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Eric Clapton
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Yardbirds ~ Hall of Fame Inductees

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All three centre spotlight Yardbirds (Clapton, Beck & Page) have their Star Chart Suns in cardinal signs, the psychological type likely to assume the lead for most groups with dynamic spirit. Clapton's Sun and Mercury in Aries confer mastery of an alchemical material known as 'liquid fire,' essential for innovative artistic creation. Manly P. Hall provides some insight into these four out-front signs via some up close highlights. The characteristic push is to be the first to 'break down walls' (Peter, Paul and Mary's 'if I had a hammer drive') causing, "personality and purpose often (to become) hopelessly confused. It has not been my experience that cardinal sign types are as ambitious as fixed sign types, but contrary to the popular conception they are gifted with much persistency." The cardinal signs are Aries The Ram (Clapton); Moonchild The Shellfish (Beck); Libra, The Scales; and Capricorn The Sea-goat (Page.) Hall continues about the sign of The Ram, Aries (March 21 - April 19) "There is something of the inevitable about the life and thought of the Aries people. There is indomitable purpose behind them. They are seldom defeated because they will not recognize defeat." In March 1965, the commercial hit 'For Your Love,' secured TheYardbirds' roost in the UK top ten, reaching number 3 at the time of its release. Clapton's spirit, drawn to the 'pure' strain of music, had doubts - disappointed by popular standards he looked for other options. Many of Clapton's peers are on Atlantic's super songs CD with him.

At that time, many ascending groups expressed the same sentiment ~ Paul Kantner [Jefferson Airplane] and The Warlocks [later Grateful Dead] and others, expressed the desire to hold the line of musical standards they set for their group. In April, Eric Clapton joined John Mayall's Blues Breakers, just as his nativity Sun in Aries rounded the last degrees of that sign. He promptly recorded a BBC session for SATURDAY CLUB. The April 24th line up in London's BBC Studios was: Eric Clapton, [Fender Telecaster] guitar, John Mayall, vocals/harp, John McVie, bass, Hughie Flint on drums. The songs broadcast were 'Crawling Up A Hill,' 'Crocodile Walk,' and 'Bye Bye Bird.' Soon after, Sol started closure by the last echo of Clapton's Aries dynamic. His decision to light out on a series of musical investigations ~ all in quick succession following his BBC session ~ led him to sessions with Dylan, Page, and some innovative Rolling Stones during that Spring. This was his transitional year, and it lies in between two Sun Signs. Men are dissatisfied with the set of circumstances at hand because they are prepared to set new goals for themselves and require new templates and tools. It takes almost a full year to completely settle in with new patterns that will prevail. During Spring of 1965, several variations in lifestyle were presented to Clapton, most of them were personified by his musical buddies.

On May 12, Eric took part in a jam session at Levy's Recording Studio. The players were John Mayall and the group, joined by Bob Dylan and Bobby Neuwirth. Clapton later summarized the essence of the collaboration. "He [Dylan] was interested in John Mayall. John had recorded a song called 'Life Is Like A Slow Train Going Up A Hill' (the song was actually called 'Crawling Up A Hill') and that interested Bob. Bobby Neuwirth, who was a fantastic player, kept coming up to me and saying, "You're playing too much blues, man. He needs to be more country!" I didn't actually speak to Bob at this time. We played for about two hours. The next thing I knew, he was gone. We did a lot of his blues songs which he was making up. He was sitting at the piano and we just joined in."
Shortly after, Eric recorded his first real session with the Blues Breakers for the Immediate label as well as doing some informal recording with Jimmy Page, who reportedly had a perpetual "lights on" home studio.

Depending on Clapton's time of birth (some say evening of March 30, 1945) his Sun entered Taurus from between late 1965 to early Summer of 1966. Although he said bye-bye to his Aries sojourn, the influence of his new, dawning Taurus Sun had not yet fully revealed itself to him. Eric took to the air and left the fence dividing the "me" (Aries) and "mine" (Taurus) zodiacal signs.

February 1966 shows Clapton back in the studio for Champion Jack Dupree, the first known date following his Soho session with John Mayall in June of 1965. On St. Patrick's Day that year, is the first clear indication of his Sun having passed into the sign of Taurus, The Bull. notes Clapton's March 19 BBC Session [John Mayall's Bluesbreakers] was followed by an extraordinary compilation, shepherded by Joe Boyd for Elektra Records. Clapton's Gibson Les Paul rocked with group members from Manfred Mann, The Spencer Davis Group and The Blues Breakers. In April, with the Sun above over Clapton''s personal shift of Sol power, the classic white blues album of the sixties was born at Decca Studio No.2, West Hampstead, London. BLUES BREAKERS WITH ERIC CLAPTON holds the attention of solid true blues aficionados everywhere, delivered in the purest universal language! Eric Clapton's Sun finally gelled in his new sign where he would continue to please fans for thirty years down the road.

When Clapton's Sun Sign changed, his style explored new possibilities for innovative contributions. Aires magic is performed chiefly through the creative vitalization of mental images. The transference of significance from a scepter to a musicians guitar, flute, trumpet and so on, must contain truth generated from the awareness that virility of (some) intelligence is foundational for all magical phenomena.

The transformative impact of cable's 'Unplugged' series has changed the professional trajectory of several artists recently, including Clapton. In a brief moment of pure whimsy, he played the kazoo, a sure fire crowd pleaser for those Golden Gaters watching out in TV land. Yardbird buddies Page & Plant enjoyed tremendous success following their reunion performance on the unplugged stage.

REPTILE WINS GRAMMY AWARD! BEST POP INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE Click on 'star chart continued' link for more about 'Reptile' & star chart. Eric Clapton ~ Tripple Honors! Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Yardbirds, Cream and in 2,000 as a solo performer. June 3, 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee party at the palace

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Click Image of ARMS Concert for more about this performance ~ the only time Clapton, Beck and Page appeared together.

The three Yardbirds guitar heroes are also on audio tape, available through fanpage exchange lists. Clapton received his third laurel wreath at The Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 2000. He was honored earlier as a member of The Yardbirds and Cream.

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All Things Must Pass Clapton's contribution to the first 'band-aid' fundraiser, 'The Concert for Bangela Desh' coordinated by Beatle George Harrison, is classic rock & roll.

Live sessions at the Flamingo Club with John Mayall, Jack Bruce and Hughie Flint, add written notes of his performance as "primal solos" for 'Maudie,' 'It Hurts To Be In Love,' 'Have You Ever Loved A Woman,' 'Bye Bye Bird,' and Hoochie Coochie Man.' The variation was 'Stormy Monday,' cited as "looking back." Clapton played his Gibson Les Paul. The sets were recorded by John Mayall, on 2-track reel-to-reel. WHAT A GUY !!

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Crossroads Centre at Antigua

The activities of Eric Clapton during the 1970 period are also noteworthy, primarily because of his tour with Delaney & Bonnie & Friends and his first solo album "Eric Clapton," released the same year. He was recruited by John Lennon (Plastic Ono Band) for the charity concert in Toronto, Canada and subsequent live album, "Live Peace in Toronto." Clapton and musical buds with Derek And The Dominos would continue, to back George Harrison on his classic tribute to the 60s, "All Things Must Pass."
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