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The “Stranger Things” actress recently told New York Magazine that she doesn’t understand why there’s still a negative stereotype
surrounding emotional wellbeing. She also nailed how sexist attitudes further stigmatize women with mental health challenges.
“I’m so sick of people shaming women for being sensitive or vulnerable. It’s so bizarre to me,” she told the magazine.

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“Stranger Things” season 2 will air in 2017, and it’s safe to say the Duffers will have plenty of surprises up their sleeve. The Return Of Eleven In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Is “Up In The Air”


a meeting of minds * Winona Ryder * from INTERVIEW, November 1989


As the miniature Morticia of ‘Beetlejuice,’ the heroine of the controversial ‘Heathers,’ and Jerry Lee Lewis’ child bride in ‘Great Balls of Fire,’ Winona Ryder has shown a rare poise and versatility, becoming one of the busiest and most promising actresses in Hollywood. She will soon star with Jeff Daniels in ‘Welcome Back, Roxy Carmichael,’ and she is at work with Cher and Bob Hoskins in Frank Oz’s ‘Mermaids.’

Ryder’s godfather is ‘60s guru Timothy Leary who now designs computer coursewear that, “converts the classroom into an exciting game show” and has recently completed a screenplay, ‘The Amazing Dr. Know.’ “Winona’s parents, Michael and Cindy Horowitz, started the world’s largest collection of books and materials about the use of plants, foods, and drugs,” Leary explains. “Michael and I have worked together very closely for almost twenty years – he was my archivist and published a three-hundred page bibliography of my writings. He came to visit me in 1972, while I was in exile in Switzerland, and he had with him a photograph of Winona taken when she was about a week old. So I wrote an inscription on the picture welcoming a new Buddha to planet Earth.

The first time I met her she was perhaps seven years old. I visited her family’s commune-estate in Mendocino County. We walked hand in hand, and Winona said that she had wanted to meet me because she had heard that I was a mad scientist. I thought that was a pretty good description; I marked her as a comer right there. We’ve seen each other regularly since then. We used to go to Dodger games together – she and her father are great fans. About three years ago she asked me to be her godfather.” The following is Leary’s essay on his new role.


In the old days there was less menu choice of one’s life’s decisions. Marriages were arranged by family and church to make sure that offspring would remain within the flock. Selection of one’s religion was also prearranged. Soon after birth the newborn infant was rushed to church for baptism and enrollment in the familiar creed.

In our secular society the tradition of the God Parent seemed to be fading away like the myth of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy or the Virgin Mother. Indeed, tin the Age of Coppola, the term God Father had taken on a sinister flavor. What reasonably good-natured adult would want to play the role of the dread Don Corleone in the overheated family drama?

These were my thoughts on the subject until a few years ago, when Winona Ryder made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: She chose me to serve as her God Father.

So I am here to cheer this institution of God Parent-God Child when it is arranged by freely consenting people who have reached the Age of Reason.

It is the duty of parents and guardians to rush around acting like family therapist, FBI agent, Mother Teresa, Tommy Lasorda, and the neighborhood savings-and-loan office. The duty of the teenager is precisely spelled out: to do everything conceivable to drive parents and guardians up the wall.

The God Father, however, has a role that is simple and simply divine: to be a friend and admiring student. The duty of the God Daughter is more complicated. It is her pleasure to entertain the G.F. and to educate him diligently about current events, new developments, hot happenings, and thus prepare him to deal with the mysterious future. I now feel sorry for any adult who does not have a supportive, caring God Child to act as guide and role model.

Winona has so many talents that I hope to emulate. She is modest, changeable, solid, witty-wise, thoughtful. And she’s full-tilt here-and-now: exuberant, intense, bouncy, passionate. Winona does her homework and comes fully prepared.

And so she arrived at my house for this interview. We sat on the patio at the stone table which my wife, Barbara, designed, overlooking the plains of Los Angeles. She has changed since our last meeting, two months ago. She is no longer the Tennessee thirteen-year-old of ‘Great Balls of Fire.’ She is a poised woman with bright-red lipstick, flaunting style. She helped me activate and test the tape, recorder, and we began a typical G.F.-G.D. conversation.

Stranger Things One of the summer’s runaway hits is Stranger Things, the new Netflix series that hit number 1 during the first season, and is about to be renewed. The story is about a 12-year-old boy whose sci-fi infatuation becomes all too real when a monster pulls him into an underground world called the Upside Down. Stranger Things references many of our favorite spooky 80s flicks like ET, Poltergiest, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Star Wars, Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street, Stand by Me, The Shining, and even Marvel Comic characters.
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Leary biscuit
From Wilipedia, the free encyclopedia

Do you wanna live forever?
60s wisdom included the health tips from Native Americans who lived to be a hundred and never had a sick day in their lives. Leary "tuned in" and adapted to the ancient American theory. A Leary biscuit is a snack consisting of a cracker, cheese, and a marijuana bud. It is heated in a microwave oven to activate the tetrahydrocannabinol [the active ingredient in cannabis] and cause a cannabit "high" in the eater. Timothy Leavy was reportedly fond of these concoctions, even in the later years of his life, and thus they are named for him.
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Winona Ryder, The Lady Amanda

Lady Amanda Grayson 11.09.2007 - Winona Ryder Cast as Spock's Mother

The Lady Amanda, Human wife of Vulcan Ambassador Sarek, gave birth to Spock in 2232. Spock encountered the Genesis wave in Star Trek III The Search for Spock; he was taken to Mount Saleya on Vulcan where, following fal-tor-pan rejoining in the ancient temple, Amanda assisted in his rebirth. In Star Trek V a long forgotten scene in the birth cave is revealed to Spock, that of his birth and his first impressions of both his parents.

Amanda Grayson was originally a school teacher before she met and married Sarek. She was fond of reading. She loved the works of Lewis Carroll and often read these to Spock.

more at Star Trek page
Star Trek released 05-08-09

see trailer


11.09.2007 Winona Ryder Cast as Spock's Mother UPDATE: originally stated that Ryder will play "the Vulcan mother of Spock," which was in error — unfortunately, one that has been replicated by many other news outlets around the world. The print version of Daily Variety Friday morning correctly identified the character as "the human mother of a young Spock," and the online story has since been corrected.

"Amanda" was originally introduced in "Journey to Babel," performed by the late Jane Wyatt, who reprised the role in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." Amanda was also portrayed in the animated episode "Yesteryear," where she was voiced by Majel Barrett (it is in that episode where the last name "Grayson" was established).

Winona Ryder is one of Hollywood's golden girls of the last two decades, first stealing hearts as a goth teen in her breakout role in Tim Burton's "Beetle Juice." She continued to establish herself as a movie star in "Heathers," "Edward Scissorhands," "Mermaids" and "Bram Stoker's Dracula." She earned an Academy Award nomination two years in a row, 1994 and 1995, first as a supporting actress in "The Age of Innocence" and then as a lead in "Little Women." She went on to play an android in "Alien: Resurrection," and co-starred with Whoopi Goldberg in "Girl, Interrupted."

Her career experienced a bit of a lull after a touch of legal trouble in 2001-02, but she began making an upswing again with several film roles including "A Scanner Darkly." She recently wrapped filming on a crime drama called "The Informers," and a comedy called "The Last Word." Other upcoming film roles include the dramas "Alpha Numeric" and "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee."

There is no information on how large the role of Amanda will be in the "Trek" movie. Given that Ryder, 36, is only six years older than Zachary Quinto, who plays her son, suggests that either she will be made up to appear older, or perhaps she will be seen in a flashback.

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