of the star chart refers to the concept of 'The Force' as a close cousin of 'The Monad', boundless space, and the advanced, or sophisticated, ability to confer knowledge directly to another person, exclusive of the 'wear and tear' we call 'the school of hard knocks.'


Mars, the Aggressive Urge, animates the star chart. Energy, as a contributing factor in any set of circumstances, in tracked back to Mars. General headings for the quality and type of energy are simply categorized: pure uncommitted energy, positive Mars energy, or negative Mars energy. Ideal Mars energy is positive in most situations, produced when Mars is combined with the Moon or other heavenly bodies to provide add-on factors and an ideal expression of human creativity.

Mars in a star chart will direct attention to the department of life the planet is deposited in, so activities of that 'house' help influence the 'packaging style' of an individual, based on energy investment over time. Some departments of life, like the fourth, refer to non-incarnate factors, such as clan karma, Native American Indian initiations and spiritual rites associated with the kiva, the subtle body vehicles and their environments [refer to Obi-wan and Qui-Gon in their post-incarnate states.]

Mars is always going to spur people to act. The energy is generated to defend those we care for, the underdog in a conflict, and especially those less fortunate. The power of Mars can define us by what we fight for, how we fight, and where we fight. When we fight depends on the manner in which Mars combines with Saturn* [Lord of Time], usually indicated by the distance between both planets. The metals are usually thought to be iron and steel, but in the coming era, we will include metal used to construct a light saber.

Mars will often define our preferred method of action based on energy we tend to generate or gravitate to [frequently established by diet - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical] and the kind of knowledge we seek to acquire. Previous to the Piscean Age, Mars was also combined with Earth energy, as we observe via stone monuments, temples in exact alignment with the stars above us, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The great builders are usually associated with positive Mars energy or pure Mars energy, because some ancient constructions were energy transmitters, or they featured a system designed to circulate energy, as in ancient Luxor. In Star Wars, the Rebel Alliance chose their hidden base within the old Temples of Yavin, perhaps with the same idea in mind.

Mars is vital to the professional status of an actor. Alec Guinness was born with Mars 16° Moonchild 45', the Scorpio Decanate of Revelation, deposited in the Fourth House of his star chart.
click on Baron Papanoida for Mars in Moonchild

His aspects include:
Mars square Ascendant
Mercury trine Mars
Sun square Mars
Mars conjunction Neptune, wide conjunction
Venus square Mars, wide square


The Emperor governs home, family, clan karma and honour, the kiva, and several subtle bodies-faculties that operate in the lower octaves

Where there is Mars there is change, action, and agitation. Despite friction in the home, Mars in the sign of domestic matters will bring a strong desire for home comforts and for having the home as a base from which to direct external efforts. A good deal of discretion and forbearance will be required should domestic and business activities be conjoined under the same roof. Mars can also describe something about those who live in the home, visit, or have a direct impact on the quality of life in a family setting.

You fought in the clone wars?
Obi-Wan Talking To Luke About His Fathers Death With Flashbacks


Cinema: Least Likely to Succeed

Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here


Sun and Ascendant are in the Leo Decanate of Aries, Eridanus

Eridanus is the name of a Greek river god that has been associated with the Euphrates, Tigris, Nile, and the Po. When Phaethon was struck down by Zeus for mishandling his father's chariot of the sun, he fell into the river Eridanus whose sisters were turned into poplar trees for having encouraged him. The sun which rules this Leo decanate of Aries is exalted here, as spring comes forth with new life at the time of the Spring Equinox. This vital energy has been associated with the fountain of youth. The influence of Leo brings power, reason, and ambition.
The keyword is DOMINION.

Aries governs the following Countries: Burgundy, Charlotte Amalie, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Palestine, Poland, Switzerland, and Syria, and United States Virgin Islands
Cities: Birmingham, Brunswick, Capua, Dacca (Bangladesh), Florence, London Underground (The Tube UK), Marseilles, Naples, Padua, Rotterdam, San Cristobal, Tehran (Iran), Tokyo (Japan), Utrecht, and Verona


Potassium Phosphate and additional supplements may be obtained naturally by eating foods and spices that agitate the system and encourage activity. These foods include almonds, aloes, apples, apple cider, asparagus with almond sauce, banana daiquiri, bing cherries, capers, carrots, cauliflower, stuffed celery, chestnut and apple stuffing, chestnut crepes, chocolate dipped strawberries, cilantro, cole slaw, cucumbers, curried food, dates, fried eggplant and pepper sandwich, gazpacho, grapes, guacamole, horseradish, hunter’s cheese, lean meat, lemons, lentils, lettuce, lima beans, marinades, mushrooms, olives, onions, peppermint, peppers, pickles, pickled beets, potato salad, pumpkins, radishes, roast beef and walnut dip, salmon stuffed with caviar, shish kabob, smoky cheddar cheese, spinach, spumoni, tenderloin fillets, triple-cherries jubilee, tutti-frutti.

Herbs and teas: Bayberry, Basil, Chamomile, Chickweed, Comfrey Root, Garlic, Ginger, Gota Kola, Hops, hot and spicy condiments, Hungarian Paprika, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng. Aries natives sometimes brew beer and wine as a hobby.

The Moon in deposited in the Aquarius Decanate of Gemini, Ursa Major

Ursa Major, the big bear, represents the larger reasoning part of the mind. This Aquarius decanate of Gemini ruled by Uranus can have well developed thinking powers, scientific and literary gifts, and persuasive abilities. The reasoning mind can be very powerful when it is well trained and applied with diligence. Scientific research and inventiveness as well as comprehensive understanding can be developed.
The keyword is REASON.

Midheaven Constellation: Capricorn Decanate of Capricorn, Cygnus

Cygnus is the swan who migrates twice a year and floats so majestically on a lake. This double Capricorn decanate ruled by Saturn can excel in business and politics with economic craftiness and diplomatic skill. Planning and organizing can lead to greater efficiency and profit. Merging various interests together may require ruthless behavior, but the results can be productive.
The keyword is ORGANIZATION.


I was intrigued by the definition of the Force. Ben Kenobi says, “The Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.” And I’ve read in The Hero with a Thousand Faces similar descriptions of the world navel, of the sacred place, of the power that is at the moment of creation.

-Bill Moyers, The Power of Myth


Obi-Wan counsels young Luke on Dagobah about his 'higher' subtle powers,
after Yoda warns him not to underestimate the Emperor. Spiritual fields within,
and independent of, the subtle body are reviewed here

In 1977 Sir Alec Guinness won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor during a Personal 3 Year. Obi-Wan Kenobi [name vibration = 3], the constant, wise, betrayed Jedi Knight first appeared on the silver screen in
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Guinness was given
2-1/4 percent of the profits by director George Lucas.


In 1978 Guinness also won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars during a Personal 4 Year.

He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1957 for his role in Bridge on the River Kwai [directed by David Lean] in a Personal 8 Year.
Knighted in 1959, his Emmy Awards for television included his role as George Smiley in BBC television serialisations of John Le Carre's suspense thriller, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979) and Smiley's People (1982).

1985: Published first volume of memoirs, Blessings in Disguise - a Personal 11 Year for Alec Guinness.
1997: Published second memoir, My Name Escapes Me - a Personal 5 Year for Alec Guinness.

Honorary Academy Award in 1980
Sir Alec Guinness received an Hoonorary Academy Award for advancing the art of screen acting
through a host of memorable and distinguished performances.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is located at 1551 Vine Street.





Narrator: Man... woman... birth... death... infinity.**

       STAR WARS and the 8 Vibration Theme - Harmony and Balance Correct Discord and Delusion




Begin with the first chapter of the big book where the gardens of our future are laid out - immortality, eternal youth, and infinity – each one is inclusive. We may be missing the prologue, however the original prototype [and probably additional archetypal prototypes] did not hear of death, sex, or any brand of unpleasantness.

In the beginning Adam Kadmon walked in the garden and spoke with God. The memory of Paradise and our wish to return to the garden are infused higher octave yearnings that our movie directors can restore to thecollective waking consciousness. The impact of the 8 vibration film that effects all audiences and the audience as a collective whole are powerful. Impressions that shape global consciousness, are fingerprints that enter the akashic records. Then a glimmer--or echo of memory--everyone can intuit-know [Aquarius] is able to surface as we watch Star Wars [11 name vibration].

Star Wars V Empire Strikes Back Battle Of Hoth (Full) 11:20
Imperial probe droids have discovered there is
a rebel base on the ice planet Hoth and send their battle ships

The bi-polar influence we know now didn’t exist at one time. We had no need for the four [Masonic] model virtues: Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice because they were in everything that is the fabric of the created universe.

Narrator: Go to the Garden before man... woman... birth... death... to infinity.

Star Wars, Episode IV is written to an ancient 8 beat theme for many of the primary characters. All the players tell part of the Star Wars story from various points of view, yet characters with a compelling link to 8 vibration issues repeatedly return us to subtle, quality thought that resonates with the timeless saga.

Han Solo, rebel pilot enlisted by Obi-Wan
A New Hope

Soul Urge numbers on Harrison Ford page

Han Solo has a 3 Name Vibration, appropriate for Ford's 'variable' character,
who represents a spontaneous personality, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is important to note the name vibration for ‘Skywalker’ is 8, drawn from Anakin's mother, Shmi [22] Skywalker [8] = 3, introduced in the prequel, The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul [8 name vibration], the initial Sith apprentice, later replaced by Count Dooku, represents the 'Prince of Lies' first responsible for upsetting the Skywalker clan. Maul's double-bladed weapon alludes to the 'serpent with forked tongue' or those who speak out of both sides of their mouth. The positive or compensating factor to cancel out chaos created by the 'two faced adversary' will restore balance to the galaxy. The Jedi Order anticipated a 'Chosen One' and gave Obi-Wan permission to train young Anakin [5] Skywalker [8] = 4 in the ways of the Force.

Although the 4 vibration signifies the 'chief' of the tribe or patriarch of the clan, Chancellor Palpatine was ready to spring the trap on Anakin at the first opportunity. Palpatine lured Anakin away from his true soulmate Senator Amidala [Padme [8] Amidala [5]= 4] by giving him a name of dangerous power [over life and death], Darth Vader [Darth [6] Vader [5] =11] - and with it the illusion of a more powerful lifestyle.




Young Obi-Wan Kenobi - Ewan McGregor
Wonder how McGregor could portray young Kenobi so well?
Aside from being an excellent actor, McGregor has the same Sun and Moon as Guinness,
and a Moonchild Midheaven

Sun: 10° Aries 25' - Moon: 18° Gemini 03'
ASC: 14° Libra 51' - Midheaven 20° Moonchild 50'

go Champion, Fighter, and Gladiator
Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi @ Wookieepedia

Sun aspects are similar: Sun square Mars orb -1°08' [Mars 11°34' Capricorn, in Third House]
Mars square Uranus orb +0°00'

Obi Wan Lightsaber History inc Lightsaber presumed destroyed along with the Death Star
at the Battle of Yavin.



The metaphysical suggestion summoned by the 3 name vibration extends to hero-rescuers: Obi-Wan Kenobe[3], Luke Skywalker[3], and Han Solo[3] in Episode IV, A New Hope. When the 8 vibration theme combines with the 3 name vibration hero the blend refers to an ‘outside the skull’ paradigm held with a pristine reflection of that chapter about Adam Kadmon in the garden. These superior experiences are tucked way back in our collective memory.

LOCATION: Planet Tatooine
Interior Obi-Wan’s austere retreat beyond the Dune Sea.

rt, Star Wars menu

LUKE SKYWALKER: No, my father didn’t fight in the war. He was a navigator on a spice freighter.

OBI-WAN KENOBI: That’s what your uncle told you. He didn’t hold with your father’s ideals – thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved.

LS: You fought in the Clone Wars?

OBW: Yes, I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father.

LS: I wish I’d known him.

OBW: He was the best star pilot in the galaxy… and a cunning warrior. I understand you’ve become quite a good pilot yourself. And he was a good friend. Which reminds me - I’ve got something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it. He feared you might follow old Obi-Wan on some damn fool idealistic crusade, like your father did.

C-3PO: [to Luke] Sir, if you’ll not be needing me I’ll close down for a while.

LS: Sure, go ahead. [LS to Obi-Wan] What is it?

OBW: Your father’s light saber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster – an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age. For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic -- before the dark times. Before the Empire.

LS: How did my father die?

OBW: A young Jedi named Darth Vader [Darth [6] Vader [5] =11], who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil. He helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights. He betrayed and murdered your father. Now the Jedi are all but extinct. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.

LS: The Force?

OBW: Obi-Wan: The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. [to R2-D2] Now lets see if we can’t figure out what you are my little friend… and where you come from.


* Footnote for Saturn, Lord of Time: Saturn is an ancient Italian god, often identified with the Greek god Cronus; some accounts say he was hurled from Olympus by Jupiter; he then established the future site of Rome and founded a village there called Saturnia. Other accounts record King Saturn as the Hyperborean master builder. He is said to have ruled Latium during its Golden Age and he taught the people how to cultivate the land. Romans celebrated the seven day festival Saturnalia, in his honor, at the end of December during which the social order was inverted, e.g., slaves gave orders to their masters.

** [Ben Casey [1961] Opening narration.]



IMDb Filmography
Obi Wan Kenobe - Star Wars ~ Obi Wan and Episode IV - Archives & Stats

Time Magazine - Apr. 21, 1958




Star Wars links
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Harrison Ford * Harrison Ford's Priceless 'Star Wars' VII Response
George Lucas
learn your lightsaber crystal and color



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